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Trend Watch: Floral, Tropical, and Botanical Design

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Tropical and botanical design is one of the most popular trends in the industry right now. Let's find out why below!

Trend Watch: Floral, Tropical, & Botanical Design

There is nothing more cathartic than nature. It has a serene, calming effect that is both enjoyable and soothing.

For creatives, nature is one of our biggest inspirations. Not only do we tend to capture the beauty of the natural world around us, but we can also bring the same calm feeling we experience to the observer.

Today we'll take a look at one of the most popular trends to hit the industry: floral, botanical, and tropical design. Let's take a look at its key features and a few of our favorite resources!

Prosto BrochureProsto BrochureProsto Brochure
Prosto Tropical Brochure

What We Love About This Trend

Designers everywhere love this trend! Here are just a few of its key features:

  • Vibrant colors. Green is the color of vitality, wealth, and nature. And this natural trend instantly freshens up any design with a joyful, vibrant look. Try out bold, vibrant colors for an instant happy design.
  • Stunning leaves and flowers. Areca Palms, Split-Leaf Philodendrons, and Banana Leaves are a few of the most popular plants seen in tropical designs, while floral designs usually stick with blooming roses and daises. Integrate both into your work for a fresh, minimalist-friendly alternative.
  • Inspiring seasonal themes. You can couple your designs with a fun seasonal theme. Try out a summer sunset idea for a beautiful color palette!

Fun Floral & Tropical-Themed Lessons

Do you love this trend too? Check out these tutorials for more inspiration. Learn how to incorporate beautiful botanical leaves and flowers into your work.

20 Amazing Botanical-Themed Design Assets

Can't get enough sunshine? Download these premium resources from Envato Market and Envato Elements to aid in your nature-inspired designs.

Dive into this high-quality collection of incredible assets, from botanical backgrounds to print templates and more!

Tropical Background

Let's start with this stunning tropical background. You can drape it around you as a lovely fabric design or incorporate it into a website header. And since it's a vector file, you'll be able to enjoy the natural watercolor appearance with a completely lossless design!

Tropical BackgroundTropical BackgroundTropical Background

The Floral Alphabet

Spell out your favorite quotes with this awesome floral alphabet. This amazing collage of letters includes gray and pink flowers made into a decorative font. Download it today to create inspiring messages and more.

The Floral AlphabetThe Floral AlphabetThe Floral Alphabet

Tropical Summer Flyer

Summer-themed flyers are one of the hottest ways to show off your love for the tropics. This design incorporates a mixture of botanical leaves with a vibrant green color palette that your party-goers will definitely love. Enjoy high-quality graphics on a pristine 4x6 inch template.

Tropical Summer FlyerTropical Summer FlyerTropical Summer Flyer

Abstract Floral Seamless Pattern

Need a few floral elements to complete your work? Then try out this pretty pack of abstract floral patterns. Inspired by a warm summer theme, this pack contains four total patterns available in several standard formats.

Abstract Floral Seamless PatternAbstract Floral Seamless PatternAbstract Floral Seamless Pattern

Classy Tropical Invitation

This classy invite set is simply divine! It's inspired by traditional tropical leaves and incorporates a few into the design. Included in this set is a massive pack of dazzling invites, RSVP cards, and so much more!

Classy Tropical InvitationClassy Tropical InvitationClassy Tropical Invitation

Tropical Palm Logo Template

Or celebrate your love for the tropics with an inspiring, chic logo. A perfect companion to any luxury brand, this logo template is simple and easy to use. It's available in 100% vector format and can be easily adapted to any business with the help of Adobe Illustrator.

Tropical Palm Logo TemplateTropical Palm Logo TemplateTropical Palm Logo Template

Watercolor & Elements Toolkit

Sometimes a toolkit of the essentials is just what you need to kick-start a new project. Try out this watercolor and elements toolkit for a fun alternative to design burnout. Enjoy 75 custom shapes, 90 watercolor brushes, and 12 unique styles of patterns.

Watercolor  Elements Toolkit Watercolor  Elements Toolkit Watercolor  Elements Toolkit

Botanical Magazine Template

If this is the year you've ignited your passion for writing, then consider a calming botanical-themed magazine template. Designed with a crisp, clean appearance, this template offers two industry sizes all wrapped up in a 40-page InDesign document.

