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1.3 Conclusion

I hope you've learned something during this course. My name's Simona Pfreundner, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

1.How to Use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator
3 lessons, 13:30


Getting to Grips With the Pen Tool


1.3 Conclusion

[MUSIC] Hello again. So we've tackled the pen tool. We've used the guides to create an awesome fleur de lis. And here's the final that I've created. But we went through, step by step, the guides to create those little shapes with the pen tool. The anchor points help so you can start practicing where to put your first anchor points, where to drag the handles, and how to alter them. So I hope this coffee break course helped you to create your first shapes with the pen tool. And please, don't be afraid. You can create some awesome stuff with the pen tool. It's one of the most important tools with Adobe Illustrator. And first, it might look a little bit scary. It might feel a little bit foreign. But once you've practiced enough, it'll just become second nature. Again, thanks for watching and see you soon.

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