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44 Best Cute Cricut Fonts (Pretty Cricut Fonts!)

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Cute fonts come in so many different shapes and styles, and they all have their own unique characteristics that make them super cute. So many of the fonts in this list come with some really cute additions that can round out your project and help you to stand out.

Envato Elements FontsEnvato Elements FontsEnvato Elements Fonts
With so many cute fonts to choose from, you will definitely find what you are looking for

I have broken down this list into four different categories, as there are so many different aspects that make up a cute font. There are fonts that look like bubbles, and other fonts that are equally as cute that are a little more squared off, as well as script fonts and serif fonts too! I could probably find something cute about every single font out there because there is something cute in everyone, but this article would be way too long, so let's start off with my favourites: the bubble category!

10 Cute Bubble Fonts

1. Candyful (OTF & TTF)


Let's start off these Cute Cricut fonts with a super bright and colourful option! Not only is this font great for titles, but it is also good for cutting smaller letters as it is a nice thick font!

2. Lemony (OTF & TTF)


This bubble font is a little shorter and wider than the first one, and perhaps even a little bit more flourished, and this pretty Cricut font is great for so many different projects that are easy to read!

3. Sweet Purple (OTF & TTF)

Sweet PurpleSweet PurpleSweet Purple

Sweet Purple is a great option for highlights and additions to titles. It is a little smaller than the other fonts, so it works well as an accent to a main title or heading. It also has a few flourishes to add accents to your project, which match the style of the font.

4. Baby Boo (OTF & TTF)

Baby BooBaby BooBaby Boo

This font is a little bit more uniform and would be perfectly suited for your titles. It is a very cute font on Cricut because of the large letters, and who doesn't love some huge letters for a cute project?

5. First Love (OTF & TTF)

First LoveFirst LoveFirst Love

This font leans a lot more towards the handwritten style, which works well for many informal projects and even has some fun additions to the inside of a few letters!

6. Manthul (OTF & TTF)


This is a lovely bold cute Cricut font, and the uneven thickness of this font just adds to the cuteness of this font, and it will work for titles, and it also has alternative letters to change up the look of the title.

7. Squeezy (OTF & TTF)


This font is quite fun, because not only does it have a perfect bubble type look, but it also has some fun flourishes and alternate letter styles that can take your project up a level!

8. Bubble Mint (OTF & TTF)

Bubble MintBubble MintBubble Mint

This handwritten font is probably one of my favourites. It has relatively thin bubble type letters and is a little uneven because of the handwritten aspect of the font. It also has quite a few different flourishes and doodles to be able to use to accentuate your project.

9. Cute Adelia (OTF & TTF)

Cute AdeliaCute AdeliaCute Adelia

I love the fact that this cute Cricut font has the bubble look, and the other side of the font is a monoline style. It is the perfect addition for the title of your project.

10. Cutie Molly (OTF & TTF)

Cutie MollyCutie MollyCutie Molly

The last bubble font we have is perfect for large titles and banners. It has some fun elements and is one of my favourite cute Cricut fonts!

10 Fonts With Fun Things Inside the Letters

There are quite a few fonts that have elements inside the letters, and while these aren't the kind of fonts you would want to cut out of cardstock for small titles, when using them for larger or print then cut projects, they work really well!

They add a certain flair to your project and are not the typical kind of font you will usually see in most projects, so if you are looking for a font that will help your project stand out, then one of these may be exactly what you are looking for!

1. Sweet Dreams (OTF & TTF)

Sweet DreamsSweet DreamsSweet Dreams

Let's kick this one off with a bang. This font is amazing for print then cut projects, as well as very large letters—some of those details can be tricky! I would suggest using vinyl for this font and staying away from certain letters if you are using cardstock, unless you are sticking all the little floating pieces together.

2. Cute Love Story (OTF & TTF)

Cute Love StoryCute Love StoryCute Love Story

This is the perfect font for any kind of project where you want to show affection to anyone. With the different options you have for the letters, you can style this font in so many different ways.