Botanical Magazine TemplateBotanical Magazine TemplateBotanical Magazine Template

Wild Flower Business Card Template

A stunning business card always leaves a great first impression! This stylish package offers an attractive wild flower theme with plenty of room for your contact details. Download it today for a fun, professional alternative.

Wild Flower Business Card TemplateWild Flower Business Card TemplateWild Flower Business Card Template

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation

Weddings are a time for love and fresh, lively flowers! So check out this vintage floral invitation set, perfect for the next bride to be. Aside from a phenomenal collection of colorful invites, you'll also get access to this stylish black set! Make your invites pop with super pretty flowers!

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation

Botanical Resume & Letterhead Template

There's no better way to stand out than with a creative resume. This professional suite includes not only an elegant resume, but an accompanying letterhead template as well. You'll love the fresh botanical accents like palm leaves and a cute office plant!

Botanical Resume  Letterhead TemplateBotanical Resume  Letterhead TemplateBotanical Resume  Letterhead Template

Sepia Flowers Pack

Every designer should have at least one pack of flower assets. This amazing pack of floral clipart includes 20 PNG files of individual flowers and six flower combinations. They're ideal for wedding invites, handmade crafts, and scrapbooking projects.

Sepia Flowers PackSepia Flowers PackSepia Flowers Pack

Tropical Foliage Pattern

If minimalism is your forte, consider a delightful foliage pattern. This tropical leaf design features hand-drawn patterns that are organic-looking and simple. Use it for a package design or to help your interior spaces shine!

Tropical Foliage PatternTropical Foliage PatternTropical Foliage Pattern

Floral Faces - Photoshop Action

This cool effect is achieved in just a few moments with the help of a Photoshop action. Floral Faces lets you transform your face into a beautiful tropical garden by working with premade colors and layout orientations. You'll love this effect!

Floral Faces - Photoshop Action Floral Faces - Photoshop Action Floral Faces - Photoshop Action

Summer Unplugged Flyer

Invite your friends to a fun luau with this striking summer flyer. Featuring a creative guitar design covered in tropical flowers, this flyer comes available in two standard sizes. Switch out the details for your own, and even get access to free fonts!

Summer Unplugged FlyerSummer Unplugged FlyerSummer Unplugged Flyer

Floral Breeze Photoshop Action

Green isn't the only color you're stuck with for the tropical/botanical trend. This floral breeze Photoshop action applies colorful flowers to your photos with just a few steps. Choose from four different flower types to freshen up your portraits.

Floral Breeze Photoshop Action Floral Breeze Photoshop Action Floral Breeze Photoshop Action

75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection

Photoshop brushes take the work out of creating certain shapes and textures by hand. This massive pack contains 75 high-resolution watercolor brushes with wonderful styles to choose from. Enjoy 60 impressive flowers with helpful extras like wreaths and garlands.

75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection

Rose Flowers Gold Text Effect

You can, of course, go full on glam with this rose and flowers text effect. A Photoshop action that does all the work for you, this action transforms your text with just one click. It's super easy to use, so beginners to Photoshop will love the simple process!

Rose Flowers Gold Text Effect Rose Flowers Gold Text Effect Rose Flowers Gold Text Effect

Tropical Island Illustration

Still working on your Illustrator skills? Then complete your designs with a vibrant island illustration like the one below. Featuring two palm trees, an energetic ocean, and a beaming sun in the background, this 100% vector illustration is perfect for brochures and more.

Tropical Island IllustrationTropical Island IllustrationTropical Island Illustration

Spring Flyer Template

Lastly, we have this delightful spring flyer great for any tropical-themed party. Featuring jungle leaves and an exotic flowers pattern, this template also offers a creative double exposure effect. Enjoy a neat twist on the botanical theme and download it today!

Spring FlyerSpring FlyerSpring Flyer

Show Us Your Designs!

If you're as fond of the tropical and floral trend as we are, show us your work! Post a result showing us how you work with the tropical/botanical theme, and let us know your favorite styles in the comments below.

This has been a collection of tutorials and premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more trendy botanical design assets, check out Envato Market and Envato Elements. Happy Designing!

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