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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking

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What You'll Be Creating

Want to get into digital scrapbooking, but not sure where to start? Or maybe you're already in the digital scrapbooking game, but you'd love some extra tips, tricks, and inspiration.

From entirely digital scrapbooking templates to downloading and printing kits for your traditional pages, digital tools can be a total game changer. Let's take a look at some of the ins and outs of creating and working with scrapbook content digitally and learn how to become a digital scrapbook designer.

What Is Digital Scrapbooking?

Capture Memories and Moments

Have you ever wondered what digital scrapbooking is? Digital scrapbooking, much like traditional, paper-based scrapbooking, involves reworking, rearranging, and designing elements into a composition that is typically photo-centric. The thing that separates digital scrapbooking from traditional scrapbooking is the use of digital tools to compose and/or create parts or all of your work.

Digital Scrapbooking KitDigital Scrapbooking KitDigital Scrapbooking Kit
Digital Paper Pack by DesignLoverStudio

Powerful Advantages 

You won't have to worry about glue, scissors, clean-up, or even making a mistake—with digital tools, we can easily undo any misstep. We can retouch photos, we can adjust colors, and we can reposition stickers, over and over again, without any consequences! Imagine digital scrapbooking stitches without the needle, and printable scrapbook paper, customized for your project!

Not only that—you can save your work for a lifetime, without worrying about aging photos or weathering paper. 

Cats Patchwork Scrapbooking KitCats Patchwork Scrapbooking KitCats Patchwork Scrapbooking Kit
Cats on Patch by MikiBith

Digital Scrapbook Toolkit Basics

So let's jump right into the nitty gritty—what are the basics things you need if you want to get into digital scrapbooking and learn how to become a digital scrapbook designer? 

  1. Your Computer—you're going to need a computer to get the most out of digital scrapbooking. While there is a lot we can do on tablets and mobile devices today, computers are still the best option when it comes to your software and having full control of your design work. 
  2. Photographs and Imagery—just like in traditional scrapbooking, you're going to need images, and they need to be accessible to your computer. For example, you could use your smartphone or digital camera to take photos. You could also use a scanner to import photos. 
  3. Photo Editing Software—think of this like your tools. Your photo editing software is where you'll make the magic happen—arranging, editing, copying, and pasting work to create your scrapbook layouts. 

Each artist's preference is going to vary here. Some folks might prefer one software, while others prefer another. Think about what kind of features and outcome are most important for you. For example, do you want a setup that's beginner friendly? Are you looking for something with a lot of power and flexibility? 

Vintage Design Scrapbooking KitVintage Design Scrapbooking KitVintage Design Scrapbooking Kit
Vintage Eccentric Designer's Toolkit by melrodicq

For Those That Love Paper

Keep in mind, however, that digital scrapbooking is not only about working on a computer! You can also download digital scrapbook pages and learn about printing digital scrapbooks.  

If you're like me, you love paper. I love the way paper feels in my hands, I love the way it folds, and I love working with it. I do a lot of digital work, but it doesn't replace the magic of working with real, tangible media—and it doesn't have to, either! In fact, digital scrapbooking can be a wonderful complement to your traditional scrapbooking projects.

For example:

  • You can print out digital scrapbook pages and elements, like decorative flourishes, stickers, accents, tabs, and more. Not only that, you can customize them to your liking! There are many printable scrapbook pages.
  • You can print textures, patterns, and papers. I love buying books of scrapbooking paper, but it's also fun to search online for inspiring papers to use in projects. Again, you can also make your own printable scrapbook pages!
  • You can plan your digital scrapbook pages in advance. Lay it out digitally so you have a guideline when working with your supplies.
  • You can also print out your digital scrapbook pages. This leaves them entirely digitally preserved, and you can easily share copies of digital scrapbook albums with others, too!

And that's just the beginning! Digital tools can bring all kinds of fun and different options to your real media based projects. 

Mint Digital Scrapbook PaperMint Digital Scrapbook PaperMint Digital Scrapbook Paper
Mint Digital Papers by DesignLoverStudio

A World of Possibilities

The possibilities here honestly go on and on. You could easily email your scrapbooking pages to family members. Create birthday cards out of a mini digital scrapbooking page. You could even monetize your scrapbooking interests and make your own digital scrapbooking kits—either digital or printed materials!

