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Skull Decoration Challenge: The Showcase - Part Two

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The past three weeks, we've published a series of Halloween and Day of the Dead themed vector tutorials. We asked at the beginning of the three weeks, for readers to try out our Skull Decoration Challenge. We were overwhelmed with over 100 entries!

We posted the first 88 submissions from the challenge in a previous article, we'd like to look at the remaining 20 submissions. They all came from Penns Grove High School!

Community Project: The Skull Decoration Challenge - Part Two

For a lot of us, we've learn't how to use Adobe Illustrator and other vector applications on our own time, away from school and college. Back when I was in school/college, our computer lessons didn't extend beyond how to use Excel! (I'm in my early 30s, so it's not that long ago!)

After getting in touch with the teacher of the class, Ms. Laura Contarino, she shared with me what one of her pupils wrote about the class and how they came about doing the Skull Decoration Challenge:

I have Ms. Contarino in two out of my four blocks every day: One for Photoshop and one for Illustrator. In both classes whenever we are done a project early she gives us a choice to either do another project with a different perspective or work on a tutorial from Tuts+. In our Illustrator class she gave us a specific assignment to do, from the website, just to do something festive and fun for Halloween. She found the skull project for us to do after we finished our "Logo Evolution" project.

At first we were just going to do it and keep the skulls in class and never enter them, but a couple of my classmates wanted to enter their designs in just to get our work to the public and show people the creative things we can do, and as a result, our whole class ended up entering in their designs.

It's my pleasure to share with you the 20 designs, submitted by Ms. Contarino's class.

Alex Semler



Ashanti Hudson

Chris Maxwell

Collin Wittmann

Elise Hadry

Joey Fortenberry

J Pitts

J Pitts

Justin Jr Schaller

Ke'Shawn Kelley

Koran McCoy

Laura Contarino

Les Finlaw

Nadiim Doyle


Savannah Knipe

Vincent Cascaden

William Skwirut

Great Work PGHS!

Please keep in mind these designs are created by those learning Adobe Illustrator and at a high school age. I ask any comments left be positive and encouraging!

To the those learning Adobe Illustrator in high school, firstly, I'm insanely jealous you're getting to do this and secondly, if you're enjoying yourself with vector, keep pushing yourself to learn more. A career working with graphics is a lot of fun and very rewarding. To find out more, check out this guide on getting into freelance illustration.

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