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50+ Best Rose Art Files (Vector & PSD)


Ahhh! Roses! Is there any flower more celebrated? If you love roses and are looking for rose vector art, you've come to the right place. 

Rose Vector Files
One of the stunning rose vector files available at Envato Elements

Today, we're taking a look at over 50 of the best rose art files available at  Envato Elements and Envato Market that you can and should use in your projects. And if you're interested in learning how to draw a rose, check out this fabulous tutorial:

Unlimited Premium Rose Vector Art From Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the perfect place to find a wide range of stunning rose vector files. And the great news is that you can download as many as you want for one low price. Let's take a look at some of the premium rose vectors you can find at Envato Elements.  

1. Roses


A gorgeous rose ornament vector for you to use on your stationery, DIY projects, wallpaper, posters, blogs, and more. The file contains four beautiful patterns in both EPS and JPEG files. 

2. The Garden Roses

The Garden Roses

This beautiful watercolour collection of rose background vectors, rose wreath vectors and other decorative elements is a rose lover's dream. The collection offers over 50 EPS, PSD and PNG files that are quick to download and easy to apply to the project of your choice. 

3. Vintage Roses

Vintage Roses

Discover 64 fabulous rose ornament vectors in vintage style for you to download and apply to your product designs, patterns, logo designs, etc. The files are available in both EPS and PNG, and the colour can be easily changed to suit your needs. 

4. Rose Blush Design

Rose Blush Design

These watercolour vector rosebuds are an excellent choice for your custom-made cards, invitations, DIY projects, and a host of other projects. The package consists of 12 seamless patterns, and each flower is presented in a separate EPS and PNG file. 

5. Realistic Rose Set Vector Mesh Illustration

Realistic Rose Set Vector Mesh Illustration

If you're looking for red rose clip art or vector rosebuds, check out these awesome single red roses in various stages of bloom, from tight bud to full bloom. The editable vector AI and EPS files are also presented in PNG and JPG and all can be used for print templates, emblems, cards, branding, print, stickers, and much more. 

6. Decorative Roses

Decorative Roses

This kit of rose ornament vectors contains seven different elements in EPS, PNG, and JPEG. Use it to create beautiful borders and flourishes on any number of products. 

7. Romantic Roses Patterns

Romantic Roses Patterns

If you're looking for rose background vectors, my are you going to love this collection. It features six seamless rose background vectors for use on fabric, clothing, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc. If you're on the lookout specifically for a rose black and white vector, note that this collection includes one that you will love. 

8. Hand-Drawn Whale In Roses

Hand Drawn Whale In Roses

Looking for a rose tattoo vector? You may not have had a whale swimming in roses in mind, but once you've set eyes on this whale and rose line art image, you won't be able to resist it. One file each in EPS, SVG, PNG, and JPEG included for your convenience. 

9. Vector Gold Rose Blush Floral Elements

Vector Gold Rose Blush Floral Elements

Looking for a field of roses combined with other flowers for your blog or website? This rose background vector may be just what you need. It contains one EPS vector file, and all flowers are presented separately in a PNG file. 

10. Photo and Red Rose Petals

Photo and Red Rose Petals

Okay, so this may be a bit cheesy, but when you're in love, all roses are red might seem like good poetry. Go ahead and use this rose vector to tell someone you love them in no uncertain terms. You can use Adobe Illustrator to edit the EPS file or Photoshop to edit the JPEG file included. 

11. Valentine's Day Cards With Roses

Valentines Day Cards With Roses

Another nod to love and Valentine's Day. Use this rose black and white vector and red rose clip art to create your own greeting card, banner, decal, poster, invitation, flyer, etc.

12. Watercolor "Rose Tendril" Design

Watercolor Rose Tendril Design

Red rose clip art that everyone will love. This collection contains nine watercolour EPS and PNG files for you to use as a beautiful rose background vector in your next project. 

13. Vector Watercolor Coral Red Roses

Vector Watercolor Coral Red Roses

An awesome watercolour rose vector that is perfect for invitations, greeting cards and the like. The package contains ten EPS files that are quick to download and easy to apply to your next project. 

14. 3 Vintage Hand Drawing Tattoo Vector

 3 Vintage Hand Drawing Tattoo Vector

Need a rose tattoo vector? These next two items are for you. First up is this vintage hand-drawn rose tattoo vector featuring three different illustrations, with only one of them being a rose. The package comes with editable vector AI and EPS files as well as PNG and JPEG files. 

15. Tattoo Vector Kit

Tattoo Vector Kit

Next is the rose tattoo vector kit containing AI and EPS files that you can use for T-shirt designs, tattoo designs, logos, etc.

16. Vector Watercolor Rose Blush Clipart

Vector Watercolor Rose Blush Clipart

This soft and lovely rose blush vector offers ten separate watercolour clipart files, one watercolour background, and two floral arrangements. They are presented in EPS, PNG, and JPEG files. Use them to add beauty and variety to any project.