Collage Kit Digital ScrapbookingCollage Kit Digital ScrapbookingCollage Kit Digital Scrapbooking
Funny Collage Kit by barsrsind

What Software to Use for Digital Scrapbooking

Adobe Photoshop CC

When it comes to software, there are a few recommendations you're likely to see over and over again. The two big players tend to be Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements. 

You'll see Adobe Photoshop referred to as "Adobe Photoshop", "Photoshop", and "Adobe Photoshop CC". If you see titles like "Adobe Photoshop CS6", this is referring to an older version of the software.

So, what's the big deal about Photoshop? We even hear folks use phrases like "that looks Photoshopped", it's such a commonplace word. 

Well, Photoshop is a really powerful photo editing tool—and more. It's for photo manipulation. It's for design work. It's for drawing and painting. It's often considered an industry leader when it comes to art and design. There are a lot of things you can do in Photoshop, beyond digital scrapbooking. 

If you're looking for a really robust, professional tool that can do a lot of things, Photoshop might be just what you're looking for. Keep in mind, however, that it can have a steep learning curve, and it requires a monthly subscription fee. Prepare to invest time in learning the software. 

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop
Daydreams and Doodlebugs by TheAutumnRabbit

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements, on the other hand, is often considered more beginner friendly. It has fewer features than big brother Photoshop, but you might not need all of Photoshop's features. 

But that's not to say that Elements isn't still powerful in its own right. You can create and manipulate high-resolution work. You can still, for example, use Photoshop's layer styles, adjust colors, create layouts, and more! Elements 2020 even has automatic colorization for older photos, user-friendly collage tools, and slideshows. 

Instead of a subscription, Elements has a one-time fee—which is also a big perk. 

Adobe Photoshop ElementsAdobe Photoshop ElementsAdobe Photoshop Elements
Beautiful Black Woman Looking Away by MimagePhotography

Other Options

But there are other options out there, too! Just because some options are the most popular doesn't mean that they're the right fit for you. 

For example, Affinity Photo is often considered a noteworthy Photoshop competitor. If you're already familiar with Photoshop or other image editing software, you might want to give Affinity a look. It's competitively priced and has a one-time fee. 

Want to see an overview of some Photoshop competitors? Check out this list of Adobe Alternatives by Kezz Bracey—it's a great list!

But how do you really know which software is best? Thankfully, most of these options have a free trial—I highly recommend taking advantage of this! Make a list of software you'd like to try, their prices, and which have a free trial. Then, give them a go, and take note of which resonates with you most!

Now that we've taken a look at some of the technical stuff, let's dig into some of the possibilities! 

Garden Scrapbooking KitGarden Scrapbooking KitGarden Scrapbooking Kit
Shabby Chic Garden Bundle by melrodicq

Digital Tools for Traditional Scrapbooking

Editing Content

Even if you don't necessarily want to create your layouts digitally, digital tools can allow you to edit printable scrapbook pages—from your photos to your paper to text elements. 

For example, maybe you found just the right paper, but the color isn't right. A simple tweak in Photoshop can change our paper's color from red to blue. 

Watercolor PatternsWatercolor PatternsWatercolor Patterns
Colorful Watercolor Texture Patterns by cornercroft

Printing Content

Instead of going to your favorite arts and crafts store, you can go online, look for digital scrapbooking downloads, and then print them out! Voila, you can be printing digital scrapbooks and have scrapbooking supplies at your fingertips. On a rainy day, when I don't want to go outside, this absolutely hits the spot.

In addition, digital scrapbooking projects are hardly "trapped" on your computer. You can print them out, frame them, and put them in a book! You can also create your own digital scrapbook albums.

Coffee Themed Scrapbooking ElementsCoffee Themed Scrapbooking ElementsCoffee Themed Scrapbooking Elements
Vintage Coffee Bundle by Artness

Digital Scrapbook Paper

One of my favorite digital scrapbooking supplies is digital scrapbook paper. There are so many beautiful patterns, textures, and papers out there—and digital tools really further empower independent creators. From fanciful florals to detailed patterns, there is a seemingly endless supply of papers out there to choose from, whereas brick-and-mortar retail options largely depend on the stock at hand.

