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This Year's Halloween Theme is... the Wizard of Oz!

This post is part of a series called The Wizard of Oz.
Design a Vintage ‘Wizard of Oz’ Movie Poster in Adobe InDesign

For the past couple of years, we've published a large amount of spooky themed content in time for the pinnacle of the creative calendar, Halloween. We've even invited the community to join in with our community projects. However, this year we're doing things a little bit differently.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We're Off to See the Wizard

You may be expecting the next two weeks to log on to see content with a eerie feel, but in an effort to not duplicate themes, we've prepared for you two weeks of content and themes based on the popular culture classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Anyone got a spare heart

Spoiler Alert! 

Each weekday, for the next two weeks, you'll be treated to at least two new pieces of content. Each has a different theme, and they are posted in the order of appearance when they're most important to the story line. 

The Story So Far...

Good Witch of the North anyone

Still Want Spooky Halloween Content?

If you're new to Envato Tuts+ and want to see more spooky themed content, you can always view our many tutorials which cover Halloween themes from our archives

Look the Emerald City of Oz
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