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45 Explosively Colorful Photoshop Effects

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Read Time: 2 mins

Imagine a world without color. Then, imagine a world without Photoshop. Depressed yet? Don't be. Let us cheer you up with 50 Photoshop effects that will have you manipulating vibrant colors like a pro. Our palette crosses the full range from subtle and elegant to vivid and high-impact. Enjoy!

1. Painted Photo Manipulation

2. Vibrant Photo Manipulation

3. Dynamic Recessed Watercolor Typography

4. Create a 60’s Psychedelic Concert Poster

5. Andy Warhol Effect

6. Create Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids

7. Retro Stars

8. Photo Manipulation from Sketch to Color

9. 3D Transform a Colorful Cube Design

10. Quick Grungy Poster

11. Create Intense Light Streaks

12. Combine Pixel and Vector Artwork

13. Realistic Torn Paper Look

14. CD Cover Design

15. Feed Your iPhone

16. Colorful Collage

17. Rainbow Island Wallpaper

18. Pixel and Vector Girl Wallpaper

19. Create Cool Watercolor Effects

20. Mix Cool Retro Curves Into Your Photographs

21. Enhance Your Ad Design With 3D Splashes

22. Watercolor Text

23. Create a Surreal Environment

24. 3D Pixel Stretch

25. Beverage Ad Enhancer

26. Amazing Retro Rainbow Curves

27. Valentines Day Comes to Photoshop

28. Abstract Dust and Specks

29. Badass Bling Effect

30. Urban Style Artwork

31. Polar Lights Effect

32. Create Product Labels

33. Colorful Lines Tutorial

34. Photo Into Watercolor Painting

35. Splashy Leaf Wallpaper

36. Summer Breeze Wallpaper

37. Motorcycle Wallpaper

38. Road to the White House

39. Art Wallpaper With Stars

40. Rainbow Light Painting Effect

41. Color Effects with Alpha Channel

42. Transform a Photo into Chinese Painting

43. Making a Modern Abstract Scene

44. Shining Neon text Effect

45. Swirl Mania

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