That's not to say I don't enjoy shopping for paper locally—but it's super fun to discover hidden gems online. Not only that, but it's hard not to want to get in on the fun. Have you ever considered making digital scrapbook pages of your own?

Digital Paper PackDigital Paper PackDigital Paper Pack
Watercolor Eucalyptus Digital Paper Pack by DesignLoverStudio

Custom Content for Your Scrapbook

And that's really one of the biggest deals here: digital tools mean even more custom content for your digital scrapbook albums. 

Not only that, but you can potentially monetize your work, too! Create fun digital scrapbooking content, package it together, and put it up for sale on one of the many online platforms out there. Sounds fun, right?

And we can explore and search for unique, indie artist finds—independent artists and creators who love scrapbooking, creating kits, and sharing them. You can really find some unusual digital scrapbooking downloads out there—and support independent creators who also share a love for scrapbooking!

Fall Scrapbooking KitFall Scrapbooking KitFall Scrapbooking Kit
Pumpkin Truck Digital Paper Pack by DesignLoverStudio

Hybrid Scrapbooking

Using both digital scrapbooking techniques and traditional scrapbooking techniques together is sometimes referred to as "hybrid scrapbooking"—a flexible marriage between the two! 

Personally, this is my favorite way to approach my physical scrapbooking projects nowadays. I love paper, I love texture, and I love holding my work in my hands. However, digital tools offer me a world of flexibility, beyond the stock at my favorite art store. If a particular paper or pattern isn't in stock—or doesn't even exist—I can make it, print it, and use it. I can create digital scrapbooking shapes, digital scrapbook tags, or digital scrapbooking stitches.

Scrapbooking ElementsScrapbooking ElementsScrapbooking Elements
Floral Bird Cage Design by burlapandlace

A Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

How to Use Digital Scrapbook Templates

Next, let's look at how to use digital scrapbook templates. How do you create your own digital scrapbook page? Where do you start? Let's take a look at the process.

Here's an example of a digital scrapbook page that I worked on in Adobe Photoshop. This is a snapshot of my process before it was complete, to give you a feel for my workflow. You could use all sorts of digital scrapbooking shapes in your design!

Sample of Work in ProgressSample of Work in ProgressSample of Work in Progress

A Finished Digital Scrapbook Template

And here's how my scrapbook page turned out! It's a fully functional template too, so I can easily swap out the images for any other photo I might like. I can also remix and rearrange the contents, potentially giving me an entire series of matching pages. 

Finished Scrapbook LayoutFinished Scrapbook LayoutFinished Scrapbook Layout

Sharing Your Digital Scrapbook Projects

Important to Know: Resolution

Let's talk about printing digital scrapbooks. Generally speaking, if you want to print your work, 300 dots per inch (dpi) tends to be a good recommendation for your image resolution. I like to work a little higher because you can always size down, but not up, when it comes to raster imagery.

We're looking for high-quality printable scrapbook pages. Raster imagery is pixel specific, meaning that if you enlarge a raster image, it gets blurry. If we size down, however, we don't lose quality. 

We could have a whole separate tutorial on resolution, honestly. For the purposes of this article, keep the following in mind:

  • Dots per inch refer to the number of dots printed per inch. So a high-resolution photo, for example, would have more dots printed per inch than a low-resolution photo—it would affect the quality of your print.
  • When it comes to the web and sharing digital content, it may be more advantageous to focus on pixel dimensions. For example, my iPhone's wallpaper size is 1920x1080 pixels. If I wanted to use my scrapbook page as a phone wallpaper, I would need to keep these dimensions in mind.

12" high by 12" wide, at 300 dpi, is a common size and resolution for digital scrapbooking pages and papers. This would be appropriate for printing. This is, however, 3600x3600 pixels, which might be rather large for web-based, digital-only sharing.

