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PsdTuts+ Presents: Exclusive Wallpapers By Tim and Bram Vanhaeren

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Two Amazing designers Tim and Bram Vanhaeren have been kind enough to contribute two custom wallpapers for the viewers of PsdTuts+. Each wallpaper is unique and its imagery is vivid. Check out these great wallpapers, download them in the resolution that works for you, and be sure to thank Tim and Bram as well.

About The Designers

Brothers Tim and Bram Vanhaeren are two extraordinary designers, each with unique styles that come together into one cohesive whole when they work together. Be sure to check out their portfolio Into1. If that is not enough there is also their Behance Portfolio. We've also interviewed Tim and Bram on Psdtuts+ as well.

About Their Blog WallpaperArt

Bram and Tim are also running the Wallpaper Art Blog. WallpaperArt is not just another random wallpaper library. Their goal is to select the most exclusive, the most special, the most incredible wallpapers you can possibly find online and at the same time bring the artist and the user closer together.

Their aim is to inform the readers about the latest wallpaper trends and information about the artists behind the beautiful artwork. By providing interviews with the designers and a look behind the art, they bring the wallpaper scene to a new level.

Wallpaper Art is also running their first contest. Create a wallpaper and win some fantastic prizes! Find more information here.

Exclusive Wallpaper - "A Trip"

This wallpaper shows my trip to outer space.

This wallpaper shows my trip to outer space. Programs I've used are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I really like to draw abstract patterns in illustrator and they're perfect to fill up my work and add some fun touches to it.

With Photoshop I cut and paste stuff, touch everything up and brush around. I experiment all the time with works like this. And the great part of it, most of my experimental works leads to new job opportunities, so go crazy and find new techniques or effects you like. You will see they come very handy in the future. For this work I was inspired by some Japanese background music from a war movie actually. I never listened to this music before, but it helped me with this work a lot.

Download this Free Wallpaper

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Exclusive Wallpaper - "Tuts+"

Recently I've been experimenting with typography (I love to work with typography).

Recently I've been experimenting with typography (I love to work with typography). Drawing my doodles and patterns, and because I've received so much positive feedback, I thought I should use it for a wallpaper. I used Adobe Illustrator to illustrate my doodles and patterns for this typographic artwork and Photoshop for my background.

Download this Free Wallpaper

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Special Thanks to Tim and Bram

One again I'd like to thank Tim and Bram for participating in this project and for giving the readers some amazing high quality wallpapers. Everyone be sure to visit their portfolio Into1 and blog WallpaperArt.

Also stay tuned for some more exclusive high quality wallpaper projects in the near future!

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