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Featured Art From Design Challenge #8


Last month, we announced a design challenge that truly tested the creativity of our G+ community. We supplied artists with stock photos shot by Tuts+ Photoshop Editor, Grant Friedman to work with and transform into their own work of art. The results were incredible with all-inspiring pieces. Let's take a look at some of the entries!

The Challenge

For Design Challenge #8, we asked you to use raw photography to create your own artwork. The photos below are the original references we supplied to the community. Check out the dramatic transformations of these photos in our featured artwork.


Art Featured From This Challenge

Frost by Tomasz Lechociński.
Used Reference #1 for bump effect on ice ground. See the tutorial.
Drown by Ben Ellsworth. Used reference #2 in manipulation.
Splatters Girl by Franck Beaume Used references #4 and #5 for background and floor.
Psdtuts+ by Fadi Akeel. Used reference #1 as an ice texture.
Dark Angel by Fadi Akeel. Used reference #5 for ceiling.
Witch by 鬼委 Used reference #1 for background texture.

See More Entries on Google+

Thanks to everyone who participated! If your work isn't here, don’t worry! You can always enter these challenges for a chance to be featured. Visit the Psdtuts+ Community on Google+ to see these entries and more.

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