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A Clever Collection of the 40+ Best Ambigram Examples (2023)

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First things first: what is an ambigram? To put it simply, here's the ambigram meaning:

An ambigram is a typographical creation where the word reads the same when upside down or on its side, or flips to create a whole new word.

Ambigram words are a very sophisticated and imaginative typographical style of visual design.

ambigram logoambigram logoambigram logo
Example of an Ambigram Monogram Logo from Placeit

So let's take a look at some of the best ambigram words list that are delightful graphic logotypes and read the same when they are reversed, on their side, or flipped upside-down.

How to Create an Ambigram

Now that you know what an ambigram is, you may want to create your own.

There are various types of ambigrams like rotational ambigrams, mirror-image ambigrams, chain style ambigrams, etc. Just like any design, creating an ambigram doesn't have any set guidelines or steps; it usually depends on the words and the typographical style that a designer wants to represent. The best ambigram words are readable and aesthetically harmonious.

If you want to give it a go with your own rotational ambigram word, here's a simple guide to how you can create one:

  • Choose the word you want to make into a rotational ambigram.
  • Turn the ambigram word upside down or on its side, or reverse it.
  • Then, pair each letter of the straight version with a letter of the turned version.
  • Search for or create the right font (the more ambiguous, less defined, or ornate it is, the better). Likewise, determine if the design would look better with an upper or a lower case.
  • Go through each letter pairing and find the similarities between them.
  • Finally, try, try, try until you find an aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical design that’s readable and makes sense.

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Best Ambigram Examples From Around the Web

Sun Microsystems (1982): Brilliant Example of an Ambigram Word 

To start the list of ambigram examples, the Sun Microsystems logo is one of the most brilliant logos in the world. It is a rotationally symmetric chain ambigram, designed by computer science professor Vaughan Pratt.

Math Magic: Charming Ambigram Word List

Ambigrams can be done even with different words, and this example from Scott Kim is a testament to that. It's a witty and imaginative example of an ambigram.

Wordsmith: Masterful Example

Here's a great example of an ambigram word designed by John Langdon.

Next in this ambigram word list is the New Man logo. It was one of the first commercially designed ambigram logos, created by designer Raymond Loewy in the year 1969. And it's still in use today.

Angels & Demons: Famous Ambigram Words

These famous ambigram words were created for Dan Brown's book "Angels & Demons" by John Langdon. Dan Brown also named the protagonist of Angels & Demons after John Langdon as Robert Langdon.

Illuminati: Mysterious Example of Ambigram Words

This Illuminati ambigram is another example of ambigram words drawn by artist John Langdon for Dan Brown's book "Angels & Demons" as mentioned above.

Logos: Aptly Named Rotational Ambigram

Here's another good one for the ambigram word list. It's an amazing ambigram with the word "Logos" designed by John Langdon.

Firefly: Modern Ambigram Example

Here's a very legible ambigram designed by nagfa. It embodies the ambigram meaning.

Ambigram Wikipedia: Smart Addition to a List of Ambigrams

This rotational ambigram of the WIKIPEDIA logo was donated by Daniele Raffo to Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License. It's the answer to the question "what is an ambigram?"

Chirp: Classy Ambigram Example

This logo identity was designed by Todd Weber for his freelance business. Its simplicity makes it one of the best ambigrams in this word list.

Sayyes: Eye-Catching Ambigram Words

Let's look at an eye-catching example in this list of ambigrams. This is a clever ambigram by Brigada Creativa with the words Say Yes.

This is an ornate example of an ambigram logo for a cafe and bar from Lloyd Creative.

Josh Love: Rotational Ambigram Words

This is an example of rotational ambigram words that spell Josh Love, created by Schwa Love on Flickr.

Blacksmith: Haunting Example of an Ambigram Word

Here's another beautiful yet haunting addition to this list of ambigrams. It's a logo for designed by John Langdon.

