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40+ Best Condensed Fonts (Narrow, Beautiful, Elegant, and Bold!)

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Check out this collection of condensed narrow fonts you can download now. We'll look at some of the best bold condensed fonts, condensed narrow fonts, and much more. This list is perfect if you're looking for nice condensed fonts for design inspiration. Or find your new favorite compact font to download today.

East Liberty FontEast Liberty FontEast Liberty Font
Download this stylish, long condensed font on Envato Elements.

What Is a Condensed Font?

So, what is a condensed font? Condensed fonts generally have a "long" look. They tend to be visually tall and narrow. You might also see this style referred to as a compressed font or a compact font. While the aesthetic largely focuses on narrow fonts, you can get plenty of interesting variation in your choices too.

Here's a stylish example of a condensed sans serif font. Note that it has a lot of height, and much less width in comparison. Fonts like this can be an excellent choice for display type.

Sprout Sans SerifSprout Sans SerifSprout Sans Serif
Download this beautifully designed, condensed sans serif font on Envato Elements.

However, again, this aesthetic can go in many different directions. Here's an artful example of a condensed serif font. Notice the stylish contrast between the strokes in the type design. It also notably has serifs. It's a different take on the same design direction.

Moonstaire - Condensed SerifMoonstaire - Condensed SerifMoonstaire - Condensed Serif
This condensed serif font can be downloaded now on Envato Elements.

Download Beautiful Condensed Fonts on Envato Elements

If you love fonts, you should definitely check out Envato Elements. There are hundreds of condensed narrow fonts to choose from. The best part is, one low price gets you access to the entire font library. It's an awesome deal, and downloads are unlimited. 

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
Download unlimited condensed fonts on Envato Elements.

You can find some of the best bold condensed fonts, stylish condensed, narrow fonts, and much more on Envato Elements. Find the perfect skinny block font, or try out a stylish font duo like the example below. There's so much to try out, and with unlimited downloads, you can download as many fonts as you want. 

Even better, the entire font library is licensed for commercial use. So you can jump right in and use all of the fonts on Envato Elements in your professional design work. 

Fort Collins Font DuoFort Collins Font DuoFort Collins Font Duo
This stylish font duo features a bold condensed font paired with a script. Download it on Envato Elements.

While there are thousands of fonts on Envato Elements to download, there's plenty of other content too. Download design templates, graphics, stock photos, and much more. They're all included, so it's a one-stop shop for all of your design needs.

For example, after you've picked up the perfect compact font, why not download a design template? Check out this resume design and how nice it looks with a long condensed font in use. It's included with Envato Elements, so you can download it and customize it any way you like.

Resume CV TemplateResume CV TemplateResume CV Template
This resume design template is also included on Envato Elements. Download it today and start designing.

The Best Condensed Fonts on Envato Elements

Let's take a look at some of the best selections in the condensed font library over on Envato Elements. Remember, they're all included for one low price. Consider downloading your favorites, or enjoy the design inspiration.

1. Global Condensed Font

Global Condensed FontGlobal Condensed FontGlobal Condensed Font

Isn't this a stylish font design? The high contrast here makes it a great fit for fashion and high-end branding. Try it in your next magazine layout or on a business card.

2. Lonssa Condensed Typeface

Lonssa Condensed TypefaceLonssa Condensed TypefaceLonssa Condensed Typeface

Here's a more relaxed, informal aesthetic. Hand-drawn type like this lovely condensed sans serif font can be perfect for DIY projects, invitations, and more.

3. BARSTRIP Ultra Very Condensed Font

BARSTRIP - Ultra CondensedBARSTRIP - Ultra CondensedBARSTRIP - Ultra Condensed

This very condensed font is a great choice for eye-catching, graphical display type. It's a fun choice for larger type on posters, T-shirts, and album covers. 

4. Jerome Condensed Slab Serif

Jerome Condensed Slab SerifJerome Condensed Slab SerifJerome Condensed Slab Serif

How about a chunky, bold condensed font like this one? It has some athletic energy and could look awesome on T-shirts, posters, and more. Try it for a school event too.

5. Grandmaid Condensed Typeface

Grandmaid Condensed TypefaceGrandmaid Condensed TypefaceGrandmaid Condensed Typeface

Here's a skinny block font with a lot of personality. It also has really interesting texture, which lends itself well to a vintage feel. Try this one in your next print design.

6. Calcio Ultra Condensed

Calcio Ultra CondensedCalcio Ultra CondensedCalcio Ultra Condensed

Here's another very condensed font that works very well as a central design element. Check out how awesome it looks when you use it with a graphical component.

7. Minty March Condensed Serif Font

Minty March, Condensed serif fontMinty March, Condensed serif fontMinty March, Condensed serif font

This sans serif condensed font has a friendly, hand-drawn aesthetic. If you're looking for an organic, friendly aesthetic, this could be a perfect font choice. 

