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24 Best Conference Brochure Templates (Event Brochure Design Ideas)

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Are you planning a conference and need an exceptional conference brochure template? Head to Envato Elements, a subscription-based marketplace that offers tons of graphic templates, fonts, logos, add-ons, and more, all for one low monthly fee.

Conference Brochure BifoldConference Brochure BifoldConference Brochure Bifold

What's great about Conference Brochure Bifold is that you can edit it in a range of different programs, including plain old Microsoft Word. If you want a brochure that looks great but doesn't require design expertise to produce, this simple but stylish template is a great option.

Bifold Conference Brochure Layout Bifold Conference Brochure Layout Bifold Conference Brochure Layout

If you do know how to use InDesign, though, it will make a difference to the end result. Bifold Conference Brochure Layout is a beautifully designed template to give you a head start on your designs. It's an eight-page A4 template, with bleed areas and free fonts, and it's 100% print-ready.

Trifold Conference Brochure Template InDesignTrifold Conference Brochure Template InDesignTrifold Conference Brochure Template InDesign

Looking for a trifold brochure? Here's a professional-looking template to help you make a wonderful impression. It's set up with placeholders for you to add common conference brochure details, like dates and times, keynote speakers, key topics, etc.

International Conference Brochure International Conference Brochure International Conference Brochure

The dark background on this trifold brochure really helps the white text and the yellow design elements to stand out. It also comes with helpful features like a space for a QR code that you can use to give more information online. This conference brochure layout would give people a great introduction to your event.

Event Brochure Design TrifoldEvent Brochure Design TrifoldEvent Brochure Design Trifold

Event brochure design templates are often based on a strict linear grid, but this one breaks things up with fluid, curvy lines and shapes. It's a great way of adding a dose of creativity to your conference leaflet, so it would be a great choice for technology conferences or other meetings at which innovation and creativity are key components.

Business Conference Flyer Set Business Conference Flyer Set Business Conference Flyer Set

How about a simple, one-page flyer, with accompanying digital versions for your conference? People are busy, after all, and they will appreciate being given the essential information in a quick, easy-to-digest format. This package allows you to do just that, with a well-designed print flyer template and even simpler versions to post on social media.

Conference Handbook TemplateConference Handbook TemplateConference Handbook Template

What works well in this conference brochure design template is the simple, clean design, with ample white space. You can customise it as much as you want in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, but don't be tempted to fill up that white space with extra text and information. The negative space is important to the design, so try to retain it in your final version.

Conference Brochure Design Template Conference Brochure Design Template Conference Brochure Design Template

If you've managed to secure a high-profile speaker for your conference, why not highlight that front and centre? This conference brochure layout gives you the perfect opportunity to do that, with its placeholder for a large image on the front cover. The rest of the design is well thought out too, so you can create an impressive end result with this template.

Bi-Fold Event BrochureBi-Fold Event BrochureBi-Fold Event Brochure

Try this bifold event brochure design to introduce your conference or business seminar in style. Notice how the key design elements of geometric shapes in purple and yellow are repeated across every page. That gives a wonderful cohesion to the design. Feel free to change the colours and other details to match your brand, but be sure to keep that same visual consistency from one page to the next.

Stylish Conference PamphletStylish Conference PamphletStylish Conference Pamphlet

Give participants an overview of what to expect from your conference with this simple, well-designed trifold brochure template. This is not the place to give every detail of the conference, but it does give you a good opportunity to highlight key details, such as the major topics of discussion, key speakers, locations, etc.

Business Conference Booklet TemplateBusiness Conference Booklet TemplateBusiness Conference Booklet Template

Are you organising a business conference in a hotel? Then use Business Conference Booklet Template to give your attendees all the details they need: who the keynote speakers are, where and when the various sessions will be held, what facilities are available in the hotel, etc. 

International Conference Brochure International Conference Brochure International Conference Brochure

If you're looking for a conference leaflet featuring a strong, contemporary design, this is it. You get two PSD template files: one for the inside and one for the outside. All the design elements in those files are well organised to make editing easy in Photoshop, and it's also set up for easy printing, with CMYK colours and a bleed area.

Student Conference Brochure Design TemplateStudent Conference Brochure Design TemplateStudent Conference Brochure Design Template

Here's a high-quality conference handbook template designed especially for a student conference. It's set up for easy editing and printing, with both Illustrator and Photoshop versions available.

Event Brochure Design Templates Event Brochure Design Templates Event Brochure Design Templates

Create all your conference materials in one go with this seven-in-one bundle. You get a whole collection of brochures, flyers, and banners, all well laid out and ready to edit in Photoshop or InDesign. The photos are not included, but you'll find links to them in the help file.

Conference BrochureConference BrochureConference Brochure

Looking for a special template for an important conference? This conference brochure comes in A4 size and contains a four-page layout. Really, that's all you need to create an effective brochure that will catch the eye of your attendees and keep them engaged. 

Conference Presentation TemplateConference Presentation TemplateConference Presentation Template

If you want a simple, well-designed brochure template that's easy to edit, Conference Presentation Template is an excellent choice. The PSD and AI files are fully layered and well organised, so you'll find it easy to add your own content. 

Event BrochureEvent BrochureEvent Brochure

Are you in charge of organising or promoting an event? Then Event Brochure is ideal for you. It's designed especially for companies like yours to advertise their services with an easy-to-read, visually appealing brochure. The A4 template offers a two-page template that you can edit in either InDesign or Photoshop. 

Conference Agenda TemplateConference Agenda TemplateConference Agenda Template

Conference Agenda Template offers tons of versatility. For example, it contains 12 professionally designed pages in A4 size. Find the layout that works for you and go with it. This is a great choice of brochure when you have loads of information you need to communicate in an eye-catching and stylish way. 

Conference Schedule TemplateConference Schedule TemplateConference Schedule Template

When you use a professional template like this, you don't have to worry about the layout or printing requirements because Conference Schedule Template is set up with everything your printer will need to do a great job, like proper page sizing, bleeds, CMYK colours, etc.

Conference Program BookletConference Program BookletConference Program Booklet

When you need to create a stunning brochure for an upcoming conference, you need to choose your template wisely. Conference Program Booklet won't let you down. The A4 and US Letter templates are well laid out and easy to customise in InDesign.

Conference Presentation TemplateConference Presentation TemplateConference Presentation Template

Conference Presentation Template is a fully layered and well-organised PSD template that contains everything you need to create a professional brochure. Add your text and images, and you'll be ready to print in no time. Of course, if you're confident in Photoshop, you can customise the design much more.

Conference Program TemplateConference Program TemplateConference Program Template

Here's a high-quality brochure design that is simple yet stylish. Conference Program Template is a terrific multipurpose brochure. It's set up for easy editing and printing. Customise it using your photo, brand colours, font, and text.

Business Conference BrochureBusiness Conference BrochureBusiness Conference Brochure

Provide attendees with all the details they need by using the Business Conference Brochure template. It comes in A4 size, with master pages, automatic page numbering, and the inclusion of bleeds, trim lines, and safe zone lines to ensure that the printed version comes out just as you want.

Conference Event BrochureConference Event BrochureConference Event Brochure

Why not make your conference brochure design stand out by choosing Conference Event Brochure? You get both A4 and US Letter sized templates, with 12 unique layout pages, and they're fully set up with things like grids and guides to help you keep the layout consistent on every page.

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