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25 Modern Flyer Template Design Ideas for New Business in 2022

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To make a lasting impression on your potential customers, present them with high-quality marketing material. 

Modern flyer designs will help you make a lasting impression on your potential customers and help you make more sales.

Modern Flyer Design TemplatesModern Flyer Design TemplatesModern Flyer Design Templates
Fashion Show Flyer is one of the many trendy and stylish modern flyer templates available on Envato Elements.  

Modern flyers are an integral part of a business's marketing success. Use your modern flyers to attract your target customers and sell to them with the best modern flyers available. 

Check out all the top-selling modern sales flyers available on Envato Elements. We also have more top-selling flyers available on GraphicRiver.

Watch How to Design a Flyer in Photoshop

New to design software? Wondering how to design a flyer in Photoshop? We've got you covered. If you like to watch video tutorials, you'll love this complete tutorial on how to design a flyer.

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Best Modern Flyers on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Envato Elements has thousands of the best premium modern flyer design templates available on the web!

For a low monthly cost, you can access this massive library of templates and take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Not only can you access all these modern flyers, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that'll be a valuable asset to you in your creative work.

Best-Selling Modern Flyer Designs on Envato ElementsBest-Selling Modern Flyer Designs on Envato ElementsBest-Selling Modern Flyer Designs on Envato Elements
Premium modern flyer templates are added weekly. Check out some of the latest trendy designs on Envato Elements.

All the modern flyer designs in the Envato Elements library are fully editable, have contemporary designs for 2022, and can be ready to print in minutes. 

The level of control that you've got over each template will help you generate contemporary flyer design ideas that'll make your flyer a success. 

To buy printable design templates one at a time, turn to a library of carefully crafted modern flyer design templates on GraphicRiver. If you're looking for the best that GraphicRiver has to offer, then head on over to the top-selling modern flyer designs!

Act now and give your business the marketing materials it deserves by gaining access to the best modern business flyers on the web. Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have the tools necessary to put your business's best foot forward.

10 Best Modern Flyer From Envato Elements for 2022

To help you with your search for the perfect modern flyer, I've collected ten of the top premium modern flyer designs from Envato Elements.

1. Sparkly Birthday Flyer Template (PSD)

Sparkly Birthday Flyer Template (PSD)Sparkly Birthday Flyer Template (PSD)Sparkly Birthday Flyer Template (PSD)

Are you an event planner in charge of a birthday celebration? Do it in style with a modern birthday flyer template. This is the perfect flyer inspiration for your next event.

The birthday flyer template features a dark background and glittering fonts and details. It's 4x6 and fully editable in Photoshop.

2. DJ Party Flyer Templates (PSD)

DJ Party Flyer Templates (PSD)DJ Party Flyer Templates (PSD)DJ Party Flyer Templates (PSD)

Looking for flyer design ideas for a cool party? Check out party flyer templates like this. The new and modern flyer design features eye-catching elements and typography. The modern event flyer is 4x4 and easily editable in Photoshop.

3. Modern Real Estate Flyer Set (PSD, AI)

Modern Real Estate Flyer Set (PSD, AI)Modern Real Estate Flyer Set (PSD, AI)Modern Real Estate Flyer Set (PSD, AI)

If you work in the real estate industry, you need modern flyer design ideas. This kit is perfect because you'll be able to share the flyers on social media.

The modern real estate flyer comes in three sizes: A4, 1080x1080px (Instagram post), and 1080x1920px (Instagram story). Get more clients with this professional flyer design.

4. Birthday Flyer Template Set (PSD)

Birthday Flyer Template Set (PSD)Birthday Flyer Template Set (PSD)Birthday Flyer Template Set (PSD)

Looking for a modern flyer design for a birthday party? This creative flyer design features a festive golden design and more size options to share on Instagram.

You'll get a modern event flyer template in 4x6 inches, 1080x1080px (Instagram post), and 1080x1920px (Instagram story). Invite your friends with this modern flyer!

5. Travel Flyer Inspiration Template (PSD, AI)

Travel Flyer Inspiration Template (PSD, AI)   Travel Flyer Inspiration Template (PSD, AI)   Travel Flyer Inspiration Template (PSD, AI)

Tell more people about your travel business with this professional flyer design. The travel flyer template looks attractive and modern.

If you need flyer design ideas for a business, check out this one. The modern flyer template comes in A4 size and uses free fonts.

6. Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 02 (PSD)

Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 02 (PSD)Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 02 (PSD)Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 02 (PSD)

This stylish event flyer design can fit a variety of your promotion needs for industries including:

  • online stores
  • designers
  • artists
  • retail stores
  • photographers 

What makes this modern event flyer design a best-seller is the well-crafted layering of the images, text, and shapes. Don't miss out on this stunning modern flyer!

