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Inspiration: Awesome Nature-Themed Art

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Nature is something that inspires all artists, designers and photographers on a day-to-day basis. Wherever it is you work, rest or play, there will always be nature around you, and whether you intend to or not it's always going to influence you in one way or another. This round-up of nature-themed Photoshop artwork is sure to get your creative heads buzzing!

Mother Nature Is Crying

This incredible piece of digital artwork uses various manipulative skills to produce a realistic yet natural look of what it may look like if "Mother Nature" were to cry.


A fantasy HDR wallpaper using various nature-inspired elements. The idea behind the series is to place natural elements such as rock and greenery into an abandoned place, such as a building.

Stay Green, Go Red

'Stay Green, Go Red" is part of a new marketing campaign that encourages people to recycle old images and create new ideas - as well as this piece, the campaign consisted of a poster, a desktop wallpaper download (with an alternate black and white version that uses less energy) and a print advertisement.

Waste Not, Want Not

An incredibly powerful piece with lots of emotion. A piece produced as a companion to a similar piece by the same artist 'Stay Green, Go Red" (as seen above) - something that was visually and metaphorically the opposite.

Creatio Ex Nihilo

This is just an absolutely stunning piece of artwork combining hundreds of skills to manipulate and merge so many different elements of the universe we live in. I especially love the area where the man merges into the rock.


The artist of this piece is clearly a fan of minimalism and simplicity. With the background being so simple, and not using too many elements compared to others in this article, the work comes together well, especially because of the very close attention that has been paid to detail, such as the single pixel lines found all over the piece.

Club Fury's Flyer

Another minimalistic piece, this time being used as a flyer to advertise Club Fury's fifth birthday. The manipulation has been produced so well it's hard to tell the different elements apart.

Just Another Ordinary Day

This abstract piece is the second part in the series "Life In The Subconscious Mind" (you can see more by clicking the artwork). The three-dimensional objects were rendered in Cinema 4D and composed in Photoshop.

Cosentino - ECO

All of these pieces (be sure to click through to see more in the same campaign) were created for one of Cosentino's brands called "ECO", an eco-friendly company who produce high-quality kitchen worktops from recycled materials.

Contra Band

Another highly edited piece of work, and a fantastic one at that. The model is cleverly manipulated to look like a garden statue, making use of strong, colorful vectors and shapes to bring the piece together.

More Green

A piece that is made up almost entirely of green leaves, providing plenty of green as the title of the project suggests. The awesome three-dimensional typography combined with the realistic shadow and turf make this a truly enlightening piece that's sure to brighten up your day!

Global Warming PSA - Time

An inspirational yet saddening piece of artwork showing us what we are doing to the planet's natural habitat to feed our everyday lifestyle, such as purchasing gas to drive our cars - we really are running out of time.

Riders On The Storm

This piece is part of a series called "Cubic", a personal experimental series of the artist. The main focus of the project is to use cubic shapes and structures and to place them in a non-cubic environment, such as the planet's natural habitat and land.

Changing Actions

This piece was a free wallpaper that we distributed on Psdtuts that illustrates various environments blended together and serves to remind us that it’s time to start Changing our Actions to avoid continued climate change and environmental issues.

The World Of Tomorrow

Although originally a photograph, the piece has been highly edited in Photoshop, classifying it as a piece of artwork as well as an awesome piece of photography. The piece shows just what we are doing to the natural environment.

Copenhagen Climate Summit

A wonderful and highly illustrated piece completed as part of a personal project by the artist. The poster suggests how it is time for us humans to change our act to help protect the planet from climate change.

Help Stop Global Warming

Although global warming is a serious matter, this piece presents it in a comical way to help people join in with the fight to help stop electrical pollution and its devastating effects on the world, such as climate change.


An inspiring yet saddening piece of artwork, again as part of a campaign to raise the awareness of global warming and its effects.


As a part of a global warming campaign, this poster cleverly illustrates what our next evolution of animals could be like - in this case, a swimming parrot.

Mother's Cry

A poster-style piece of artwork to raise the awareness of global warming, used in an exhibition at Donseo University in Korea.

Destroying What We Made

This heavy grunge and straight-to-the-point piece of work is quite violent, yet illustrates its point perfectly by using tools and weapons to literally attack the planet we live on.

Levi Van Veluw, Landscapes

Photo-editing is Photoshop's primary use (at least it use to be) and this is a perfect example of what it is capable of. This piece is originally an animated video, the image you see above is a piece of artwork taken from the video. The effects are incredibly realistic, and a little freaky!

The Tree

As the first part of the series "Trust NTR Series", this beautiful limited-color scheme and abstract piece encourages us to love nature because it will never fail us. The use of diagonal lines and vector shapes pulls this piece together to make it as strong as possible.

Loading a Beautiful Life

A personal piece of work by the artist. The fact the whole piece has been made to look like it has been produced in an old scrapbook or moleskine pad only makes it stronger. Thin lines throughout the manipulation are used to draw your eyes into certain areas, such as the base of the tree and animals.


This piece, for me, combines water (sea) with the life above ground (trees). The use of grunge texture and ink splatters make it a very inspirational piece of work and a pleasure to look at.

The Judge Series

"The Judge Series" is a dark-art project about corruption and human nature. The piece you see above is the final image in the series - it is definitely worth checking out the others by clicking through to the piece, as the series is losely based on a storyline.

Cartiere Calendar

This very strange manipulated photographic piece of artwork is actually a person in a rather strange position. At first I saw an elephant, but upon further studying I realized it was not! The piece is part of a calendar series that is worth checking out.

Blue Crystal

"Blue Crystal" is actually a company with an idea of a swimming world of ice off shore of Dubai. It is actually a model of a building, but has such strong and bold features it can quite easily be mistaken for a piece of artwork. Incredible!

Day Spa ZEN

This highly illustrative and gorgeous piece of artwork was created for company called "Day Spa ZEN" as a primary image to be used on their website. You can see it live in action.

Brooke Burke

The use of colors and the perfect balance between them is one the strongest points of this nature-themed commercial piece for Brooke Burke. The use of simple shapes and three-dimensional natural objects such as the flowers and grapes work tremendously well with each other.

Eleven Sins

"Eleven Sins" is yet another piece that combines vector shapes with various different styles of art, such as photography and photo-manipulation. The outcome is vivid with a strong color contrast, but works very well for this particular image.

Naturally Create

This surreal piece is made up from various styles and techniques, and the result is absolutely stunning. Wow!

Discovery Channel - Life

"Life" is an extraordinary television series, so it's no surprise to see an excellent poster advertising it. The large typography and lighting effects in the poster alone are pretty special, but combined with the huge selection of the planet's coolest animals, it is a very exceptional design!

Fugitive Soul

"Fugitive Soul" is a piece of personal work by the artist. Its simple and limited composition work perfectly well with the black smoke, making it a pleasure to look at.

Earth Intruder

This is another piece which is nature themed purely because of clouds. The lighting effects coming from the man are very powerful and look very realistic, especially with those fiery orange and red colors!

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