903 Creative: Deco-Inspired Ambigram Example

Check out this skillfully executed, numeric ambigram example by Aaron Gibson. It's a unique example in this ambigram words list.

Philosophy: Thought-Provoking Best Ambigram

This delicate and appealing ambigram is from the word Philosophy and was created by John Langdon.

This logo was designed from V and A shapes by Raja Sandhu. The type also easily works as an example in this list of ambigrams.

This ambigram reads "One Love ltd" and was designed by nagfa. It gives the ambigram a meaning of love.

Here's another rational ambigram logo that reads the same when inverted, designed by Raja Sandhu.

Jager: Beautiful Example in a List of Ambigrams

This is another home run by the master, John Langdon.

Left Right Left Right: Head-Turning Example

This mind-bending ambigram by John Langdon plays with space and symmetry.

Origami: Foldable Ambigram Word

Here comes another ambigram by a master, Scott Kim. It takes the essence of origami and puts it into the word. It fits the ambigram meaning perfectly.

Happy Holidays: Cheerful Ambigram Card

This beautiful Holiday Card ambigram was created by npgraphicdesign.

Vegas: Exciting Ambigram

An ambigram with the text "Vegas" designed by Greg Williams.

Jaier: Easy Example of an Ambigram

A very easy-to-read ambigram logo designed by Adam P. Kuster.

The Enova logo by Type08 is clear, slick, and well-designed.

Wachovia Ambigram Logo by Brian Risk.

Similarity: Harmonious Ambigram Example

As stated above, to create an ambigram, you need to look for similarities between the letters, and this example from John Langdon shows you why.

This is a modern monogram ambigram, cleverly put together by effendy. It's a great representation of the ambigram meaning. 

The Princess Bride: Cinematic Ambigram Example

The movie The Princess Bride featured an attractive ambigram on the cover of its DVD. This ambigram was accompanied by a photo that has some subtle insights into the story's plot.


Yeah: Lighthearted Example of an Ambigram Word

The Yeah ambigram is simple, yet playful, and it was designed by Alek

Logos: Straightforward Example in This Ambigram Words List

MontgomeryQ designed this straightforward logo for a podcast about logo design.

This is a brilliant, numeric ambigram logo for the fashion industry designed by Zka.

Hillary Hopper: Sophisticated Monogram Ambigram

Another smart example of a professional ambigram monogram, created by Hillary Hopper herself.

Ideal: Perfect Ambigram Representation

Isn't it just ideal? This is a witty ambigram from lepisov.

Perform magic with this ornate, gripping ambigram created by the aptly named cleber. It gives ambigram a meaning of illusion and enchantment.

Hardcore: Striking Ambigram Design

Ambigram logo for a T-shirt collection designed by B. Wichmann.

Spirals: Delicate Ambigram Specimen

A cool spiral ambigram by rickxard.

Floris: Attractive Ambigram Graphic

A modern and attractive ambigram designed by Floris Voorveld.

48h: Inventive Logo Example

Designer macov put together this elegant and smart ambigram logo.

Red Lemon: Colorful Ambigram

Read red in this fun and colorful ambigram from Raja Sandhu.

Mexico: Patriotic Mirrored Ambigram

The flag of Mexico here is composed of 21 pieces to form a vertical ambigram reflection (mirror) with the name of the country, designed by Jose Manuel.

Turn: Instructive Logo Design

Turn your audience on its head with a logo inspired by this marcocreativo design.

Awesome: Fantastic Ambigram Example

The word "awesome" is in itself pretty awesome. It is one of the natural ambigram words designed by rymdimperiet.

Nine Inch Nails: Edgy Ambigram

Lastly, there's the simple yet sharp logo for industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. It was created by frontman Trent Reznor and designer Gary Talpas. It's easily recognizable and accurately represents the band.

That's All for Now!

Today, we learned about ambigrams, their versatility, their mind-bending abilities, and how you can use them to create your brand.

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