7. Modern Flyer For Restaurants (PSD)

Modern Flyer For Restaurants (PSD)Modern Flyer For Restaurants (PSD)Modern Flyer For Restaurants (PSD)

This modern flyer template can showcase more than just a menu. The sleek-looking design should be able to give you plenty of contemporary flyer design ideas for your retail store or online store. The cool green color scheme and playful font invite your potential customers to hear what you've got to say in your flyer. One PSD file is included in this design. 

8. Creative Flyer Design Template (AI, EPS)

Creative Flyer Design Template (AI, EPS)Creative Flyer Design Template (AI, EPS)Creative Flyer Design Template (AI, EPS)

This modern event flyer design will have a positive impact on your potential customers. The spacious design and simple color scheme give your flyer a non-salesy approach to marketing. The modern flyer has a 300 DPI resolution and US Letter paper size. Download Creative Event Flyer today!

9. Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 08 (PSD) 

Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 08 (PSD)Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 08 (PSD)Fashion Modern Flyer Vol. 08 (PSD)

This trendy modern flyer really stands out from all the other flyers. The unique color scheme and intricate layering make for a unique creative flyer design that can help you sell a product or event. The professional flyer design comes in A4 size with bleed, and it uses free fonts.

10. Modern Real Estate Flyer (PSD, AI)

Modern Real Estate FlyerModern Real Estate FlyerModern Real Estate Flyer

This modern real estate flyer is sure to be a hit with your clients. The elegant and professional flyer design helps display whatever real estate you're selling in a visually appealing way. Included are two PSD files and two AI files. This modern flyer can also be used to sell retail as the center of the design features four image slots and has plenty of room to detail your product.

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Envato Elements is a great option if you're looking to take advantage of everything that it's got to offer. But if you're looking to buy high-quality modern flyer design templates one at a time, you can always check out our selection from the GraphicRiver marketplace below. 

The Best Modern Flyers on GraphicRiver (Buy One at a Time)

On the GraphicRiver marketplace, choose from thousands of visually appealing modern flyer design templates. Like the templates offered on Envato Elements, these templates are a must-have if you need to create a professional-looking modern flyer. Purchase these modern business flyers for your next project one at a time. 

Here are some of the best-selling modern design templates for 2022:

Best-Selling Modern Design Templates on GraphicRiverBest-Selling Modern Design Templates on GraphicRiverBest-Selling Modern Design Templates on GraphicRiver
View all the trendy and contemporary modern flyer designs that GraphicRiver has to offer. 

Present your business with the best templates available with one of these best-selling templates on GraphicRiver. Whether you need to promote an event, showcase a new product, or encourage people to attend your next conference, GraphicRiver has an incredible library where you'll find exactly what your business requires.

Let's now go over some of the best flyer designs that you can purchase one at a time on GraphicRiver.

Top 15 Modern Flyer Design Templates From GraphicRiver for 2022

To help you with your search for the perfect flyer design template, I've collected 15 professionally crafted modern flyer design ideas from GraphicRiver for you to check out:

1. Modern Party Flyer Templates (PSD)

Modern Party Flyer TemplatesModern Party Flyer TemplatesModern Party Flyer Templates

This flashy-looking modern event flyer is ideal for marketing your upcoming events. The summer colors and design invite your customers to read this flyer and act. Don't overlook this design for showcasing one of your products either. Add this party flyer template to your collection now!

2. Modern Gym Flyer (PSD)

Modern Gym FlyerModern Gym FlyerModern Gym Flyer

Gym flyers can often be boring and stale. This modern flyer design will generate excitement for your gym or fitness center and encourage people to sign up. The detailed work on the layered and textured coloring gives this flyer a contemporary feel. This design will also look great across all social media platforms!

3. Modern App Flyers (PSD)

Modern App FlyersModern App FlyersModern App Flyers

Not one but three PSD files come with this modern flyer. This allows you to display your upcoming app in a variety of ways. The design is fully editable and offers visually appealing graphics and icons. There's even a spot on the bottom of the flyer for you to add a QR code. 

4. Modern Flyers Bundle Pack (PSD, EPS, INDD, AI)

Modern Flyers Bundle PackModern Flyers Bundle PackModern Flyers Bundle Pack

This is a unique creative flyer design bundle that consists of three different modern flyers. Each flyer is clean, contemporary, and fully customizable. The files are created to be used by anyone with just a basic knowledge of either Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. No matter what industry you're in, this modern flyer can deliver!

