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How to Create a Religious Calendar Infographic in InDesign

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What You'll Be Creating

Get to know some of the most important religious festivals and holy days from the world’s major religions, including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and the Bahá’í Faith, with this infographic design. 

You’ll learn how to create a beautiful calendar infographic in Adobe InDesign and prepare it for sharing on social media. 

This may look complicated, but it’s actually a relatively simple design. You’ll need access to Adobe Illustrator as well, to create the central circle graphic for the design.

If you want to create your own unique infographics, you can discover a massive range of icons and infographic templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. Or you could use a dedicated InDesign calendar template:

What You’ll Need to Create Your Infographic

As well as access to both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, you’ll also need to download the following fonts and graphics from Envato Elements:

You’ll also need to download the provided set of ASE color swatches.

You can add dates to your infographic using the online 2019 Interfaith Calendar

1. How to Set Up Your Infographic in InDesign

Step 1

Open InDesign and go to File > New > Document. 

Click on Web at the top of the window, before setting the Width of the page to 1600 px and Height to 2240 px. 

Add Margins of 125 px, and click Create.

new documentnew documentnew document

Step 2

Expand the Layers panel (Window > Layers) and double-click on Layer 1, renaming it Background

Create six more new layers: Key, Calendar, Holidays, Segments, Months, and, finally, Header, at the top. 

layer optionslayer optionslayer options

Then lock all the layers except Background, which we’ll work on first. 

background layerbackground layerbackground layer

Step 3

Expand the Swatches panel (Window > Color > Swatches) and choose Load Swatches from the panel’s main menu. 

load swatchesload swatchesload swatches

Navigate to the ‘Religious Calendar Infographic Swatches.ase’ file you downloaded earlier, and click Open. The RGB swatches will load into the panel. 

swatches panelswatches panelswatches panel

Step 4

Working on the Background layer, use the Rectangle Tool (M) to create a shape across the whole page, setting the Fill to R=33 G=43 B=45.

background rectanglebackground rectanglebackground rectangle

2. How to Create the Calendar Graphic

Step 1

To create the segmented circle at the heart of the design, we’ll need to turn to Adobe Illustrator for help. 

Open Illustrator and create a new document at any size. 

Select the Polar Grid Tool (you’ll find this in the Tools panel, from the Line Segment Tool’s drop-down menu). 

Right-Click on the Polar Grid Tool icon in the Tools panel to open the Options window. 

Set the Number of Concentric Dividers to 0, and the Number of Radial Dividers (which will represent the number of days in the year) to 365

Check both Create Compound Path and Fill Grid, before clicking OK

polar grid toolpolar grid toolpolar grid tool

Step 2

Click and drag onto the page, holding down Shift, to create your circle. 

circle graphiccircle graphiccircle graphic

When it’s created, select it and Edit > Copy it. 

Step 3

Head back to your InDesign document and lock the Background layer. Unlock the Calendar layer.

Edit > Paste the circle onto the page, and scale to roughly the size shown below. Switch the Fill Color of the circle to R=75 G=94 B=100.

Pull out guides from the top and left-hand rulers (View > Show Rulers) to mark out the center-point of the circle. 

guides rulersguides rulersguides rulers

3. How to Add Months to Your Calendar

Step 1

Lock the Calendar layer and unlock the Months layer. 

Use the Pen Tool (P) to create a short curved line across the top-right of the circle, mimicking the curve of the circle’s edge. 

pen tool linepen tool linepen tool line

Step 2

Switch to the Type on a Path Tool (Shift-T) and click once on the line to transform it into a text path. 

type on a path tooltype on a path tooltype on a path tool

Type in ‘JAN’ and from either the top Controls panel or the Character and Paragraph panels (Window > Type & Tables > Character / Paragraph), set the Font to Arkibal Display, Size 23 pt. Set the Font Color to R=239 G=248 B=254.

arkibal display fontarkibal display fontarkibal display font

With the Selection Tool (V, Escape), select the line, and make sure the Stroke Color of this is set to [None]. 

no stroke colorno stroke colorno stroke color

Step 3

Copy and Paste the line 12 times, rotating each and positioning them along the inside edge of the circle. Also edit the text for each month. 

dates on calendardates on calendardates on calendar

4. How to Create a Key for Your Infographic

Step 1

Open up the religious icons set in Illustrator.