17. Valentines's Day Greeting Cards

Valentiness Day Greeting Cards

Another rose vector file for Valentine's Day. Just download the zipped files containing two fully editable EPS and JPEG files and edit them to create a special Valentine's surprise for your loved one. 

18. Floral Clipart

Floral Clipart

Bring a bit of romance to your next project with this collection of rose wreath vector files. The collection includes flowers with the roses which help them to shine even brighter. Also included is the wooden background, which will bring a nice earthy quality to your project. 

19. Vector Gold Coral Red Floral Elements

Vector Gold Coral Red Floral Elements

Another gorgeous floral background filled with roses and other gorgeous flowers. The single vector file can be downloaded and applied to just about any project. 

20. January Flowers

January Flowers

If you have a fondness for rose line art, you'll love this collection, which features the most beautiful and whimsical line art floral arrangements in EPS and PNG files. Add to your invitations, photos, albums, blog posts, etc., to bring a soft romantic touch to your project. 

21. Black Silhouette Floral

Black Silhouette Floral

Doodles are a fun and playful way to add a bit of lightheartedness to a project. Why not try out this rose vector silhouette with your next project? It offers a vector rosebud and drawings of loads of other flowers, leaves, and seeds besides.

22. Doodle Floral Elements

Doodle Floral Elements

If you love the beautiful rose black and white vector above, you'll love the rose art to be found among the other flora and fauna here as well. The collection contains EPS, JPEG, and PNG files. 

23. English Tea Time

English Tea Time

Tea and roses are a perfect combination, so it makes sense that so many china tea sets would have illustrations of roses on them. If you're looking for your own tea and rose art, try this collection, which contains an EPS, AI, and JPEG file.  

24. Mothering Sunday Lettering

Mothering Sunday Lettering

For those who celebrate Mothering Sunday, there are these four rose vector illustrations that can be used to create cards and unique items for the special day. The set includes four EPS files and four JPEGs.

Rose PSD, JPEG, and PNG Art From Envato Elements

Most of the rose vector art collections above also contained PSD, JPEG, and PNG files, but the focus was on rose vector files. Now we'll take a look specifically at rose art presented in PSD and JPEG files. 

25. Painted Flower

Painted Flower

A beautiful and delicate piece of rose art which presents roses in various stages of bloom, from a closed bud to maturity. It's rendered in beautiful colours, and you can use this layered PSD file for stationery, websites, posters, etc. 

26. Watercolor Flowers and Backgrounds

Watercolor Flowers and Backgrounds

This set of 37 hand-painted watercolour roses and other flowers is bound to bring a touch of freshness and colour to any project. Just download and use as you would any other Photoshop file. 

27. 10 ELEGANT Seamless Flower Patterns

10 ELEGANT Seamless Flower Patterns

If you're looking for a beautiful seamless floral background that is filled with roses, then this elegant collection of ten patterns is bound to make you happy. Perfect for packaging design, fabric, posters, and many other projects, these files come in PSD, JPEG, and PNG for easy use. 

28. Watercolor Seamless Backgrounds

Watercolor Seamless Backgrounds

This seamless pattern contains 18 seamless files featuring delicately hand-painted watercolour roses as well as dots and stripes in six pastel colours. Try them out. 

29. Watercolor Retro Flowers

Watercolor Retro Flowers

This soft and romantic set of 28 hand-painted roses and leaves in various configurations is offered in PNG files so that you can integrate them easily into any background of your choosing. 

30. Oil-Painted Fine Art Roses Collection

Oil painted Fine Art Roses Collection

We've featured a lot of watercolour rose art here, so we thought it only fair to include oil-painted rose art to even things up. This collection contains several templates in layered PSD and PNG files that you can use for cover designs, stationery, and all sorts of backgrounds. 

31. 50 Isolated Red Rose Petals

50 Isolated Red Rose Petals

If you regularly create projects for weddings, Valentine's, engagements, or any other theme to do with love and relationships, this set of 50 red rose isolated photo-realistic petals is indispensable. Just download the PSD and PNG files and place them on any background. 

32. 4 Rose Petals Backgrounds With Editable Text

4 Rose Petals Backgrounds with Editable Text

This collection of rose art PSD files contains four ready-to-use backgrounds that allow you full customisation. The backgrounds also include text that you can edit to match your brand or colour scheme.

33. 15 Watercolor Rose Orange Flower Illustration

15 Watercolor Rose Orange Flower Illustration

More watercolour goodness for watercolour lovers. Here are 15 gorgeous rose art illustrations to brighten up your next project. The files are presented in both JPEG and PNG. 