5. Modern Seminar Flyer (PSD)

Modern Seminar FlyerModern Seminar FlyerModern Seminar Flyer

Looking for modern flyer design ideas for an event? Modern Seminar Flyer is ideal for your next seminar, workshop, conference, or for any event promotional needs. This template is editable and very flexible. Edit each element and adjust the color easily for your needs. 

6. Modern Startup Conference Flyer (PSD)

Modern Startup Conference FlyerModern Startup Conference FlyerModern Startup Conference Flyer

The gray and black colors, combined with small amounts of bright colors, give the flyer a fashionable appeal. Here are a few notable features for this modern flyer:

  • two color options
  • 300 DPI 
  • print-ready 
  • 0.25-inch bleed area 

Promote your next event with confidence and use the Modern Startup Conference Flyer.

7. Abstract Modern Flyer (PSD)

Abstract Modern FlyerAbstract Modern FlyerAbstract Modern Flyer

Searching for the best party flyer templates? The vibrant colors, cool-looking effects, and abstract fonts make this flyer the ideal candidate for promoting an event. The photoshop file is well organized, so you can easily customize every aspect of the flyer. Add this modern event flyer to your marketing arsenal today!

8. Colorful Modern Party Flyer (PSD)

Colorful Modern Party FlyerColorful Modern Party FlyerColorful Modern Party Flyer

This flyer is flat-out stunning. The beautiful colors, detailed graphics, and eye-catching image make this a must-have modern event flyer design. This will work well for promoting artists and events. Don't miss out on Colorful Modern Party Flyer—the design speaks for itself.

9. Modern City Flyer (PSD)

Modern City FlyerModern City FlyerModern City Flyer

This flyer template is designed with a busy city in the background. The bold colors and contemporary shapes fit together perfectly to make a top contemporary flyer design. Use this flyer for all types of events, including clubs, parties, festivals, and DJ sets. The Photoshop file is well organized in folders and layers for easy and quick customization. 

10. Sweet and Modern Cupcake Flyer (PSD)

Sweet and Modern Cupcake FlyerSweet and Modern Cupcake FlyerSweet and Modern Cupcake Flyer

This elegant flyer can do more than just sell cupcakes. If you own any type of online store or retail store, rest assured knowing this flyer will convert. This template's features include two PSD files, two color themes, CMYK, and help documentation. Sweet and Modern Cupcake Flyer is ready for you to use!

11. Modern Party Flyer (PSD)

Modern Party FlyerModern Party FlyerModern Party Flyer

Make an impact on your potential customers with Modern Party Flyer. By purchasing this design, you'll receive a vibrant, exciting, and fun modern flyer that can compete with any other design on the market. The design will work best for events and parties. 

12. Modern Shapes Flyer (PSD)

Modern Shapes FlyerModern Shapes FlyerModern Shapes Flyer

Modern Shapes Flyer has it all. It's got a sophisticated and trendy look that'll captivate your customers. Here are a few features of this influential design:

  • print-ready
  • 300 DPI
  • 1275 x 1875 px size
  • multiple color variations

Modern Shapes Flyer is a top-tier design that must be considered for your next marketing campaign.

13. Modern Food Flyer (PSD)

Modern Food FlyerModern Food FlyerModern Food Flyer

This modern flyer template is perfectly suitable for restaurants, catering businesses, and any other business in the food industry. This design helps highlight the food that you're offering and provides a call to action and contact details at the bottom. You'll receive one PSD file with your purchase. 

14. Sound Modern Flyer (PSD)

Sound Modern FlyerSound Modern FlyerSound Modern Flyer

Create a sense of excitement for your next event. The Sound Modern Flyer is a spacious design that'll help you deliver your message in a minimalist way. The main image and colored background are more than enough to create a visually appealing experience. This modern design will work perfectly for your upcoming event or conference. 

15. Modern Photography Studio Flyer (PSD)

Modern Photography Studio FlyerModern Photography Studio FlyerModern Photography Studio Flyer

This simple and ultra-clean layout is ideal not only for a flyer, but also for a poster. It’s very easy to edit—all that's really needed to make this flyer yours is to change the images and text. Within minutes, you can have a professionally designed flyer ready to go. This modern flyer design comes with a whopping four PSD files!

Now that we've covered the best modern flyer designs that GraphicRiver has to offer, let's go over the most popular modern flyer trends for 2022.

5 Top Modern Flyer Design Trends for 2022

To truly create a modern design, you must be up to date with the current trends. Like any type of creative work, flyers have certain trendy characteristics that make them contemporary. To help you with the design of your flyers, we'll go over the top five trends that you'll see in modern flyer designs: 

1. Vibrant Colors

The use of bright and vibrant colors signals to your audience that your design is contemporary. Using contrasting bright colors helps create a color blocking effect that is visually appealing to your audience. Try including colors such as pink, red, yellow, green, and orange in your color palette for your next design.