3. Gemoy (OTF)


With so many different layers to this font, you have many options you can use for your project. The bubble style of this font also makes it one of the really pretty Cricut fonts!

4. Baby Font (OTF & TTF)

Baby FontBaby FontBaby Font

Similar to the first font in this list, this is perfectly suited to print then cut projects, but can also be used very well with vinyl. You wouldn't need to go as large with this font, as most of the images inside the letters aren't as detailed—which is a plus!

5. The Cat (OTF & TTF)

The CatThe CatThe Cat

Would I be a lover of cats if I didn't include some cat fonts? This font is great because while the cat details are quite fine, you could still get away with using this on a relatively small title. Don't go too small as you wouldn't want to lose the details on these cute kitties on your Cricut font!

6. Simple Cat (OTF)

Simple CatSimple CatSimple Cat

Another kitty font (I couldn't help myself!) that definitely deserves to be here as this one has tails too! It will work best on larger-scale title projects, as you wouldn't want to lose the details in those little eyes—they are way too cute!

7. Candy Love (OTF & TTF)

Candy LoveCandy LoveCandy Love

The love theme in this cute Cricut font is a little bit more low key, so it's ideal if you are looking for something that isn't as 'in your face' as the first one. This one also has more of a handwritten feel.

8. Good Pawoo (OTF & TTF)

Good PawooGood PawooGood Pawoo

If you are looking for a pet font that isn't specific to cats, then this may be a winner for you. This one is just cute little paws, and while the graphics may show cats, this could easily be for dogs too.

9. Starmind (OTF & TTF)


This is a little fancier, and if you are looking for a font to put someone's name up in lights and show them just how much of a star they actually are, then this is a great choice.

10. Crispynut (OTF)


Last on our list of cute Cricut fonts with cutouts is a font that you could easily use to make it look like a cool bubble style font! This would be a great font to cut out of cardstock, and the soft style of the font means that you can layer the letters very nicely.

8 Fonts That Are a Little Sharper

Perhaps the cute soft and rounded fonts aren't exactly what you are looking for? So you may want to try a font that has a little more edge (hehe, see what I did there!). Now these fonts have some sharper, more squared-off edges to them, which means they give off a different type of cute feeling.

1. Comication (OTF & TTF)


This is a cute Cricut font because it is modeled after a comic book style font, which means that it automatically has the "cute" feeling.

2. Mollusca Font Trio (OTF & TTF)


The oversized styles of these letters make this the perfect cutesy type font to use. In addition to the oversized font lettering, there are two additional font types coming in with this one. Not only are these adorable creatures you see in the background included as a separate font, but also a script font, an ornaments font, an outline to the headline font, and an extruded version of the font—an absolute powerhouse choice.

3. Conica (OTF)


The bubble type effect on this font means that it is great for your more sophisticated cute type projects, and it works perfectly for headline titles.

4. Cafe Matcha (OTF & TTF)

Cafe MatchaCafe MatchaCafe Matcha

This is another one of my favourites to use as the soft font style, paired with the slightly bubbled edges and the slightly squared-off edges, means this is a perfect font for not only titles but also any other aspects of your project.

5. Self Loving (OTF & TTF)

Self LovingSelf LovingSelf Loving

This is the perfect cute Cricut font choice for your inspirational quote posters, while also having the curly aspect of the font which gives it so much character.

6. Lemon Party (OTF & TTF)

Lemon PartyLemon PartyLemon Party

Now this cute display font is perfect as a title to capture attention. With a few well-placed flourishes, this font will definitely send the right message.

7. Cheering Mood (OTF & TTF)

Cheering MoodCheering MoodCheering Mood

This bold, cute font is perfect for headlining your project. It has a playful style and bold lettering, while still maintaining the nice soft aspect of this cute font, making it a perfect choice for this list.

8. Mittens (OTF & TTF)


Sharper edges, hand-drawn, and yet still so adorably cute, this font has some rough, textured edges. The fact that the letters aren't all even really adds something extra to this font.