34. Flower Shop Instagram Puzzle

Flower Shop Instagram Puzzle

An Instagram-ready rose art file for rose lovers, this one template lets you create 12 unique posts. It contains a layered and fully editable PSD file. 

35. Watercolor Roses DIY Pack

Watercolor Roses DIY Pack

These 22 stunning watercolour roses are presented as hi-res PNG files with transparent backgrounds that allow you to place them in any scene you want to. The files offer a lot of variety as they are divided into branches, leaves, petals, roses of varying sizes, and wreathes. A versatile and useful package. 

One-Off Rose Vector Art From Envato Market

GraphicRiver is another resource that offers a large selection of excellent rose art files. If you need a one-off resource and your budget is tight, GraphicRiver is a great option for high-quality graphics. Let's take a look at the the best rose vector art  found there.

36. Black and White Roses

Black and White Roses

These terrific rose black and white vectors are great addition for any project. They feature vector rosebuds as well as young and mature blooms. The files are presented in EPS, AI, and JPEG.

37. Single Roses

Single Roses

If you need more rose vector silhouettes, check out these 13 rose black and white vectors. This elegant collection includes a few selections of vector rosebuds and some fully opened roses. The files are both EPS and JPEG.

38. Multicoloured Roses

Multicoloured Roses

Looking for a yellow rose vector for a special project? This collection of four roses offers four colours to choose from, including a yellow rose vector. If, of course, you need another colour—for example, a purple rose vector—you can always modify the colour of any of the roses here to the colour you need. 

39. Sugar Skull With a Gun and Rose

Sugar Skull With a Gun and Rose

This red rose clip art is part of a sugar skull combo which includes guns on either side of the skull, between the roses. A cool spin on the rose theme. 

40. Line Drawings of Roses

Line Drawings of Roses

Those who are interested in rose line art will appreciate this collection of delicate line drawings of roses and other flowers. The file is presented in vector EPS and AI, as well as PSD and JPEG. 

41. Single Pink Rose

Single Pink Rose

This beautiful pink rose would complement any project. Just download the rose ornament vector, which is presented in both AI and EPS files, and apply it to any project. 

42. Branch of Roses

Branch of Roses

This beautifully illustrated rose vector silhouette comes in vector EPS and AI as well as JPEG. Choose it when you need a silhouette or rose black and white vector for that special project. 

43. Rose Petals

Rose Petals

If you regularly create resources with wedding, engagement or romance themes, you should keep your toolbox stocked with a variety of vectors of rose petals like this one. It is offered in EPS, AI, and JPEG, so you have a range of files to work with. 

44. Four Black and White Roses

Four Black and White Roses

Another gorgeous rose black and white vector, Four Black and White Roses—as the name indicates—offers users four beautifully executed roses in EPS and JPEG file formats.  

45. Detailed Vector Roses

Detailed Vector Roses

This set of four high-quality, detailed rose vector illustrations is perfect for creating floral background patterns for stationery, wedding invitations, thank you cards, etc. The collection consists of four separate rose vector illustrations and one combined bunch of roses presented in EPS and PSD files.

46. Roses


For those times when you need a border of roses to add to stationery, a web page, or a poster, there is this rose ornament vector. File downloads are available in vector AI, EPS, or JPEG. 

One-Off Rose PSD, JPEG and PNG Art From Envato Market

47. Skull With Rose

Skull with Rose

This cheeky rose art, featuring a skull with a beautiful red rose between its teeth, would make an excellent graphic for a poster, T-shirt, or banner. Download the PSD file and let your imagination run wild. 

48. Circle of Red Roses

Circle of Red Roses

When you need a rose wreath vector, Circle of Red Roses will do nicely, The PSD and JPEG files are fast to download and a cinch to use. Give it a try. 

49. Seamless Rose Background

Seamless Rose Background

Use this beautiful rose art illustration to create stunning backgrounds for wallpaper, stationery, websites, fabric, etc. Once you download the files, you can decide whether you want to use the editable EPS or PSD formats. 

50. Floral Pattern

Floral Pattern

This rose vector silhouette is another terrific seamless pattern you can use for wallpaper, as a background for stationery, etc. It is offered in both PSD and vector EPS and AI, so take your pick of whichever works best for your project. 

51. Icons Set of Colored Roses

Icons Set of Colored Roses

Finally, this collection of nine red rose clip art illustrations offers a nice variety of styles to choose from. Some are rose line art, while others offer beautiful shading in soft colours. Download the collection, which is offered in PSD, JPEG, EPS, AI, and PNG files, and use the format that works best for your project. 

Select Your Favourite Rose Art Files Today 

This is just a small sample of the terrific rose vector art files available at Envato Elements and Envato Market. So if you haven’t found just the right one for you here, head on over to both sites and have a browse to find one that suits your needs. 

And if you’re interested in learning how to create your own rose illustrations, check out these great 'How to' articles below:

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