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Trend Watch: Duotones


Apply your favorite colors to photos, typography, and more. Learn about the colorful duotone trend below!

Duotones are two halftones applied to an image to bring out the highlights and middle tones of that work. And in digital art, we often see them as beautiful gradients superimposed onto photography for a lovely color effect.

20 Summer Duotone Photoshop Actions
20 Summer Duotone Photoshop Actions

Photoshop makes it incredibly easy these days to alter your photos with the colors of your choice. Choose a daring complementary scheme like orange and blue, or stick to a monochromatic feel with amazing shades of green.

Today, we'll explore the super popular duotone trend. Let's take a look at its key features and a few of our favorite resources!

What We Love About This Trend

Designers everywhere love duotones! Here are a few key features of this trend:

  • Beautiful color effects. There's no better way to add drama and impact to your photos than with an extraordinary color scheme. And you can recreate famous effects like the Spotify duotone effect for your own personal work.
  • Easy to manipulate. Creating a duotone effect is as easy as picking your favorite colors. Use Adjustment Layers like Gradient Maps or simple Layer Blend Modes to apply this effect in seconds. Check out the tutorials below to watch the process in action!
  • Eye-catching designs. The online world is already saturated with visually appealing content. That's why it's so important to remind yourself to keep it simple by focusing on color instead. Use duotone effects to create eye-catching material worthy of stopping your viewers in their tracks.

Learn More About the Duotone Effect

Vibrant duotones are much easier to create than you think! Learn how to create a duotone in Photoshop and incredible ways to bring out more color in your work from our experts. Watch this cool video and more great content on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel.

20 Top Duotone Effect Photoshop Actions and Resources From Envato Elements

Now, let's see some cool duotone effect Photoshop resources from Envato Elements. If you're a digital creator or graphic designer, you'll love our subscription-based marketplace. 

Enjoy unlimited downloads of duotone effects from Envato Elements.
Enjoy unlimited downloads of duotone effects from Envato Elements.

For a low monthly fee, enjoy unlimited downloads of the best Photoshop duotone actions. You can also get unlimited premium fonts, graphics, royalty-free images, and more.

Here's our hand-picked selection of duotone effect Photoshop resources from Envato Elements:

1. Duotone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Duotone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

This set of Photoshop duotone actions is a must-have. These vibrant duotones are based on a collection of 36 gradient maps. The duotone Photoshop actions are non-destructive and easy to use.

2. Duotone Photoshop Action Bundle (ATN)

Duotone Photoshop Action Bundle (ATN)

A Photoshop duotone action bundle is a great tool. You'll get everything you need for your creative projects in one download. This pack comes with 100+ duotone presets for Photoshop.

3. Hipster Duotone Effect (PSD)

Hipster - Duotone Effect (PSD)

Hipster is a complete duotone effect Photoshop template. It comes with all the necessary layers built-in, so you don't need any actions. This duotone effect Photoshop template comes with 99 duotone colors, and it's very easy to use. 

4. Paintone Photoshop Action: Duotone & Painting (ATN)

Paintone Photoshop Action - Duotone & Painting (ATN)

Are you looking for unique duotone effects? This duotone effect Photoshop action is for you. 

Paintone combines the duotone effect with oil painting styles. This is a non-destructive and one-click Photoshop duotone action. Try it today!

5. Duotone Geometric Shapes (PSD)

Duotone Geometric Shapes

Take advantage of vibrant duotones to make incredible geometric compositions. This duotone Photoshop action pack features one Photoshop file with beautiful geometric elements prepared for text and logo layers. Simply drag and drop your work into the easy-to-use smart objects to enjoy this effect fast.

6. Duotone Double Exposures (ATN)

Duotone Double Exposures

Double exposures are another popular trend which merges two photos together for a seamless blend. Get creative with your compositions with this duotone double exposure set! Just load two of your favorite photos and then press play to enjoy the amazing duotone color effects.

7. Duotone Photoshop Action (ATN)

Duotone Photoshop Action

The right gradient combination can really make your artwork pack a punch. Check out this duotone Photoshop action package, for instance. Preview 25 different color scripts with phenomenal combinations for jaw-dropping photos. You'll love this set!

