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How to Change a Photo in a Flyer Template in Adobe Photoshop

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Purchasing a template from Envato Market is an excellent strategy to produce high-quality materials without spending the time to design it yourself. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the photos seen in the previews of the template are often not included with the template itself.

In this Quick Tip you will learn how to insert a photo into a flyer template purchased form GraphicRiver.

1. Purchase and Download

Step 1

Start by browsing through the files available on Envato Market to find a template to purchase. In this example, we will use the Business Flyer Bundle.

Flyer template from Graphic River

Step 2

Once the files are purchased and downloaded, the contents need to be extracted from the zipped package. This particular template includes three Photoshop .psd files and one Read-Me.txt file.

Files contained in the zipped package

Step 3

It's always a good idea to look through the Read-Me file before using the template. The author will include any important information there. Notice that this one includes a note that the preview image is not provided with the template.

Look through the Read Me file

Step 4

Open the one of the template files in Photoshop. Here I used the Flyer-01.psd file. Notice that the photo area is just a blank gray box.

What the template looks like in Photoshop

Step 5

We will need a photo to go into the template. It should be a business-related photo with predominantly bright colors to match the template, and it also needs to be landscape orientation to fit the space designated for it. I chose to use this business stock image from PhotoDune.

The image to use in the template

2. Editing the Template

Step 1

In the template file, look through the Layer Groups to find the variation you prefer most. In this example, we will choose the blue group called Color-01. Hide the other two groups by clicking on the eyeball icons to toggle the visibility.

Select a group by hiding the others

Step 2.

Open the Color-01 group folder, then the Main-image group folder, and then click on the Shape 1 copy layer. This is the gray box that is visible in the template.

Find the gray square shape

Step 3

Go to File > Place Embedded and navigate to the photo to place it into the template. Photoshop inserts the photo as a Smart Object.

Use Place  Embedded to insert the photo

Step 4

Move the photo into place and drag on the corner handles to scale it appropriately. Hold down the Shift key while scaling to retain the same proportions and prevent unwanted stretching. When the photo is in the correct position, apply the transformation by pressing the Enter key.

Step 5

Go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask (Alt-Control-G) to clip the photo to the gray box shape. The Layers panel should show an indented thumbnail with a small arrow next to it. This ensures that the photo is only filling the space designated by the designer.

Clip the photo image to the shape layer

And That's It!

Congratulations! You've just updated the photo in a template of a professionally designed flyer. Nice work!

Final image of professionally designed flyer
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