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The Top 40 Design & Illustration Posts of 2014


2014 has been a very busy year for the Design & Illustration section of Tuts+ and here's why:

  • We've successfully merged into one unified site to provide all content within the Tuts+ family in one glorious site! This helped give you all your design content within one wonderful section... Design & Illustration.
  • We've ventured into more niche areas of content, such as fractal art and Arabic calligraphy.
  • We've been expanding our content for smaller software brands, such as Sketch, Inkscape, Pixelmator and iDraw.
  • We've been reaching out to more of our community by translating our most popular tutorials into a variety of languages, such as Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

And there's so much more to mention, but the main thing is, we provide all this written tutorial content for free!

The Top 40 Design & Illustration Posts of 2014

So apart from all of these highlights of 2014, what exactly were the top tutorials posted in the Design & Illustration section? Well in no particular order, it's my pleasure to share with you our top 40 tutorials.

Happy New Year and All the Best for 2015!

As always, if there's something you want to learn, no matter how simple, complex or niche it is within the Design & Illustration world, drop us a comment and we'll be sure to consider it.

If you're interested in seeing if your skills and educational content can make the cut for the Top 40 posts of 2015, then why not get in touch!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2015, from Team Awesome (the ever-so-talented Design & Illustration Instructor Team) and myself. We hope you join us in 2015 for more inspirational and original content!

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