8. 50 Duotone Actions (ATN)

50 Duotone Actions

Customize all your photos with vibrant duotone effects! This pack of Photoshop actions includes 50 incredible color schemes for professional results. A handy instructional file is also included to make life so much easier! Give it a try!

9. 11 Duotone Watercolor Backgrounds (JPG)

11 Duotone Watercolor Backgrounds

Add texture to your Facebook covers or album artwork with this set of duotone backgrounds. Featuring a watercolor design with realistic paint finishes, this set includes 11 high-resolution JPEGs to choose from. Simply drag and drop them into your next project to make the most out of this set!

10. DJ / Music Facebook Cover (PSD)

DJ  Music Facebook Cover

Suitable for any business, this music-themed Facebook cover is especially great for DJs and party promoters. A clean and professional template, this design features a chill duotone vibe with simple geometric shapes. Boost your follower count with this amazing download!

11. Duotone Photoshop Action Pack (ATN)

Duotone Photoshop Action Pack

Avoid the hassle of custom duotone design with a Photoshop action pack! This download includes 25 color variations for a professional visual result. Apply these duotones with one simple click for a much better workflow! Test them out on your photos today!

12. Gradient Sky Backgrounds (JPG)

Gradient Sky Backgrounds

Great for wallpapers, phone cases, flyers, or websites, this pack of gradient sky backgrounds is both appealing and relaxing. Included in this suite are ten high-quality images you can easily insert into any design. Show off your favorite combinations in the comments!

13. Faded Duotone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

Faded Duotone Photoshop Actions

Add subtle duotone colors to your work with this premium set of faded Photoshop actions. Featuring 20 high-quality duotones with amazing color values, this pack is sure to make your photography pop! Enjoy one-click actions to transform your album covers or profile pictures!

14. Indie Festival Poster (PSD)

Indie Festival Poster

Promote your next indie event with style! Ideal for beginners to poster design, this template features an abstract duotone design with a unique retro feel. A print-ready file set with only free fonts, this template can be easily customized in Adobe Photoshop.

15. 35 Duotone Effects (PSD)

35 Duotone Effects

Our designers know that Photoshop is sometimes hard to follow. That's why this set of duotone layers includes an easy-to-follow tutorial to bring the best colors out of your work. Enjoy 35 different color presets you can partner with almost any image.

16. Indie Fest Poster (PSD)

Indie Fest Poster

Here's another great festival poster we're sure you'll love. Featuring a unique design that slightly distorts your photos, this template includes several duotone effects you can mix and match to your brand. Enjoy print-ready files available in standard industry formats.

17. 30 Duotone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

30 Duotone Photoshop Actions

If you like classic duotone Photoshop actions, you need to check these out. There are 30 duotone presets for Photoshop in this pack. All ready to use in one click!

18. 120 Duotone Photoshop Actions (ATN)

120 Duotone Photoshop Actions

Looking for the most complete Photoshop duotone action bundle? This one comes with 120 vibrant duotones! These Photoshop duotone actions are non-destructive and well organized. You'll get professional results in a few clicks.

19. Artistic Duotone Effect Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR)

Artistic Duotone Effect - Photoshop Action (ATN, ABR)

This is another cool and unique duotone effect. The Photoshop duotone action gives your images vibrant duotones and artistic touches. This duotone effect Photoshop pack comes with 31 duotone colors, 5 halftones, 3 vignettes, and more!

20. Duotone Master Kit: Super Easy Photoshop Actions (ATN, PSD)

Duotone Master Kit - Super Easy Photoshop Actions (ATN, PSD)

Try this duotone effect Photoshop template if you're after professional results. The Photoshop duotone action pack comes with 66 vibrant duotones.

The duotone effect Photoshop template comes with a moodboard to preview all the colors before applying any duotone effect to your images. It's non-destructive and easy to use!

Show Us Your Duotone Designs!

If you're as fond of the duotone trend as we are, show us your work! Post a result showing us how your duotone designs and let us know your favorite styles and color combos in the comments below.

Need a custom design instead? Enlist the help of the talented folks at Envato Studio for gorgeous duotone photos and more.

This has been a collection of tutorials and premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more trendy duotone effects, check out Envato Elements. Happy designing!

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