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  1. Darwin

    The Complete Guide to Adobe Alternatives

    7 Posts
    It's always a good idea to know as much as possible about all the tools at your disposal. With a little exploration you might find there are tools out there, other than the obvious Adobe choices, that perfectly suit your daily tasks and workflows.
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  2. Advanced

    Advanced Photo Manipulation Techniques

    7 Posts
    In this course you will learn some advanced photo manipulation techniques and create a detailed lava-filled landscape in Adobe Photoshop. We'll be using patterns and custom brushes with a wide range of techniques to create a powerful-looking image.
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  3. Preview little

    Home Sweet Home

    11 Posts
    Welcome to "Home Sweet Home" week! Our Design & Illustration instructor team have been given the theme of "home" and were to interpret it how they wish. Be it literal as "home" or more personal in terms of their own country and culture.
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