Modern Flyer Design With Vibrant ColorsModern Flyer Design With Vibrant ColorsModern Flyer Design With Vibrant Colors
This modern design features bright and contrasting colors.

2. Detailed Layering

A modern flyer feels as if it's three dimensional. Layering the elements on your design helps them to pop out of the page or screen. All your elements can be layered to create this three-dimensional effect. Shapes are especially effective for layering. 

Detailed Layering In Modern FlyerDetailed Layering In Modern FlyerDetailed Layering In Modern Flyer
The use of layering helps make this modern design three-dimensional. 

3. Broken Text

Another trendy design tip is to break up text onto separate lines. This tip serves a few purposes. It not only helps create a more spacious design, but it keeps your audience more interested in the message you've got to convey in your flyer. Try this technique on your next modern flyer design. 

Broken Text Flyer Design IdeasBroken Text Flyer Design IdeasBroken Text Flyer Design Ideas
Note the broken text in this flyer design.

4.  Half and Half

The half and half technique can be very effective. This contemporary design tip segments off half of the flyer, whether diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. One half features images, and the other half features your text. This helps keep the design organized and tidy for a more pleasurable viewing experience. 

Half and Half Contemporary Flyer DesignHalf and Half Contemporary Flyer DesignHalf and Half Contemporary Flyer Design
This modern design segments off the text and images diagonally.

5. Single Color Theme

Last up on our trendy tips for modern designs is the single color blocking tip. By featuring one bright color on your design, you create that wow factor. Choose a bright color that works well with black and white so the text on your flyer will be legible. 

Single Color Theme Modern Business FlyersSingle Color Theme Modern Business FlyersSingle Color Theme Modern Business Flyers
This design makes use of color blocking with the color orange.

5 Quick Design Ideas to Make Great Modern Flyer Designs

Modern business flyers have a specific purpose and style to them that flyers years ago didn't have. To help you make the most out of the premium designs on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, I've outlined five of the top tips for creating compelling modern flyer designs:

1. Keep It Balanced

When creating your flyer design, you may have a ton of flyer design ideas. This can often lead you to try and implement too many ideas, which will create an imbalanced flyer. Only include the most important information in your flyer and only include graphics, images, and effects that are absolutely needed to get your message across.

2. Experiment With Shapes

Graphical shapes are a big contributor to the modern look of flyers. Make sure to experiment with adding different types of shapes to your flyer to create a three-dimensional look. Styling these shapes with different colors, opacities, and textures will also help you create that sought-after modern look. 

Shapes Modern Flyer DesignShapes Modern Flyer DesignShapes Modern Flyer Design
The use of shapes that layer the flyer creates a contemporary feel. 

3. Integrate Your Branding

The premium flyer designs all come with preset colors and fonts, but these colors and fonts may not fit your brand. Include your company's logo, color scheme, and fonts to tell a consistent story. 

All the premium templates available on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are fully editable. So you can easily change the fonts, colors, and logos.

4. Add Space

Nothing turns off a potential customer more than having a cluttered design. Cluttered designs give off a sense of amateurism and are difficult to read. When you're deciding on the positioning of your text, images, and shapes, include a little extra space on all sides of the element to avoid creating a crowded design.

Space Contemporary Flyer DesignSpace Contemporary Flyer DesignSpace Contemporary Flyer Design
The Dance Flyer features a spacious design. 

5. Create Different Sizes

Gone are the days where printing out a flyer was the only way that you needed to distribute it. Social media has become an integral part of every business and must be used as a marketing platform if you want to succeed. 

When designing your flyer, look up the sizes of posts, profile pictures, and banners of the social media platforms that your business is on and create individual flyers for each. Having a resized set of flyers will allow you to give your potential customers the best viewing experience across the different social media platforms and give you multiple avenues to generate sales. 

Discover More Flyer Inspiration for Your Next Design

I hoped you liked this post packed with flyer inspiration and modern flyer design ideas for businesses and projects. Don't forget to watch our tutorial on how to design a flyer to become an expert in flyer design.

Looking for more inspiration and resources? We've got these for you:

Unlock the Power of Professional Modern Flyer Designs

Creating a modern-looking flyer design for your business has never been easier. With a low monthly subscription to Envato Elements, you can download one of the many professional modern flyers that'll increase your chances of success with your marketing campaign. 

If you prefer buying templates individually, then you're in luck! GraphicRiver has modern flyers available for individual purchase. 

Take the marketing of your business to a new level by downloading these contemporary flyer templates today! 

Editorial Note: This post was originally published on 6 March 2020. It’s been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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