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100 Artworks from the Top 20 Designers in The Middle East and Africa

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To round off our Photoshop Around the World series, we head to the Middle East and Africa - where the design skills are as hot as the weather! The artworks here represent a huge variety of styles and creative approaches. Enjoy the last leg of our trip around the world!

1. Anthony Dart

Representing: Johannesburg, South Africa

"Ontwerp is a multi-disciplinary Design & Animation studio based in Johannesburg South Africa, founded by Designer / Director Anthony Dart. Ontwerp's philosophy places design at the forefront. Design is the emphasis. We perceive design as problem solving, we are obsessive with craft and detail, We believe in the formidable communication of imagesand type and their inherent narrative ability. Our interests extend toArt Direction, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Sound Design, Graphic Design for Print and Screen."

2. One Horse Town


Representing: Cape Town, South Africa

The creative illustration work and great color schemes are what really caught my eye when checking out One Horse Towns portfolio of work. It is no doubt that this retro look and feel is one that brings them a lot of business. But, they are not limited to only that style. If you check out some of their illustration work, you will find a wide variety of work.

3. Brandt Botes

Representing: Cape Town, South Africa

Brandt Botes really is an artist without a style. While many of the samples below might lead you to think that he is limited to just a basic illustrator type style, you would be wrong. His portfolio is filled with a wide variety of styles and types of works. Everything from rough sketch style illustration to simply complex patterns can be seen in his portfolio.

4. Bison

Representing: Cape Town, South Africa

"Bison is the work of Linsey Levendall and Daniel Orme who form a creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. They service big to small businesses, musicians, the
arts and culture sector and ad agencies with a range of skills including illustration, graphic design, branding and art direction.

Bison holds the belief that experimentation is the key to discovery and thus find ways around the tried and tested approach producing a fresh and unexpected

5. Ryan Atkinson

Representing: Johannesburg, South Africa

"Im a young south african designer who loves good design. I love typography, print design, photography, motion graphics and illustration. My icons include, Non-Format, Build (Micheal C. Place), Massimo Vignelli, Jospeh Muller-Brockman, Wim Crouwel, David Carson (Interestingly different I know, but I have my reasons). I am interested in furthering myself and my skills as often as possible, so give me a shout if you think a piece of work is not cool, and you have some ideas why :)"

6. Islam Zayed

Representing: Cairo, Egypt

While Islam Zayed has some really nice typography work in his portfolio, I was more impressed with some of his graphic design work and photo manipulation stuff. There are also of course, his works that combine the two for a truly outstanding finished piece, some of which is very Desktopgrahy-esque.

7. Mohamad Moftah

Representing: Cairo, Egypt

"Mohamad Moftah is an Egyptian born painter, graphic designer and illustrator based in Cairo, Egypt. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in the summer of 2008 with honors. Since then he has been working in advertising and design.

Mohamad has focused primarily on painting and design, working with diverse local and international clients like Coca-Cola and McDonald's,  producing logos, corporate identities, brochures, TV ads, print ads and most other forms of print."

8. International Nomads


Representing: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"We like to describe ourselves as a Collective, an internationally present collective of professionals & creatives from around the globe, and this team of fine individuals is called International Nomads.

International Nomads specializes in Marketing & Digital Advertising. We provide a full suite of integrated marketing and advertising services, broken into 3 main areas of work; Consultation, Creative, and Production services"

9. JayDz

Representing: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

"My name's Jay, a Graphic Designer from the Mid-East.. My Passion is My Art.. and My Inspiration's My Fiance..
I design, I screw up, then I do good.. its how I do it lol ... my Senses are my tutorial tools... I observe and learn new techniques by analyzing others' graphics!
o to all great Designers and Illustrators out there.... Keep posting your great work! =D
Addin' me/ Applaudin' or Criticizin' my Work... Sharin' 'em thoughts with me.. iS What Builds Me =)"

10. Younes Badi

Representing: Rabat, Morocco

"I am Younes Badi. I am a young graphic designer from Rabat in Morroco. Here is my graphic design portfolio from school. I am actually studying graphic design at a local design university. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my artwork and designs.”

11. Younes ze

Representing: Algiers, Algeria

Younes Ze is one of the younger artists on this list. According to the artist profile, they are only about 21. Whats cool about their profile, is that they have done a nice job at taking rather popular trends and turning them into a more unique style. This combination of mixing popular trends with a unique style is how new trends are born.

12. Clement de Bruin

Representing: Cape Town, South Africa

As I was checking out Clement de Bruins blog, I noticed that his most recent post was of a blank figure he painted. Anyone who has the skills to do those well gets props in my book. Toys aside, it is Clement de Bruins illustrative work that really stands out. From what i can see, it has really progressed over the years and Im sure it will only get better.

13. Disturbance

Representing: Durban, South Africa

"Disturbance is a graphic design studio based in Durban, South Africa and one of the continent's leading design practices. disturbance's work has been recognised both locally (Loeries awards) and internationally(D&AD, ADC, One Show, Comm Arts, Society of Illustrators).

Over the last decade disturbance has variously won awards for their clients, published a 'zine, released a music CD, designed and operated a restaurant, a gallery and a design store and launched (and collapsed) the much hyped design brand, "Home Industries"."

14. Karen Mc Dade

Representing: Johannesburg, South Africa

"I specialise in designing online and print media from conception to completion. I have a passion for photo-manipulation and will often stay up late at night experimenting with new techniques. I'm especially partial to the surreal and fantasy-esque style and my art has a general tenancy in this direction.
I conduct the majority of my work via the internet as many of my clients reside internationally. I have designed for companies from the United Kingdom, to South Africa to the USA. Clients include the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and Pegasus Spiele, among others."

15. MissYucki

Representing: Johannesburg, South Africa

"MissYucki is an art and design project conceived by Kat Cameron and Alba Poretti. Inspired by the frenzy of down town Johannesburg, we have created a character named Missyucki and employing a range of mediums we create scenes and themes from her mythology as well as curiosities and novelties inspired by her way of life."

16. Sam Moshaver

Representing: Tehran, Iran

There are no shortage of, for lack of a better term, gothic type artists out there. But few really have the creativity to take their work to a state of originality. Sam is not one of those few. He is one of the ones who can create dark images to stir emotions without being over saturated with dark cliches and stereotypes. On top f that, he can also use these design skills to create work that is a little more public friendly for ads, websites, etc.

17. Ahmed Othman

Representing: Egypt

"I'm Ahmed Othman from EGYPT, I was born in 1987 in Mansoura city. I got interested in drawing when I was young so I decided to learn about Art and that's when I joined the faculty of Art education and this is helped me greatly to improve my talent in graphic design."

18. Amr Tahtawi

Representing: Cairo, Egypt

"at designs is a small design studio with a big attitude in web, Print, Graphics, Logotype, and illustration. Relax, watch & enjoy selected work from Amr Tahtawi designz."

19. Ahson Rafiq

Representing: Sanaa, Yemen

"My name is Ahson Rafiq, I'm the creator of Gurilla Skateboards and I do freelance web design right here at designatomy. I've done over 5 years of Graphic and Wordpress Blog Designing and now it's time for me to make a portfolio so here's the site and my work is showcased here officially."

20. Mikias Hailu

Representing: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"Currently I'm a freelance worker with graphic design in Ethiopia. I have a good background with drawing and paintings that I have been practicing since child hood,and now I'm working with Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Illustration, etc"

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