8 Cute Cursive Cricut Fonts

1. Wonderful Today (OTF & TTF)

Wonderful TodayWonderful TodayWonderful Today

Easily my favourite cute cursive Cricut font, this one is very whimsical, while being adorably cute and easy to read. It would be perfect for titles and inspirational quotes for all project types. It's a very timeless font that you can use in so many different ways.

2. Martina (OTF & TTF)


This is probably my favourite pretty Cricut script font to use. It is easy to cut and easy to use in many different aspects. It can be used for logos, invitations, product packaging, and so much more. 

3. Lovatine (OTF & TTF)


This is one of the really pretty cursive fonts for your Cricut that has a lovely smooth, soft feeling. It also has some extras which can add to the cuteness factor when you use them in the right way!

4. Cookies Party (OTF & TTF)

Cookies PartyCookies PartyCookies Party

This is one of the many pretty Cricut script fonts available, and it has a different flair to it with the edging of the fonts. It is a very cute, quirky font that can be used on social media, branding, party invites—generally anything with a really fun flair to it!

5. Bunny Christmas (OTF & TTF)

Bunny ChristmasBunny ChristmasBunny Christmas

Of course, this pretty cursive font for Cricut isn't only available for use during Christmas time—we cannot pass up using such a cute Cricut font at all times of the year! 

6. Neoland (OTF & TTF)


This is a very pretty Cricut script font, and this font pack has both the serif and the script font packs. It also has alternates that you can use to take your project to the next level.

7. Butterfly (OTF & TTF)


This cute script font for Cricut has a lovely calligraphy style to it, making it perfect for invitations, greeting cards, posters, and so much more!

8. Whisper Garden (OTF & TTF)

Script FontScript FontScript Font

This super cute script font has some lovely brush lettering and is a perfect watercolour style script font. It has an air of playfulness and is the perfect choice not only for children's activities but also for sophisticated projects.

8 Adorably Cute Serif Fonts

Perhaps, instead of looking for one of the pretty Cricut script fonts, you are looking for a serif font. Quite a few of these fonts have some awesome additions to them, which can help to take these projects to the next level and round off the project to be something that is exactly what a professional would create.

1. Cutie Beary (OTF & TTF)

Cutie BearyCutie BearyCutie Beary

This cute font is perfect for all of your designs, T-shirts, labels, logos—pretty much anything! There are also some fun alternative characters on this font that you can use to switch it up a little bit.

2. Grumbear (OTF & TTF)


This is a cute, sweet, and playful font that could work really well on greeting cards, kids' crafts, and so many other applications!

3. Spring On (OTF & TTF)

Spring OnSpring OnSpring On

This is a cute, trendy display font that can be easily matched on so many different projects to help them stand out. The lovely bold monoline and cute swirls of this font mean that this would work well for titles. It could even match one of the pretty cursive fonts for Cricut that we covered earlier!

4. Pixie Ring (OTF & TTF)

Pixie RingPixie RingPixie Ring

Pixie Ring is another one of my favourite fonts to use in so many different projects, like signatures, logos, titles, etc. I love the extras included in this font pack—they are well worth it!

5. Popcorn (OTF & TTF)


This is a fun and authentic font that is perfect for banner ads and to make a statement on your projects. It can also easily be used for the bulk of the text in your project.

6. Shaly (OTF & TTF)


This playful font has so many uses, and you can use it for great titles, headings, etc. I love the curly edges of this font—it makes it super cute to look at and a great fun font to use.

7. Stay Kids (OTF & TTF)

Stay KidsStay KidsStay Kids

Another beautiful monoline handwritten font that has such a cute feel to it, this one is perfect for fashion and clothing projects, signatures, and branding, but it also works exceptionally well for general text in your projects.

8. Strala (OTF & TTF)


A cute monoline font with a twist, Strala has some seriously awesome flourishes and additions that we all love to use in our fonts to take our projects to the next level.

Upgrade Your Project by Learning a New Skill

Now that we've gone over a long list of the most amazing fonts, come check out these new ideas and new opportunities to learn new skills. If there is a specific skill that you wanted to learn, then perhaps take a look at some of these tutorials that could help you.

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