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35 Fantastic Pattern Tutorials on Tuts+


Create a Sweet Honeycomb Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you'll tackle creating a custom hexagon design with gradient shapes, the Pattern Options panel, and creating variations within a simple repeated pattern.

How to Create a Spring Floral Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial goes through the process of creating lovely spring flowers, setting them up into a pattern, cropping said pattern, and various uses of said design. 

Create a Gentle Flat Oriental Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you'll create designs inspired by a few Asian cultures and layer them on top of each other in order to make a complex, detailed pattern. Armed with a limited color palette, basic shapes, and the Pattern Options panel, the techniques used in this tutorial are applicable time and time again.

How to Create a Bright Geometric Circle Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial shows you how to take a simple circle design and transform it into a bright retro pattern. Gradient shapes, the Pattern Options panel, and the Pucker & Bloat effect all play integral roles in creating a fun geometric pattern.

Beginner Vector Tutorials

These tutorials range in length, but are aimed at a crowd newer to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or the making of patterns. Most of the techniques included are applicable to other media.

Repeating Patterns Made Easy in Inkscape

This tutorial uses the Create Tile Clones tool in Inkscape to create simple, repeated patterns as well as other uses for repeating tiles.

How to Create an Easy Geometric Aztec Pattern in Inkscape

Learn to make a geometric Aztec inspired pattern in Inkscape using the program's Grids and Pen Tool. The pattern is complex, but not difficult to create.

Create a Security Seal in Illustrator Using Guilloche Patterns

In this tutorial, you'll create multiple patterns in Adobe Illustrator in order to embellish a seal design, seen above. The patterns are based on Guilloche, which is an artistic technique used on banknotes and other documents in order to prevent forgeries.

How to Create a Blended Hexagonal Print Design in Adobe Illustrator

This hexagon-based tutorial uses the Blend Tool (W)Pathfinder panel, and the Pattern Options panel in order to create a seamless, layered striped hexagon print design. In order to increase the complexity of the pattern, the Appearance panel is employed, allowing users to organize Blend Modes, swatches, opacity, and more. 

Quick Tip Tutorials

These are tutorials are short and to the point, covering a single technique, style, or design.

Quick Tip: Create a Geometric Pattern With a Hexagon in Illustrator

Use the Transform effect on a single polygon in order to create a large, seamless pattern. Create multiple copies, adjust transparency, and you'll find your simple polygon has become a complex design.

Quick Tip: Create a Seamless Coffee Bean Pattern in Illustrator

Create a simple coffee bean design and alter it color, size, and orientation in order to create a fun repeated pattern, perfect for print design in a coffee shop.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Wicker Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Create a seamless wicker-style pattern in Illustrator using the Gradient Tool (G), various Blend Modes, and the Transform effect. One of the many realistic texture pattern tutorials found on Tuts+.

Quick Tip: How to Create Subtle Patterns for Web Projects in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Create a set of quick and simple textured patterns, perfect for web design (backgrounds, components within an interface, icons, etc). this tutorial utilizes Adobe Illustrator CS6's Pattern Options panel to create flawless repeated patterns.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Using Adobe Illustrator CS6's Pattern Options panel, a series of patterns celebrating the 2012 Olympic Games, which were set in London, England, are created with a singular vector design. This tutorial shows users the versatility of the Pattern Options panel, demonstrating tile, spacing, and design options.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Quick and Easy Diagonal Pattern

In this tutorial, you'll create a simple and easy diagonal pattern in Adobe Illustrator by using a series of rectangles and repeating them. 

Quick Tip: How to Make a Repeating Japanese Wave Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial centers itself on Japanese styled patterns and how to create them with the Appearance panel and an arc shape (created from simple shapes and vector effects) within Adobe Illustrator.

Quick Tip: How to Dynamically Create a Seamless Pattern Using the Graphic Style Palette

In this tutorial, you'll create a seamless stone pattern using the Graphic Style panel in Adobe Illustrator. Although this is an older tutorial, the techniques utilized can definitely be applied to the current and future versions of Illustrator.

Quick Tip: Create an Upholstery Pattern in Five Minutes!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a realistic upholstery pattern, perfect for backgrounds, text effects, and simulating texture within a larger illustration. This tutorial uses the Gradient Mesh tool and the Transform effect in order to complete its goal.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Floral Repeating Pattern

Learn how to make a repeating floral pattern from vector stock (or vector graphics created elsewhere) without using the Pattern Options panel. This technique allows the user to create a seamless, highly detailed pattern regardless of skill level. 