Digital PaperDigital PaperDigital Paper
Florence Digital Papers by DesignLoverStudio

Printing at Home

I love printing at home because it's easy and quick! However, keep in mind that many consumer printers aren't necessarily equipped to create high-resolution prints. That means that when you try to print out a photo, the quality might look grainy or dull. 

There are two big factors to consider when it comes to printing digital scrapbooks at home:

  1. The quality of your printer. Can your printer, for example, print quality photographs? Check your printer's manual to find out more about its specifications. If you're looking to buy a new printer, make sure it's equipped to print things like photographs and higher quality prints. In addition, keep note of what size prints your printer can make. For example, I have a large format printer, so I can print up to 13"x19". 
  2. The quality of your paper. The nicest printer in the world isn't going to make a great print if the paper isn't right for the job. For example, imagine printing a high-res photograph on computer paper, rather than on thick, glossy photo paper. It just wouldn't turn out right—the ink would bleed, because the paper would be too thin. 

Personally, I prefer luster or matte photo paper, because glossy is a little too shiny for my tastes, especially if I'm printing an entire scrapbook page. Test out different papers and see which ones you prefer! 

Outdoor Scrapbooking Kit BundleOutdoor Scrapbooking Kit BundleOutdoor Scrapbooking Kit Bundle
Winter and Fall Graphic Bundle by MikiBith

Professional Printing

If you don't have a high-quality printer at home, or you just want to have a professional print your work, you might want to consider seeking out a professional printer. There are tons of options out there—check for local shops, but online vendors can be great too! 

Here are some questions that you may want to ask when working with a professional printer: 

  1. Do you offer short run printing? "Short run" generally means low quantities—as in, you only want a few books, not a commercial run of books (up in the hundreds or thousands of books). 
  2. What binding options do you have? Perfect bound is a softbound, paperback book, and might be perfect for your project. Spiral bound is another common type, which is more like a "ringed notebook". Hardcover can be quite classy, but is often more expensive.
  3. Ask about document sizing, resolution, and bleed. Your document size is going to be the size of your book. If you already have dimensions in mind, make sure to let your printer know when asking questions. The bleed refers to the area outside of your document—if you have full-page images, you may need to work with a bleed to ensure your images go to the edge of the page, after trimming. 
  4. What file type should I prepare for you? Your printer will let you know what file type to deliver to them, as well as how to do so. This might involve uploading your work onto their site or delivering a file to them in person. 
  5. Ask about the paper. Remember, the paper quality matters!

A good, professional printer will be happy to help and answer your questions. Arm yourself with knowledge, and don't be afraid to ask for a proof—a paid, test print—to make sure everything is just right! 

Digital Paper PackDigital Paper PackDigital Paper Pack
Llama Boy Digital Paper Pack by DesignLoverStudio

Sharing Your Scrapbook Digitally

But you don't have to print your digital scrapbook—in fact, you can avoid printing or any printed material entirely, if you'd like to! 

When sharing your digital scrapbook albums, I recommend saving and distributing your work at smaller sizes, unless you intend for others to print your work. Why? Lower quality, smaller imagery generally means lower file sizes. That means quicker sending and less space it will take up on devices. It might be a strong idea to save a high-quality, larger version, but then share a smaller one, for convenience. 

And we can, of course, share our digital scrapbooking projects online! This can be a very user-friendly, easy way to share our creations with family and friends. 

When doing so, keep the following, web-friendly file types in mind: JPG and PNG. There are other file types, but these two are most likely the best fit for sharing your finalized scrapbook pages. 

Digital Paper Pack for ScrapbookingDigital Paper Pack for ScrapbookingDigital Paper Pack for Scrapbooking
Arrows Digital Paper Pack by burlapandlace

Stickers, Tabs, Papers, and More

DIY and Make Your Own

One of my favorite aspects of having digital tools for scrapbooking is: I can make my own assets! I can make my own scrapbooking kits with any theme under the sun, no matter how obscure the theme—because digital tools give me the means to do so.

This applies to both digital and traditional scrapbooking, too! For example, I wanted some stickers that looked like clothing buttons, but I just couldn't find any. So I took some photos of buttons and turned them into printable, digital stickers! Voila! It's easy to make digital scrapbooking shapes and digital scrapbook tags.

