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How to Transform Your Creations Into Digital Flipbooks

Read Time: 5 min
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Read Time: 5 min
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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a flipbook with Issuu, the world’s leading digital publishing platform. After the tutorial, you’ll be able to turn all kinds of content into highly engaging digital publications and assets to share on every channel at the click of a button.

Join millions of content creators and users around the world who use Issuu to bring their best ideas to life, transforming static documents into SEO-friendly embeddable publications, social posts, mobile-optimized articles, GIFs, and more.

Issuu digital publishing platformIssuu digital publishing platformIssuu digital publishing platform

You’ve got beautiful content to share, and Issuu is the place to launch it to the world. Export your InDesign creations directly to Issuu and instantly generate engaging, highly shareable assets that deliver a unique experience on both desktop and mobile. What used to take hours now takes minutes. Try Issuu today! Use coupon code ENVATO25 for 25% off an annual plan.

Prefer to learn by watching a video? Discover how to use Issuu in this new video from the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

What You'll Learn in This Issuu Flipbook Tutorial

  • What is Issuu?
  • How to set up the Issuu InDesign plugin
  • How to export your Issuu flipbook portfolio in Adobe InDesign
  • How does Issuu work?

What You'll Need

1. What Is Issuu?

Creating a flipbook online is a great way to showcase your work in an interactive way and engage with your audience like never before. Whether it’s a magazine, catalog, portfolio, brochure, guide, or anything else in between, Issuu brings to life any type of content and transforms it into an unforgettable reading experience for your audience.

Issuu is the leading content transformation and digital publishing tool on the market. It easily streamlines your content creation-to-distribution efforts into a single workflow, enabling you to upload, edit, publish, distribute, and monetize your work in a matter of minutes. And with a powerful range of features—such as Embed, Fullscreen Sharing, Statistics, GIFs, and more—you can enrich your flipbook publications to boost engagement and accessibility on every device. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an interactive flipbook using Issuu's digital publishing platform.

With Issuu's outstanding tools and features, anyone can easily create stunning digital publications in no time!

Issuu promo featuresIssuu promo featuresIssuu promo features

2. How to Set Up the Issuu InDesign Plugin

Step 1

From InDesign, go to Window > Find Extensions on Exchange. The Adobe Exchange website will appear.

Extensions on exchangeExtensions on exchangeExtensions on exchange

Step 2

Type Issuu in the search bar. The Issuu plugin will appear in the results. Click on Issuu and select the Free button in the top-right corner.

To install the plugin, you may have to close InDesign.
Issuu plugin indesignIssuu plugin indesignIssuu plugin indesign

Step 3

Once installed, the extension can be found in the following menu location: Window > Extensions > Issuu - Publish a document.

Issuu plugin locationIssuu plugin locationIssuu plugin location

Step 4

Another way to access the Issuu InDesign plugin is by opening the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Go to the Stock & Marketplace tab, and then select Plugins. Type Issuu in the search bar. When you find the plugin, click on Get.

Issuu creative cloud pluginIssuu creative cloud pluginIssuu creative cloud plugin

3. How to Export Your Flipbook Portfolio in InDesign

Step 1

Once you've opened your portfolio in InDesign, go to Window > Extensions > Issuu - Publish a document. You will now need to connect to your Issuu account. Click on Connect to Issuu.

Issuu connect panelIssuu connect panelIssuu connect panel

Step 2

After successfully logging in, click on the Settings tab and adjust the settings to your liking. For this example, I will use these settings: 

  • Availability: Public
  • Publication Type: Promotion/Marketing
  • Detected Links: Show
  • Allow Downloads: Off
  • Backdate: On
Issuu settings tabIssuu settings tabIssuu settings tab

Step 3

Once you're satisfied with the settings, click on Publish now. A warning box will appear. Make sure you own the rights to the content in your document before publishing. Click Confirm and Publish.

Issuu content rightsIssuu content rightsIssuu content rights

Step 4 

From the Publication tab, you should now see your document.

Issuu published contentIssuu published contentIssuu published content

Step 5

Another great thing about Issuu is that if you need to make any changes to your document, you can. I decided that I wanted to switch out one of the wedding images. Make sure you File > Save your document and go back to Window > Extensions > Issuu - Publish a document. The Issuu plugin will appear, and you can then select Publish changes. 

Issuu changesIssuu changesIssuu changes

4. How Does Issuu Work?

Step 1

You can also use Issuu without the InDesign plugin. With the photography portfolio still open in InDesign, go to File > Export. Select Adobe PDF (Print) for the Format or Adobe PDF (Interactive), if you've included any links in your document. Select High Quality Print for the Adobe PDF Preset and make sure Export As is set to Pages.

Issuu indesign export optionsIssuu indesign export optionsIssuu indesign export options

Step 2

Go to the Issuu website. Sign in if you already have an account. From the Home dashboard, you can view published content, statistics, and sales. I will now use the drag-and-drop feature to upload my exported PDF.

Issuu upload barIssuu upload barIssuu upload bar

Step 3

Finalize your portfolio by giving it a title and description and changing the settings to your liking. Click Publish now to see your beautiful portfolio live!

Issuu website publish nowIssuu website publish nowIssuu website publish now

Step 4

If you need to make any changes to your portfolio in InDesign, you must upload it to the Issuu website again.

Issuu reupload websiteIssuu reupload websiteIssuu reupload website

Start Publishing Today!

Turning static and dull documents into beautiful, web-ready assets is no longer a hassle. With Issuu, you can easily upload your designs, turn them into a wide range of engaging digital assets, and continuously edit, update, distribute, and track the impact of your creations directly within the platform. Embed videos into your publications, add live links, build eye-catching social posts, and generate buzz across channels with mobile-friendly articles and GIFs. Create once, and share everywhere. Try Issuu today! Use coupon code ENVATO25 for 25% off an annual plan.

Issuu website publish featuresIssuu website publish featuresIssuu website publish features

Create Your Content With One of Our Free Templates Before Uploading It to Issuu

Are you looking to bring your publication online? With the right resources, you can make the transition from print to digital with ease. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced designer, there are plenty of tutorials and tools available to help you get started.

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