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Vector Halloween Resources: Spooky Inspiration and Haunting Tutorials


Halloween is coming and it's time to get creative with some spooky vector art. Whether you like the dark and evil side or you're a fan of the cheerful and candy sweet side, today's article has spooky, scalable, inspiration for you.

Happy Halloween from Vectortuts+

VectorTuts+ is a huge fan of this event and over the years has provided content to suit every palette. From vector packs, to tutorials, to eye candy feature articles, I'm going to give you a bookmarkable article for you to refer back to when you're in need of that macabre motivation you crave!

Spooky Tutorials to Try Out

Ranging from beginners all the way to advanced, here is a creepy selection of tutorials for you to try out. Sink your teeth into one of these!

Create a Fun Halloween Vector Poster by Simona Pfreundner

The Creation of a Winged Monster Vector by Matthew Skiff

Jack-O-Lantern Illustrator by Sharon Milne

Create a Vector Zombie Witch by Sharon Milne

How to Create a Stinking Zombie Flesh Eater in Illustrator by Nik Holmes

How to Make a Flesh Ripping Zombie Type Treatment by Nik Holmes

Illustrate a Grunge Style Talking Skull in Vector by Rype

Chilling Vector Packs

Looking for some dark vector packs? Why not check out these scarily good vector packs (free and premium) for your next project!

Exclusive Freebie Pack – Spooky Halloween by Iaroslav Lazunov

Premium Vector Pack – Happy Halloween by Designious

Hand Drawn Skull by Room122

Skull Vector Pack 1 by Rene Merino

Premium Vector Pack – Stylish Halloween Skulls by Designious

Skull Vector Pack 2 by Rene Merino

Haunting Inspiration

There has been many pieces of creepy vector art created over the years and Vectortuts+ has been on the ball to give you fresh flesh artwork to get your jugular juices flowing. Check out past inspiration horror art.

Halloween Horror-fest of over 50 Scary Vector Illustrations by Sean Hodge

50+ Brain Sucking Walking the Earth Dead Vector Zombies by Sean Hodge

Night of the Living Dead Zombie Art to Inspire You by Tyler Denis

50 Bone Crunching Deadly Vector Skulls by Sean Hodge

Inspiring Halloween Vector Art

Finally, here are some new pieces of Halloween themed vector work from talented artists to help inspire you in making your spooky creations!

Madam Full Moon by Blush-Art

slua Bloody Mary by Dimary

The Last Vampire Astronaut by Nemons

Salvation by Rarr112

OldSkull by jrdragao

Vampire Chick by Fizzgig

The Time Keeper by Izabella

Modern Witch by Feoris

AWAS ANJING GALAK by Tracelandvectorie03

Just Hallloween Picture by Zzanthia

The Butler by Recycledwax

Happy Halloween by Grelin-Machin

Halloween by Mart-Art

Halloween Theme by Zzanthia

Halloween by Nabhan

New Costume by CQCat

Vampire Circus by Ssst

Witch by CrisVector


Hope you've enjoyed today's vector inspiration and resources. Have a frighteningly awesome Halloween!

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