Example of Digital StickersExample of Digital StickersExample of Digital Stickers

Scan and Use

If you're like me, you have some precious old photos that just feel super priceless. They're irreplaceable to me, especially the ones my grandmother gave me that are quickly approaching 100 years old. 

Scanning your photos is not only an amazing way to preserve treasured photos, but also to utilize them in your scrapbooking projects without worrying about cutting or gluing them to a page. Now, you can reuse them, as many times as you like, worry free—and with a digital copy that will remain safe for a lifetime.

I generally recommend a flatbed scanner for photographs. When deciding on a scanner, make sure to keep an eye on resolution, as we discussed earlier, especially if you plan to print your work. Not all scanners are created equal; your scanner should be able to scan at a resolution appropriate for the goals of your projects.

Scrapbooking Old PhotographsScrapbooking Old PhotographsScrapbooking Old Photographs
Vintage Photo Effects by CollectiveOffset

Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Digital scrapbooking kits are awesome—they typically come with papers, patterns, textures, and decorative elements, all working within a given aesthetic or theme. They are such a fun choice, especially when you're looking for just the right set of items for a special occasion, season, or holiday.

That's one of the best parts of working with a kit—you generally get a whole package deal, rather than having to search for matching items to create a layout design.

Make sure to check the resolution and/or image sizing of any digital kit you might purchase, to make sure it'll work for your project.

Birthday Digital Scrapbooking KitBirthday Digital Scrapbooking KitBirthday Digital Scrapbooking Kit
Happy Birthday Design Elements by DesignLoverStudio

Digital Scrapbook Stickers

I love stickers, but I never want to "stick" them on things, know what I mean? 

Digital tools not only solve that problem—they open a world of possibilities. For example, I have a consumer die cutting machine (they tend to run in the US$200 price range). It means I can take any digital paper, texture, or photo and turn it into a sticker sheet, ready to stick on any traditional scrapbook page. Need another sheet? Just print and cut another one!

Digital Scrapbook BannersDigital Scrapbook BannersDigital Scrapbook Banners
Banner, Arrow, Wreath clip art by burlapandlace

But we can push that even further. With the magic of software, you can "place" your digital scrapbooking shapes right on your layout. No glue, no loss of "stickiness", nothing like that. Move and adjust your assets all you want, without damaging the sticker or the paper.

Digital StickersDigital StickersDigital Stickers
Paper cut alphabet by moonery

Get Creative With Digital Embellishments

Walking down the scrapbook aisle at my favorite art store is definitely a joy. There are usually so many nifty little elements to look at—ribbon, confetti, tabs, labels, stamps—all kinds of items and digital scrapbook tags with texture and personality. 

One of my favorite things about working digitally is the ability to create your own elements. How about using the stub from your plane ticket as your own custom embellishment in your layout—while still preserving the original. No need to cut it or paste it to anything. Receipts, postage, letters, report cards, and other memory-filled items suddenly have the power to become reusable assets for your creative experimentation.

Digital Scrapbooking ElementsDigital Scrapbooking ElementsDigital Scrapbooking Elements
"Spring & crows" bundle by MikiBith

Play It Safe and Respect Other Creators

Keep in mind, just because an image is on the Internet and you can save it, doesn't mean it's free to use—especially for commercial usage (meaning, work you intend to sell or distribute). A good rule of thumb is: respect content creators the way you'd want your content to be respected.

But this does leave us with a problem: how do we find content to use in our projects?

One idea is to search primarily for royalty free or public domain imagery. For example, I like to keep a little bank of free imagery on my computer, that I know I can use for any project—personal, professional, or otherwise—without worrying about copyright concerns.  

Envato Elements: Design Without Limits

Sometimes, however, you can't find exactly what you're looking for in a public domain search. There can be a lot of benefits in using a paid service for your image (and other multimedia) needs—benefits such as professional service and finding everything you need, all in one place.

For example, Envato Elements offers a monthly subscription for a low fee. You get thousands and thousands of assets, like images, graphics, fonts, and more at your disposal. Honestly, I use this service regularly for my freelance work, my professional work, and even my holiday cards. As a creative professional, having assets at hand just makes everything easier.

