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Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge

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Vectortuts+ loves Illustration and discovering new talent, so today we are proud to be launching a new community project that combines both, the Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge. The best thing is, you can be a part of it! It's great for beginners and advanced users a like. Find out how to get involved, at the jump.

Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge

In our early school years, the classroom would be decorated with the letters of the alphabet. To help us learn, the letters would often be coupled with an illustration which would begin with that letter. For example, A is for Apple, B is for Ball and C is for Cat.

This basic design as children it what inspires our new Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge!

Below is an example for the challenge... B is for Bones! The letter B is rendered from bones. If you're curious to how to create this design, check out the recent tutorial "How to Create a Bone Calligram with Art Brushes".

Ideas for Your Alphabet Design Submission

Don't worry about creating a unique letter design. You're more than welcome to create your own for the letter B or any of the other 25 letters in the alphabet. Start you design with a letter of your choice and think along the lines of "A is for..." or "F is for...". When you've decided what direction your design in going in you can start rendering your letter.

  • You could create an Art Brush (like our B is for Bones) and draw your corresponding letter with it.
  • Go old school, place a simple illustration of your object/animal/mineral next to a large corresponding letter... for example, place an apple in front of the letter A!
  • You could create a pattern and use your pattern to fill your corresponding letter... for example, create a zebra pattern and fill the letter Z.

How to Get Involved!

Would you like to participate in the Tuts+ Workshop: Alphabet Design Challenge?

How to Enter this Tuts+ Workshop:

  1. Upload your design to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group with a short description of the design.
  2. Add your name, website (if any) and a short bio about you.
  3. That's it! We'll do the rest and collate all alphabet designs into a series of showcasing articles!


  • Artwork can be any style or theme as long as it's vector and 100% your own work.
  • It's up to you how you approach this challenge. You don't need to have any experience with typography as you're only dealing with one letter, but try to make your letter readable enough for people to work out what your concept is.
  • You don't have to spend hours and hours on your piece, the project's aim is to be fun, fast and individual.
  • You may submit more than one design.
  • When you publish your work on Facebook, you agree that the graphic can be included in one or more articles on Vectortuts+ and perhaps shared with other readers on the Tuts+ network via social media.
  • Have Fun!
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