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Tuts+ Workshop: Cassette Design Challenge; Final Round!

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Read Time: 6 mins

We received over 100 design submissions for our Tuts+ Workshop: Cassette Design Challenge, our most popular community project to date! It's great to see so much talent and creativity coming from our readers and are proud to show off what you've created. So check out our fourth and final installment of this great Tuts+ Workshop after the jump.

Tuts+ Workshop: Cassette Design Challenge; Final Round!

Below we present to you our fourth round and final installment of the Tuts+ Workshop: Cassette Design Challenge. If you're curious to our previous installments, you can view our first, second and third rounds.

Aldemir Alves

I am a Brazilian designer and I love to share ideas and
different points of view, and of course ... it's always fun to create.
And I said: Coffee and music are essential for a designer.

Alyssa Idris

Hi, I'm Alyssa. I am a fresh grad of Graphic Design as of recent and I've decided to just join in the fun of the Cassette design challenge.

So for my Casette Design Challenge, I've decided to do a design inspired by one my most favorite songs from Muse - Supermassive Black Hole. I have used spiral lines being blended and masked in a minimalistic approach in order to represent the dark, futuristic and beautiful tunes of the song. Done in 15 mins. Fun challenge!

Barb Lambert

I'm Barbara Lambert a Web Design student. I'm a fan of Illustrator and Vectortuts+ is a great place to learn and challenge myself. My cassette is titled Maintain.

Dan Putnam


I’m David – web designer by day, vector busting ninja illustrator by night.

When I listen to music I tend to flit from genre to genre so this image represents my monster mega mix – enjoy!

Visit David online.

Duc Su

Inspiration - I didn't see many cassettes with transparency illustration. I've added my version to the challenge.

Erica Freschi

Hi! I'm Erica Freschi and I'm a web designer: I love work with Illustrator while I'm hearing some good music! This contest fits to me great! For my graphic I chose the queen of today pop music... guess who?

Fader Fader One

Hey I'm Armin, I work as an Screen designer in Munich. My cassette is inspired by electronic music.

Visit Fader Fader One online.

Gabrielle Makrdichian

My design is in part inspired by dub step music, and in part by the album artwork from Linkin Park's earlier albums. I love the shapes made by origami and it is interesting in a metallic-like form.

My name is Gabrielle and I am aspiring illustrator-hobbyist. I love Illustrator and am always finding ways to better my knowledge, even though it is not my main passion.

Gabrielle Makrdichian

I was inspired to make a mix tape for kids because that genre of music seems to be left out nowadays. Young children end up listening to music that wouldn't have been allowed 20 years ago. Kids should have their own innocent music.

Graf Kaberne

Irene Barrasa Ramos

Hi everybody!. I made this one based on space and the theme "Earthsong" by Michael Jackson

Janina Thäte

Hello, my name is Janina. I'm from Germany and a trainee for digital media design. My cassette is based on a Detail of a bass. I vectorize this all with illustrator

Keena Nicole Lawrence

My name is Keena and I am student at Full Sail University. This is my design for the Vectortuts+ Cassette Design Challenge. My design was inspired by the song "Papercut" by Linkin Park. It is a simple design, but I think it is a good visual representation of the sound/feeling given by this song.

Kenneth San Juan Tadena

Inspired by 80's British New Wave era, it's a simple design, easy to design and plain color but expresses the era it was derived from. This is New Wave.

Luis Hernandez

Hi, my name is Luis I’m from Mexico and I want to be a graphic designer. I like abstract art and I thought it would look good behind my cassette.

Mette Olsen

Michela Pezza

Work inspired from the videotape of levels Avicii when the immagination start to run and you can't stop to move and create alternative world.

My name is Michela I wanna to become a graphic designer. Now I'm studing at Laba of Rimini..
Argh I have so much passion for this field

Visit Michela Pezza online.

Miguel Calzadilla

Hey guys, my name is Miguel and and I'm a graphic designer from puerto rico, currently unemployed and whith free time on my hands and for this design I just did what I like sooooo!

Visit Miguel Calzadilla online.

Mikey Mackinven

Hey I'm Mikey, I work as an Advertising Art Director in Auckland, New Zealand. My cassette was inspired by the song "Down Under" by Men at Work. To me it's about going deeper into what creates great music.

Visit Mikey Mackinven online.

Rajesh Bhattarai

Hi, my name is Rajesh Bhattarai. I am a web/graphics designer from Nepal, where the world's tallest mountain Mt. Everest is situated. I love to design websites and the print ads.

Visit Rajesh Bhattarai online.

Reimond Licaros Logatok

Hi I'm Reimond and I do some sort of graphic/web design. I've just discovered AI a couple of months ago after I graduated ComSci. I really adore AI because it's easy to learn. And thank you to Vectortuts+ for making it a lot easier and handy. I got my inspiration from OPM(Original Pilipino Music) our own music which has the passion and the heart too..Sorry if I over customized the template..(chuckles)

Walter Fallas

Hi! my name is Walter from Costa Rica, this is my cassette design about one of my favorite bands.

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