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Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge, Round One!

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Our latest Tuts+ Workshop asked you to create an illustrative letter in our Alphabet Design Challenge based on whatever theme you wish! We received several designs over on the Vectortuts+ Facebook page and we're so proud to share with you the creative and colorful designs you have submitted to the challenge.

Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge, Round One!

Check out these great vector letter designs by our readers in this first installment. Don't worry if your design is not included here, there are more articles to come!

K is for Knot

Andrea Webb Kesavan

K is for Knot: Since recently I've been learning to illustrate Celtic knots, I originally started this piece with the intention of filling a "K" with traditional knot work. As I began sketching, however, I found myself developing something more organic and less structured. While looking at images of knots for ideas on how to create the center entanglement, I noticed that a lot of knot pictures had a hand drawn, ink on paper look to them, like something out of an old manual. So I decided to emulate that style in this piece.

My name is Andrea Kesavan. I have been doing illustrations and layout for a number of years now, and in the past year have started seriously branching into vector. I do freelancing and you can see some examples of my previous work at www.facebook.com/onyxdesigns

P is for Pencil, Paintbrush and Paper

Caleb Bol

My name is Caleb and I am a high school student interested in Graphic Design. You can see more of my work at calebcommercialart.blogspot.com.

M is for Moustache

Georgie Retzer

I am Illustrator Georgie Retzer from Vienna Austria. My FB Page is www.facebook.com/Illustrator.Georgie.

Q is for Quilted

Joshua Dillenberg

This is my Quilted "Q"! I thought I would give this a try. I really liked this Idea!!

J is for Jellyfish

Levi Lunsford

For the Alphabet Design Challenge, J is for Jellyfish. This was created in Illustrator CS6.

My name is Levi. I do design work in my free time. Thanks for the challenge, it was fun. I have more work at behance.net/levilunsford.

F is for Flora

Nas P

F for Flora - I chose a fantasy font that had an interesting shape and then started drawing on top of it until it resulted to this!

My name is Nas P , I'm 23yrs old and live in France - I have been vectoring and illustrating for nearly 9 years now and have been working freelance for almost 5 years! You can find my portfolio here: nastasiapeters.daportfolio.com.

A is for Ascend and Agaric

B is for Bean and Blow

C is for Call and Citrus

Niana Liu

I did something similar few years ago. Now for the Design Challenge, I am trying to do all 26 alphabets - upper AND lower cases!!

I am a San Francisco artist. My site SFlocal.net and NianaLiu.

M is for Magnet

Oren Lifshitz

Hi, I'm Oren and I designed the letter M for magnet. I combined the shapes of the magnet and the letter, and add to it the magnetic effects.

I live in Israel, and I am a starting graphic designer (still studying), I made some T-shirts and furniture, you can see it all in my website.

N is for Nature

Pawan Singh

A leaf is not enough to see what Nature has to offer and all its beauties... this text design shows the beauty of nature.

My name is Pawan Singh, I am 18 yrs old lives in Delhi. I am doing B.A in multimedia from Arena. You can see my Photoshop work here.

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