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Changing Actions Wallpaper by Alex Beltechi

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I've put together a wallpaper design free for all to download free. It illustrates various environments blended together in inside the 3D text "Actions," and serves to remind us that it's time to start Changing our Actions to avoid continued climate and environmental issues our world faces. This download is part of Blog Action Day, which this year is focused on "Climate Change." Learn more at the jump, and download this wallpaper!

Blog Action Day 2009

This wallpaper design is part of Blog Action Day 2009, a worldwide initiative started by Envato founders Collis and Cyan Ta'eed, now being run by Change.org. Blog Action Day exists to change the conversation on the web for one day by uniting thousands of bloggers around one important issue - this year, Climate Change. It's not too late to register your blog and participate.

Free Wallpaper from Alex Beltechi

I've created an organic wallpaper design for you to download free. It illustrates the text "Changing Actions" by embedding various climate images inside the 3D text. Blending various climate images and related animals inside the word "Actions" shows how we need to start changing our actions now to preserve our environment and avoid continued global climate problems. You can see more of my work in my Behance Portfolio.


Download this Free Wallpaper

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Conceptual Development of this Design

Creating this typographic illustration for Blog Action Day has been a very exciting project. The words I use in this illustrations are mere excuses for practice most of the time, so it was a relief to have a well defined topic and to be a part of something so important.

The demand was for a positive and inspiring message, and after some art direction from Sean Hodge, we settled on the words "Changing Actions." I intended to not only show a rich and diverse natural environment, but also a different kinds of impact that man can have on the world. Instead of destruction and damage, the focus is on preservation and protection.

The way that this concept took form was by placing all the nature elements inside a clean and simple typographic layout. The letters became a haven for several ecosystems, which I blended seamlessly throughout the word "Actions." After creating the text in Cinema 4D, I scoured the web for nature stock photography and began to slice up the images in place. Throughout the process, I used a pen tablet to modify, recreate, and draw elements in place.

I hope this message finds its way to your desktop, and drives you take action!

Check out a section of detail in this design below (100% zoom).

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