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23 Best Cricut Fonts With Shadows

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There are many different fonts with shadows available on Envato Elements - one could say that there are fonts for every occasion! Another thing we will cover in this article is how to make a shadow font in Cricut Design Space.

Example of vinyl with shadow on a container using a non shadow font we created in our project later on in the articleExample of vinyl with shadow on a container using a non shadow font we created in our project later on in the articleExample of vinyl with shadow on a container using a non shadow font we created in our project later on in the article
Here's an example of a completed project using a text shadow

With all of the different fonts available, it may be hard to choose the correct project, so I try to think of my project in a simpler way. Am I creating a project for a kids' party? Or is this project for a business? The type of project you are making will change the font you may choose. I am going to cover some soft, fun fonts, as well as fonts with character, and also some strong fonts that may be suited for a more masculine or corporate project.

Shadow Fonts on Envato ElementsShadow Fonts on Envato ElementsShadow Fonts on Envato Elements
There are so many different styles of fonts available—to suit any theme!

6 Soft and Fun Shadow Script Fonts

These fonts with shadows are first on my list because I like to start with the fun stuff! These are soft and fun shadow fonts

1. Baby Angelo (OTF + TTF)

Baby AngeloBaby AngeloBaby Angelo

This shadow font is quirky, soft, and fun to work with. It also has a few different layers to the font, which allows us to very easily turn this into a great project. We started off strong with my favourite script font with a shadow element!

2. Shera (OTF + TTF)

Shera CupcakeShera CupcakeShera Cupcake

This shadow letters font can be used in so many different ways! I see it in a fun, quirky project, but this would suit a project with a 20s theme too.

3. Queen Bear (OTF + TTF)

Queen BearQueen BearQueen Bear

This drop shadow font has some extra character inside the letters, and while it may not be suitable for tiny projects, this is a fantastic font to use in a wide array of Cricut projects.

4. Kidstay (OTF + TTF)


This shadow font is soft and playful, while also being a perfect Cricut font to use for a project that needs a drop shadow font.

5. Powerful (OTF + TTF)


A hand-drawn font always provides an extra special feel to a project. Try this hand-drawn block shadow font and see what creative effects you can create.

6. Le Petit (OTF + TTF)

Le PetitLe PetitLe Petit

In this image, you can see what a drop shadow font looks like, and it is a very special font pack as it also comes with a doodle set! So many Cricut projects can be taken to the next level with the use of a perfectly placed doodle.

10 Fonts to Add Some Character!

These shadow fonts all have a little bit of flair and character. They are the kind of fonts that would suit a wide variety of different projects in many different genres. I hope you enjoy this character-filled list of Cricut fonts with shadows.

1. Arkland (OTF + TTF)


This monoline shadow font not only has a very strong shadow, but the effect also makes it look like a block shadow font.

2. Attack Attack (OTF + TTF)

Attack AttackAttack AttackAttack Attack

Attack Attack is a Cricut font with shadows that also has a little bit of character, but is a nice bold, thick font.

3. Elcatraz (OTF + TTF)


This drop shadow font is nice for many different projects and has a nice bold, retro look to it. The shadow on this font is quite unusual as it is separated from the main font. 

4. The Crow (OTF + TTF)

The CrowThe CrowThe Crow

These next two fonts both have beautifully different flourishes that make them very unusual block shadow fonts. At least one of the fonts in this pack has a shadow effect, and the classic look of this font is what made it a part of this list!

5. Raven (OTF + TTF)

The RavenThe RavenThe Raven

This vintage font has some similar character traits to the one above it; however, there is one font in this pack that has a few different shadow font options to choose from!

6. Bomber Squad (OTF + TTF)

Bomber SqaudBomber SqaudBomber Sqaud

This is a Cricut font with shadows that will not only be easy to cut with your Cricut but would also look great as a layered font, with a few different colours and a cool shadow background!

7. Black Romance (OTF, TTF + WOFF)

Black RomanceBlack RomanceBlack Romance

This is another one of those shadow letter fonts that has a lot of character. It's also a perfect font to layer with, and it has a perfect shadow flourish.

8. Buzinga (OTF, TTF + WOFF)


Recognise this font? I'm sure many do! This font is the perfect addition to any comic style project, and it is an even bigger bonus as it is a font with shadows.

9. Modster Script (OTF + TTF)

Modster ScriptModster ScriptModster Script

This lovely script font with shadow is a lovely clean font with a lot of character, yet also still a very strong and clean font.

10. Quechely (OTF + TTF)


The additional lines in this font give it a lot of extra character, making it one of my favourite fonts with shadows!

7 Strong Bold Shadow Fonts

1. Sevastian (TTF)


This font comes with many different layers, making it an extremely strong shadow font as you can layer it in so many different ways.

2. Bourbon (OTF + TTF)


This classic font would be a perfect addition to your project and a great strong font choice—which is a good change from a shadow script font!

3. Old Carters (OTF + TTF)

Old CartersOld CartersOld Carters

This font with shadows has a few different shadow types to offer, which gives this font a much more 3D effect.

4. Burford Rustic Shadow One (OTF + TTF)

Burford Rustic Shadow OneBurford Rustic Shadow OneBurford Rustic Shadow One

This drop shadow font has a few different types, and this is just one of them that has a fun shadow type to it. It is a much more rustic font that has a lovely textured effect too.

5. Burford Rustic Shadow Two (OTF + TTF)

Burford Rustic Shadow TwoBurford Rustic Shadow TwoBurford Rustic Shadow Two

This is similar to the font above, but the shadow on this font is quite different. It would be tricky to cut on a small scale with your Cricut, so I would rather use this for a larger project as those intricate cuts will be very difficult to cut and work with.

6. Laguna (OTF + TTF)


Laguna is a very clean, simple block font with a very clean shadow on it, making it a very easy choice for a simple, strong project.

7. Wild Justice (OTF + TTF)

Wild JusticeWild JusticeWild Justice

This strong block shadow font has a slight offset to it, which allows it a little bit of character while also giving us a strong shadow element.

Learn How to Make a Shadow Font in Cricut Design Space and More!

I hope you found your favourite font in this list of Cricut fonts with shadows, but if you are looking for how to make a shadow font in Cricut Design Space, then there is definitely a way that you can do this. It isn't as hard as you may think, and there are some crucial steps you want to make sure you look out for in this process along the way.

This video tutorial from the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel will cover what you need to know and how it will work! 

If you are looking to learn some other Cricut skills, be sure to check out some of these tutorials:

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