You can use some of the icons here to create a key for the bottom of your infographic. 

First, I’m going to select the Star of David, the symbol of Judaism, from the top row and Edit > Copy it. 

vector symbolsvector symbolsvector symbols

Step 2

Head back to InDesign and lock the Months layer. Unlock the Key layer. 

Edit > Paste the vector icon onto the page and position it towards the bottom of the page. 

Give the icon a contrasting Fill Color, like R=229 G=26 B=71.

symbol with color fillsymbol with color fillsymbol with color fill

Step 3

Repeat the process, bringing over icons from the illustration into InDesign, positioning them in a row at the bottom of the layout, and giving each of them their own contrasting color.

colored key colored key colored key

5. How to Add Dates to Your Calendar

Step 1

It’s time to start adding festival and holy day dates to your calendar. You can add as many dates as you like from the Interfaith Calendar

First, lock the Key layer and unlock the Segments layer. 

Use the Pen Tool (P) to draw out a simple three-sided shape, taking up one segment on the circle and using the guides to show you where the segment should finish at the center of the circle. 

Set the Fill to one of the shades in your key, making sure to match up the color with the right religion for the date you’ve selected. 

pen tool segmentpen tool segmentpen tool segment

Step 2

Unlock and activate the Holidays layer. Create a text frame using the Type Tool (T), typing in the date, holy day, and religion. 

Set the Font to Arkibal Display, All Caps, Size 17 pt, and set the Font Color to R=239 G=248 B=254.

Rotate the text frame and position it above the colored segment. 

text frame for datetext frame for datetext frame for date

Step 3

Copy and Paste both the colored segment and text frame, and use the Free Transform Tool (E) to reposition and rotate it to create the second date on the calendar.

Edit the text and color of the segment if needed. 

segment pastedsegment pastedsegment pasted

Step 4

Continue to Paste and build up more segments and dates on the design, adapting the color of each to match the colors of the symbols in the key below. 

dates on calendardates on calendardates on calendar
finished datesfinished datesfinished dates

6. How to Add Header Text to Your Infographic

Step 1

Lock the Segments and Holidays layers and unlock the top layer, Header

Create a text frame centrally on the circle, typing in ‘2019’ and setting the Font to Maxim Sans, Size 220 pt, and Font Color to R=239 G=248 B=254.

header textheader textheader text

Step 2

Add a large text frame to the top of the page, typing in ‘Religious Calendar’, and setting the Font to Maxim Sans Bold, Size 90 pt, All Caps, Align Center and Font Color to R=115 G=178 B=159.

heading textheading textheading text

Add a sub-heading below this, set in Maxim Sans Bold, Size 40 pt, All Caps, Align Center, and set the Font Color to R=75 G=94 B=100.

subheading textsubheading textsubheading text

7. How to Export Your Infographic

Step 1

To share your infographic on social media or attach to an email, head up to File > Export. 

Choose JPEG from the Format menu in the window that opens, name your file, and click Save

jpeg exportjpeg exportjpeg export

Step 2

In the Export JPEG window that opens, set the Resolution to 72 ppi, to make the image suitable for web viewing. 

Then hit Export

export jpegexport jpegexport jpeg

Conclusion: Your Finished Infographic

Your religious calendar infographic is finished, and it’s looking awesome! Make sure to share the infographic on Pinterest and Facebook. 

If you want to create more infographics, you can find a huge range of icons and infographic templates on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver

final infographicfinal infographicfinal infographic

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