8. Bondie Condensed Sans Serif Font

Bondie - Condensed Sans Serif FontBondie - Condensed Sans Serif FontBondie - Condensed Sans Serif Font

This compressed font has a perfect, semi-bold look. It's a clean, versatile sans serif that looks great at larger and smaller sizes too. Give this one a try today.

9. Kionsa: An Ultra Condensed Font

Kionsa - An Ultra Condensed FontKionsa - An Ultra Condensed FontKionsa - An Ultra Condensed Font

If you love condensed narrow fonts with a lot of contrast, check out this stylish design. It would be great paired with photography, fashion, and magazine projects.

10. Uphead Condensed Typeface Font

Uphead Condensed Typeface FontUphead Condensed Typeface FontUphead Condensed Typeface Font

This sans serif condensed font has so many possibilities. It has interesting contrast, but still has a neutrality that makes it a strong choice for a variety of design situations.

11. Redig Condensed Serif Font

Redig FontRedig FontRedig Font

Now this is a bold condensed font! If you really want to make a strong statement, consider trying a condensed font like this one. It's great for headlines and points of interest.

12. Yokori Condensed Font

Yokori FontYokori FontYokori Font

Check out the stylish, ribbon-like aesthetic in this condensed font. It's got such a classy aesthetic, so this one would be right at home in high-end design, branding, and more. 

13. Fort Collins Caps Font Duo

Fort Collins CapsFort Collins CapsFort Collins Caps

Condensed fonts can be a great match in a font duo like this one. That means this stylish font download comes with both the condensed font and the script font too.

14. HOCHLAND Bold Condensed Font


Check out how this bold condensed font stacks. This could make for a number of really interesting design solutions. Try this font out in branding, posters, and more. 

15. Retrohols Retro Condensed Font

Retrohols - Retro Condensed FontRetrohols - Retro Condensed FontRetrohols - Retro Condensed Font

A retro look and feel can translate well into a condensed font too. Check out this memorable design. This one would look awesome on a T-shirt design.

16. Blackheat Bold Sans Condensed

Blackheat - Bold Sans CondensedBlackheat - Bold Sans CondensedBlackheat - Bold Sans Condensed

This all-caps, bold sans serif font makes a huge impact. Imagine this one on a fitness poster or a poster for a music event. It has so much energy.

17. Therlalu Condensed Sans Serif Font

Therlalu - Condensed Sans Serif FontTherlalu - Condensed Sans Serif FontTherlalu - Condensed Sans Serif Font

Here's a thin, condensed font with some grunge texture. However, this font download comes with both a solid and a rough version for you to try out.

18. Franceur Condensed Typeface

Franceur - Condensed TypefaceFranceur - Condensed TypefaceFranceur - Condensed Typeface

Isn't this condensed font cute? It has so much character and personality. Imagine this one on invitations or in more whimsical branding scenarios. It's such a fun choice.

19. Nordin Rounded Condensed Sans

Nordin Rounded - Condensed SansNordin Rounded - Condensed SansNordin Rounded - Condensed Sans

Here's a bold sans serif font that uses the condensed look but also applies rounded edges. It reads well at larger and smaller sizes, so it's a versatile choice. 

20. CHOXR Bold Narrow Condensed Sans

CHOXR - Authentic Condensed SansCHOXR - Authentic Condensed SansCHOXR - Authentic Condensed Sans

Condensed narrow fonts like this one can be an awesome addition to your font library because of their versatility. Note how this one looks great both small and large.

21. Honey Bunny Font Duo

Honey bunny font duoHoney bunny font duoHoney bunny font duo

Here's another example of a stylish font duo that uses a bold condensed font. Notice how well a stark contrast pairs here. The thin script font works so well with this typeface.

22. Moby Narrow Font

Moby FontMoby FontMoby Font

If you like a geometric aesthetic, check out this very condensed font. This rounded look could make an awesome impression in branding, poster design, and more.

23. Lemonlove Condensed Display Font

Lemonlove FontLemonlove FontLemonlove Font

Here's an opposing aesthetic. This font has a lot of hard angles, and it can be stacked in such creative and interesting ways. Try this condensed font out today.

24. Grovelane Condensed Brush Font

Grovelane Brush FontGrovelane Brush FontGrovelane Brush Font

The brush strokes in this font are really visually appealing. It's got that same condensed length, but it also has the friendly, informal vibe of a hand-drawn font.

25. Breuche Skinny Block Font

Breuche FontBreuche FontBreuche Font

Love a bold condensed font? This is such a great choice for display type because it really has the potential to stand out. However, notice how well it works at smaller sizes too.

26. Moftein Sough Display Font with Bonus

Moftein Sough - Display Font + BonusMoftein Sough - Display Font + BonusMoftein Sough - Display Font + Bonus

A condensed serif font can be such a classy choice. Isn't this design stylish? Try it out for headlines, titles, or even for your next logo design project. 

27. Starblock Hand-Drawn Condensed Font

Starblock FontStarblock FontStarblock Font

Here's another fun, hand-drawn take on a condensed font. It's a layered font, so you get some extras to experiment with here too. Download it and give it a try today.