Quick Tip: Make a Seamless Argyle Pattern

This tutorial employs simple shapes in order to create a seamless argyle pattern within Adobe Illustrator. Its techniques can be applied to other vector and raster programs as well as traditional media when creating repeating patterns.

Quick Tip: Create a Damask Pattern Using the MadPattern Illustrator Template

Using a downloadable template, this tutorial makes easy work of complex and elegant pattern making that's usually a long and difficult process. 

Quick Tip: Create a Metal Grille using the Transform Effect

This Screencast tutorial shows you how to use Adobe Illustrator's Transform effect to quickly and easily make a pattern from any object within the program. Add highlights and gradients, and the pattern will transform into a metallic design in mere moments.

Intermediate and Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials take on pattern making more in-depth than the other tutorials featured in this round-up.

Create a Cute Winter Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a complex winter pattern of winter characters and objects from scratch. Using the Pattern Options panel after building each object from simple shapes, you'll layer objects and edit their positions within the panel.

How to Make a Quick Kawaii Candy Corn Pattern for Halloween

In this tutorial, you'll create cute little candy corn characters scattered around a seamless, repeated pattern. Paired with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M) and the Blob Brush Tool (Shift-B), the Pattern Options panel makes an easy business of this holiday-themed pattern.

Recycle One Pattern into Nine New Patterns with Illustrator CS6

This tutorial takes a complex damask design and transforms it into nine varied patterns within Adobe Illustrator with the use of the Pattern Options panel. Through moving components of the design, creating various formations of repeated designs, and adding additional elements, making a full set of related patterns isn't as daunting as a damask design often is.

How to Create a Seamless Bird Pattern with Retro Touch in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you'll draw a repeated bird pattern from scratch within Adobe Illustrator. It takes you through the steps necessary to design simplistic but realistic birds and how to position them and additional elements into a seamless pattern design.

Create a Grungy CMYK Pattern in Adobe Illustrator CS6

In this tutorial, you'll use a stock photo, alter it with Image Trace and various Art Brushes in order to realize a grungy style, and create a repeated pattern within the Pattern Options panel.

Create Kawaii Inspired Halloween Wrapping Paper in Illustrator CC

This Halloween-themed tutorial demonstrates how to create a truly adorable all-over print ready for use as wrapping paper. The tutorial breaks down each character's simple shapes, how to combine them, and laying out the pattern.

How to Create a Seamless Bookshelf Pattern in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a seamless bookshelf pattern design. Each book is meticulously designed, followed by instructions on how to repeat their pattern and make a few variations throughout in order to create a dynamic print.

Everything You Ever Want to Know About Creating Seamless Patterns in Illustrator

This tutorial goes through several print styles and types and breaks down how to create them in Adobe Illustrator CS3. Although some of the program's tools and pattern creation have since been updated in the last five years, the theory discussed in the article is as relevant as ever.

How to Make a Foolproof Flowery Wallpaper Pattern

This tutorial shows users how to create a hand-drawn flower design in Adobe Illustrator without the use of the Pattern Options panel. Instead, users generate their design tile manually and set it as a pattern. Fantastic for versions CS5 and below.

Create a Summer Underwater Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

An advanced tutorial for those with an interest in drawing more complex designs and forming them into repeated patterns. This one takes the complexity to a new level, layering drawing on  top of drawing, on top of drawing for an interesting design sure to get inspiration flowing for future work.

Adobe Photoshop Pattern Tutorials

Pattern tutorials created at various levels of difficulty within Adobe Photoshop.

Create a Colorful Geometric Pattern in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you'll create a colorful and complex geometric pattern by drawing a couple simple transparent shapes and layering them throughout a design swatch.

Create a Seamless Argyle Pattern With a Fabric Texture

this tutorial shows users how to utilize a fabric texture in order to create a realistic argyle pattern that looks like it was scanned from a sweater or sock. the entire pattern and texture itself are created from scratch and applicable to other fabric styles and designs within pattern making.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Geometric Background Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a simple, geometric pattern design with Photoshop's vector tools. Simple shapes, transparent layers, and blending modes help users create a repeated pattern fit for backgrounds, web graphics, and more.

Quick Tip: Create a Complex Pattern by Nudging Smart Objects

This tutorial makes great use of smart objects and creating a repeating, seamless pattern in Photoshop without use of the Offset filter. Instead, smart objects are employed with a nudging technique whose result is layered, complex, and elegant.


It's our hope at Tuts+ that this collection of pattern-related tutorials, and those to come to the site, inspire you, dear reader, in future work. Let us know about your latest pattern creations in the comment section, on Twitter, or on Facebook. Happy pattern building!

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