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements

10 More Awesome Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Thank you for joining me on this guide to digital scrapbooking! There are so many ways you could use digital tools to create wonderful, memorable projects. I hope this article inspired you to try out some of your own! Here's to making your best digital scrapbook yet!

Example of Scrapbooking ElementsExample of Scrapbooking ElementsExample of Scrapbooking Elements
Design Elements by MikiBith, barsrsind, and burlapandlace

Before we go, check out these awesome assets. They could be a perfect source of inspiration or maybe even the latest addition to your collection of scrapbooking goodies.

1. Hydrangea Digital Paper Pack (JPG)

Flower Digital Scrapbooking PaperFlower Digital Scrapbooking PaperFlower Digital Scrapbooking Paper

I absolutely love this fun and colorful digital scrapbooking paper pack from DesignLoverStudio. They're seamless, so you can make them repeat to any size you prefer. This could work for so much more than scrapbook pages, too!

2. 110 Hand Drawn Seamless Patterns (PNG, EPS, AI)

Seamless Scrapbooking PatternsSeamless Scrapbooking PatternsSeamless Scrapbooking Patterns

Yes, you read that right—110 hand-drawn seamless patterns! That is a lot of patterns to work with! They're fun, whimsical, and have a ton of potential applications. Take a look!

3. Pattern Paradise Bundle (AI, EPS, JPG, PNG, PSD)

Digital Scrapbooking PatternsDigital Scrapbooking PatternsDigital Scrapbooking Patterns

This is another set that is packed to the brim with content! It's also got brush swatches for Adobe Illustrator, if vector art is more your cup of tea! These could be perfect for digital scrapbook tags too!

4. Watercolor Enthusiast Graphic Kit (AI, PNG)

Watercolor Graphic KitWatercolor Graphic KitWatercolor Graphic Kit

Aren't these flowers pretty? And they're just the beginning of this digital scrapbooking kit, as it has over 70 elements and 8 patterns included for your projects. 

5. Geometric Seamless Patterns Bundle (AI, EPS, JPG, PNG)

Geometric Patterns BundleGeometric Patterns BundleGeometric Patterns Bundle

Geometric patterns can bring such a classy look and feel to your design—this would be perfect for a graduation layout, anniversary, or for capturing some New Year's memories! 

6. Birds & Blooms: Illustration and Pattern Toolkit (AI, EPS, PNG)

Graphics ToolkitGraphics ToolkitGraphics Toolkit

With 50 illustrations and 24 patterns, this is such a big, beautiful kit to work with! Birds, feathers, insects, branches—this one's a great fit for anything outdoorsy! 

7. Hand Drawn Planner Doodles (AI, EPS, PNG)

Hand Drawn Elements ScrapbookingHand Drawn Elements ScrapbookingHand Drawn Elements Scrapbooking

I love hand-drawn elements, because they just add so much personality and an organic feel. These planner doodles would be great for writing little notes, dates, and other tidbits on your layouts!

8. Lace Digital Papers (JPG)

Lace Digital Scrapbooking PaperLace Digital Scrapbooking PaperLace Digital Scrapbooking Paper

I am so in love with these beautiful lace papers! I think they're some of my favorite digital scrapbooking papers of all time, and I keep sneaking them into my own designs! Check them out!

9. LOVE Digital Stickers (AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG)

Love Digital StickersLove Digital StickersLove Digital Stickers

I love stickers, and this giant set of love-themed stickers are just the cutest. Whether your scrapbook page could use an extra "I love you" or a funny little love pun, this set is adorable. 

10. Boss Girl Design Set (PNG)

Scrapbook Design SetScrapbook Design SetScrapbook Design Set

This scrapbooking kit is filled with hand-drawn elements—florals, clipart, and more! The character art even comes in alternative colors! Really love the extra sparkle here, don't you? 

Discover More Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration

If you enjoyed this article featuring awesome digital scrapbooking downloads and talking about how to become a digital scrapbook designer, here are some others you might want to check out!

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