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Skull Decoration Challenge: The Showcase - Part One


Over the past three weeks, we've been publishing Halloween and Day of the Dead themed vector content. Along side it, we started our Skull Decoration Challenge. We've been so overwhelmed with the sheer number of entries for this challenge and are proud to share with you the outcome of this challenge.

Community Project: The Skull Decoration Challenge - Part One

Check out these great vector designs from our challenge. Although we're no longer accepting entries for the showcase, you're more than welcome to use the template from the original announcement and share with us your creation.

It's my pleasure to share with you 88 of the 108 submissions to this project.

Due to the amount, I'll be showing the submissions in groups of four. Names of each creator will start from top left and work around clockwise. If you'd like to check out the full size version of each design, check out our Skull Decoration Challenge announcement.

MajorTom Saberhagen, Ric Barros, Lileyes, Ric Barros

Skanktank, Samantha Roth, Luise, S.Cary

Pedja Galic, Butler, Mr. Puke, Sampath Kumar

Marcel Cochegrus, Lindsey Henderson, Ali En, Rawdog

Steutelings Jan, Jay Sayatovic, Xbladez, Meneer Chris

Tysia00, Lindsey Henderson, Annika, Dijana Dević

Farid Leong, Goki Yadav, Lay3r, Ric Barros

Bob Grande, Flim, Marc Hilton, Reidiz

Matija Krog, Jussayn Mayn, Amer Al-Rousan, Eric

Jussayn Mayn, Joel Donohue, Victoriapg, Joseph Iava

Anmol Rajbhandari, Emma Canela, Siddharth Manugula, Ake Collao Sharpe

Georgie Retzer, Aaliyah Bajrie, Delia M. Hubbard, Eguxs Matamoros Sandoval

Erik Garmo, Phont NY, Thomas, Ric Barros

Luis007, Barrie Phelan, Elmas Agung, NJgoh

Steriotis, John Gabarron, Laurie Goodridge Catc, Marceau Truffaut

Carmelo Hidalgo, Rhia Madigan, Ronda Couch, Nicki Theede

Eric, xlittlex, NZRART, Omar Naveed

Herr Humi, Miller_J, Kathy Garvey, Han Yong

Deleter Ko, Leyson Mattos, 3ahia, Cordell S

Joe G, Jeremy B, Lily M, Ian D

Shawny W, Aaron C, Dennis Ordonez, Evelyn L

CorrinaG, Mary Winkler, Chris Carey, Beto Garza

Where Are the Other 20 Submissions?

There is a specific reason why we've held 20 of the valid submissions for another article. If you've not seen your entry in this article, you'll probably have something in common with the other 19 submissions. There is a second part to the showcase, where we share with you designs from PGHS!

Until then, if you're feeling inspired, please check out our Halloween and Day of the Dead Vector Design session. We've published 17 great tutorials this past three weeks to celebrate these two inspiring days. I do hope you've enjoyed this series of tutorials and look forward to our next community project!

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