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How to Create a Paper Bag Mockup in Photoshop

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Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

Struggling to find that perfect brown paper bag mockup for your brand? Search no more! In this paper bag mockup template tutorial, you'll learn how to create a smart object and how to apply layer effects for a realistic result. Once finished, all you have to do is upload your logo and get the perfect paper bag mockup in seconds. 

If you're in need of a quick fix, whether it's to advertise a new campaign or you just want to spruce up your branding, this shopping bag mockup is the perfect way to get noticed. You can get this template from Envato Elements, a subscription marketplace featuring items from designers across the globe. Everything you need is in one place!

Orange paper bag mockupOrange paper bag mockupOrange paper bag mockup

What You Will Learn in This Paper Bag Mockup Template

  • How to create a smart object for a shopping bag mockup
  • How to apply layer effects to a smart object for realistic results

What You Will Need for This Craft Paper Bag Mockup

1. How to Create a Bag Mockup 

Step 1

Open the shopping paper bag photo in Adobe Photoshop. Select the Rectangle Tool (U) and make the size of the rectangle 2200 px x 2700 px. Name this layer "Place Design Here" in the Layers panel.

Rectangle smart objectRectangle smart objectRectangle smart object

Step 2

Right-Click this rectangle layer and select Convert to Smart Object. Change the Opacity to 43%. Go to Edit > Transform > Distort. Select and drag the corner so that it aligns with the paper bag.

Create smart objectCreate smart objectCreate smart object

Step 3

Select the Place Design Here layer and drag it to the folder icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. Change the folder layer name to "Artwork".

Add shopping bag folderAdd shopping bag folderAdd shopping bag folder

Step 4

Select the Pen Tool (P) and make an outline around the bread and vegetable. 

Make an outline around groceriesMake an outline around groceriesMake an outline around groceries

Step 5

Right-Click the pen path and select Make Selection. Change the Feather Radius to 8 pixels. Select OK.

Make selection from pen toolMake selection from pen toolMake selection from pen tool

Step 6

Select the Artwork folder layer and create a vector mask in the Layers panel by selecting the mask icon (highlighted red). 

Create vector maskCreate vector maskCreate vector mask

2. How to Apply Layer Effects to a Smart Object for Realistic Results

Step 1

Change the "Place Design Here" layer's Opacity to 100%. Double-Click the "Place Design Here" thumbnail and hide the rectangle layer. Open the farmer logo in Adobe Illustrator. Change the color of the farmer logo to black (#000000). Customize the logo to your liking using the Olive Display and Mutiara Vintage fonts.

Farm house logoFarm house logoFarm house logo

Step 2

Copy (Command-C) and paste (Command-V) this logo from Illustrator into the Photoshop smart object. File > Save this smart object. Your logo design should now look like the brown paper bag mockup below.

Smart object designSmart object designSmart object design

Step 3

Import the Layer Styles from the Ink Stamp ASL file. With the Artwork folder layer selected, go to the Styles panel. If you're having trouble finding the Styles panel, go to Window > Styles. Select the third ink stamp to apply the effect.

Add stamp layer styleAdd stamp layer styleAdd stamp layer style

Step 4

Open 01.png and 05.png from the handmade texture package in Photoshop. Place both of these textures above the Artwork layer and place them in a folder. Change the 01.png layer to Color Burn and the 05.png layer to Hard Light. Adjust the Opacity of the Hard Light layer to 50%.

Stamp texturesStamp texturesStamp textures

Step 5

Create a new layer. Grab a 1900 px soft brush using the Brush Tool (U). Set the foreground color to #f5ddd5.  Change the Flow to 86%. Apply this brush in the upper right corner like the bag mockup below.

Add soft brushAdd soft brushAdd soft brush

Step 6

Change the soft brush layer to Hard Light and change the Opacity to 77%. Right-Click this layer and select Create Clipping Mask.

Change layer to hard lightChange layer to hard lightChange layer to hard light

Bag It Up! We're Done!

You did a great job following my paper shopping bag mockup PSD tutorial. Throughout this tutorial, you learned how to set up a smart object for your design and how to apply layer effects for a realistic result. 

Final mockupFinal mockupFinal mockup

5 Splendid Paper Bag Mockups

Tired of the same old packaging for your product? Try this set of innovative bag mockup templates. We've got tons of templates to choose from, so you can display your branding in a unique and effective way. Give these craft paper bag mockups a try.

1. Kraft Paper Bag Mockup (PSD)

Kraft paper bag mockupKraft paper bag mockupKraft paper bag mockup

Not enough time to design? Grab this useful paper bag mockup Photoshop template that is easy to customize and change via smart objects.

2. Paper Bag With Plant Mockups (PSD)

Paper bag with plant mockupPaper bag with plant mockupPaper bag with plant mockup

Display your branding on this awesome paper shopping bag mockup PSD. This realistic paper bag mockup is perfect for showcasing your brand on the market, for shops, and more.

3. Paper Bag and Label Mockup (PSD)

Paper bag and label mockupPaper bag and label mockupPaper bag and label mockup

A bag is a bag, right? Not when it comes to this white paper bag mockup. This fashion bag mockup will make your branding stand out, giving you the edge on your competition. With this template, you'll be able to display your designs with a professional touch in seconds, without the need for any graphic design skills!

4. Paper Bag Mockup Series (PSD)

Paper bag mockup seriesPaper bag mockup seriesPaper bag mockup series

White paper bag mockups are perfect for branding a shop or promoting your clothing line. Put your logo on this stylish fashion bag mockup and give it that luxurious look. This paper bag mockup series is easy to customize, so you won't have to spend hours in Photoshop. Simply add your design with the smart object layer, and you're ready to rock!

5. Paper Bag Mock-Up Vol.1 (PSD)

Paper bag mock-up vol. 1Paper bag mock-up vol. 1Paper bag mock-up vol. 1

How will people know about your brand? People need to see your logo, product, and company name everywhere. With this photorealistic paper bag mockup, you can display your branding in any store or street market. People will recognize you and check out your products!

More Resources for Shopping Bag Mockups

Whether you're a graphic design student, a professional, or just someone who wants to create their own mockup at home, this resource is for you! Create your own paper bag mockup today!

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