28. Matey Stylish Narrow Font

Matey FontMatey FontMatey Font

Aren't the ends of the strokes on this font interesting? It has a lot of potential to make a big, memorable impact. This could make an amazing basis for a typographic logo.

29. Newston Stylish Condensed Serif

Newston - Stylish SerifNewston - Stylish SerifNewston - Stylish Serif

This condensed serif font has a very elegant look and feel. Imagine this on your next package design or pair it with your photography portfolio. It'll definitely bring some class.

30. Legal Obligation Condensed Serif

Legal Obligation SerifLegal Obligation SerifLegal Obligation Serif

This condensed font download also includes three weights. Keep things super light or go bold with this font family. It works well for film credits, but could work for a variety of other projects too.

31. Braleno Condensed SVG Font

Braleno - Condensed SVG FontBraleno - Condensed SVG FontBraleno - Condensed SVG Font

You can find condensed SVG fonts on Envato Elements too, like this textured font. SVG fonts bring an additional level of detail to your work. Give this one a try.

32. Winchester Condensed Font

Winchester Condensed FontWinchester Condensed FontWinchester Condensed Font

Here's another classy condensed serif font. This one works well with a vintage look, but could easily be dressed up or down for other design scenarios too.

Even More Beautiful Condensed Fonts on GraphicRiver

Looking for even more condensed, narrow fonts? Check out the awesome selection on GraphicRiver. It's another amazing, professional resource for assets, fonts, and more. GraphicRiver is a great choice if you prefer to only download one or two files, as you need them. 

Check out some of these beautifully designed, compressed fonts you can download now:

1. Cyberpunk Technology Gothic Condensed Font

Cyberpunk Technology Gothic Condensed FontCyberpunk Technology Gothic Condensed FontCyberpunk Technology Gothic Condensed Font

Love a tech-inspired look and feel? Try out this futuristic condensed sans serif font. It has such visually interesting edges and could make a big impression.

2. Alvaro Condensed Typeface

Alvaro CondensedAlvaro CondensedAlvaro Condensed

Here's another condensed sans serif that has some really interesting alternates. Choose which letter is accented here; there are two font files to choose from.

3. Graphemic Deco Condensed Sans

Graphemic | Deco Condensed SansGraphemic | Deco Condensed SansGraphemic | Deco Condensed Sans

Other aesthetics can work well as a condensed font too, like this Art-Deco-inspired condensed font. It's super stylish and comes in two different weights you can try.

4. Kionsa Ultra Condensed Font Duo

Kionsa – Ultra Condensed Font DuoKionsa – Ultra Condensed Font DuoKionsa – Ultra Condensed Font Duo

Isn't this font duo attractive? The high-contrast condensed font, paired with the script type, really makes for a classy combo. Download these two fonts today.

5. Silver Crown Bold Condensed Font

Silver Crown fontSilver Crown fontSilver Crown font

Now this is a cool font, right? There are so many awesome ligatures and alternates included in this font. Try creating your own creative type solutions with this beautiful font.

6. Seductive Height Sans Serif Font

Seductive Height Sans Serif FontSeductive Height Sans Serif FontSeductive Height Sans Serif Font

If you're looking for a versatile font family, this is an awesome choice. You get this sans serif font in ten different weights and variants. That's a lot to work with.

7. AJ Signal Condensed Font

AJ Signal Condensed FontAJ Signal Condensed FontAJ Signal Condensed Font

Here's a bold condensed font with a lot of movement and style. This one would be such a good fit for the fitness industry, but could work for a variety of other projects too. 

8. Chroma Font Family

Chroma Font FamilyChroma Font FamilyChroma Font Family

This is a clean, neutral choice that can work in so many designs. It's also a versatile condensed font; check out how nicely it reads at small sizes. 

9. Condensa Condensed Font

Condensa Condensed FontCondensa Condensed FontCondensa Condensed Font

How about a chunkier condensed font? This is a playful font design with really interesting use of contrast. Use it on key text in your composition to create emphasis.

10. Sansterdam Maze Geometric Condensed Font

Sansterdam Maze Geometric Condensed FontSansterdam Maze Geometric Condensed FontSansterdam Maze Geometric Condensed Font

Here's a really visually interesting font duo. You get a stylish script paired with an outlined condensed font. This could be a great choice for making a big statement. 

What Are the Best Condensed Fonts for Your Project?

There are so many awesome choices out there when it comes to condensed fonts. Which aesthetic is your favorite? Remember to consider how the font itself visually communicates when choosing nice condensed fonts for your next project.

If you're looking for fonts, remember to check out Envato Elements. There are thousands of fonts you can download right now, including a beautifully designed collection of condensed fonts. One low price gets you access to the entire font library!

Or, remember to check out GraphicRiver. There's plenty of beautiful condensed fonts to check out over there too, and it's a perfect choice if you're only looking for one or two fonts.

Love fonts? Looking for even more font downloads and inspiration? Check out these font collections here on Envato Tuts+.

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