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30 Restaurant Menu Templates With Creative Designs

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Restaurants that invest in their food menu designs do better than those that don’t. The right creative menu design templates can make a big difference to a restaurant’s sales. It's the difference between confused customers and sporadic sales, versus customers ordering the dishes you prominently display.

Envato Elements has you covered for all the restaurant menu template design choices you could want for your small restaurant. 

Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace. For a low monthly fee, enjoy unlimited creative menu design templates. You can also download the best graphic templates, actions and presets, premium fonts, royalty-free photos, and more.

30 Best Food Menu Designs From Envato Elements 

Here are 30 restaurant menu templates with beautiful designs and pro features. They pack in a number of print-ready, flexible design options. 

1. Vegan / Vegetarian Menu Template (AI, EPS, PSD)

Vegan / Vegetarian Menu TemplateVegan / Vegetarian Menu TemplateVegan / Vegetarian Menu Template

This is one of the best menu samples for a restaurant specializing in vegan food. It's an easy-to-edit A4 vegan menu template that you can customize in Illustrator or Photoshop. The aesthetic of this menu template is a typical green vegan or vegetarian menu design. Follow the clean and modern layout to add your items, prices, and photos.

2. Fast Food Minimal Menu (AI, EPS, PSD)

Fast Food Minimal MenuFast Food Minimal MenuFast Food Minimal Menu

Looking for creative menu design templates? Check out this fast food minimal menu. With only a few clicks you can add your own dishes and prices. Menu graphic designs like this one come across as original and nostalgic. This download includes a help file with font links and a usage guide. 

3. Blackboard Food Truck Menu Template (EPS, PSD)

Blackboard Food Truck Menu Template (EPS, PSD)Blackboard Food Truck Menu Template (EPS, PSD)Blackboard Food Truck Menu Template (EPS, PSD)

Food trucks are very popular nowadays. Be sure to have a food menu design that matches your cool food truck. This food truck menu template is perfect if you like a simple, relaxed, and modern look. 

Edit the fast food menu template in Photoshop or Illustrator. It's A4 size and super easy to customize.

4. Square Trifold Food Menu (PSD, INDD)

Square Trifold Food MenuSquare Trifold Food MenuSquare Trifold Food Menu

Check out this fully layered PSD file for the design of a menu card. It's great if you're looking for graphic design menus with the layout and folds sorted out. It's print-ready, so you just need to add your photos with Smart Objects and replace the text to create your menu in Photoshop or InDesign. 

5. Burger Menu Fast Food Menu Template (PSD)

burger menuburger menuburger menu

Clean design, big fonts, and an attractive presentation are all at home in this restaurant menu design. Make your most mouth-watering burgers and dishes easy to spot for hungry diners with this bar food menu template’s clear-cut, easy-to-read typefaces and excellent color choices.

Edit this fast food menu template in Photoshop. It's print-ready, classic, and effective.

6. Mexican Food Menu Design Template (EPS, PSD)

Mexican Food Menu Design Template (EPS, PSD)Mexican Food Menu Design Template (EPS, PSD)Mexican Food Menu Design Template (EPS, PSD)

Who doesn't like Mexican food? Surprise your customers with a really cool Mexican food menu design for your restaurant! 

This food menu design stands out with its black background and white text and drawings. Edit this Mexican food menu design template using Photoshop or Illustrator. 

7. Food Truck Menu Template (EPS, PSD)

Food Truck Menu TemplateFood Truck Menu TemplateFood Truck Menu Template

This food truck menu template is another option for your business, especially if you're on a street food market. 

The food menu design is clean, easy to read, and very cool. You can edit this fast food menu template in Photoshop and Illustrator. It's A4 size, CMYK, and easy to edit. 

8. Beer Menu Template (PSD, EPS)

Beer Menu TemplateBeer Menu TemplateBeer Menu Template

With a simple yet attention-grabbing restaurant menu design, this bar food menu template showcases your beers in an easy-to-read format. Don't stop at beers—you can easily customize this menu design template for all types of bar food and drinks.

The stark color contrast is enough to push your best-selling beers to the forefront, allowing customers to pick them with ease. The bar food menu template is perfect for a pub, bar, or café. It's A4, and you can edit it using Photoshop or Illustrator.

9. Elegant Green Restaurant Menu (AI, EPS, PSD)

Elegant Green Restaurant MenuElegant Green Restaurant MenuElegant Green Restaurant Menu

Looking for elegant menu samples for a restaurant or cafe? Consider this modern restaurant menu design. It's easy to use and will save you from designing a menu from scratch. With this download, you'll get two AI files, two PSD files and two EPS files to work with. Follow the help file included for guidance and font links. It's a print-ready A4 menu template.

10. Kane Food Menu (INDD)

Kane Food MenuKane Food MenuKane Food Menu

A successful menu book design needs structure and space, and Kane is a great example. Work with this sample restaurant menu to save time. Just add your photos and replace the text with your dishes. This download includes a 12-page A4 InDesign file and free fonts. 

11. Retro Restaurant Food Menu (AI, EPS)

Retro Restaurant Food MenuRetro Restaurant Food MenuRetro Restaurant Food Menu

Love cool menu designs with a retro vibe? Check out creative menu designs like this one. It's an A4 food menu that's fully editable in Illustrator. It's beautifully layered to make it easy to edit and customize. It's also print-ready, so you just need to add your content and you're all set!  

12. Seafood Menu Template (EPS, PDF, PSD)

Seafood Menu TemplateSeafood Menu TemplateSeafood Menu Template

Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze from your table with this delightful seafood menu. This template features stunning black and white vector illustrations for a classic, artistic feel.

Great for seaside restaurants with that trendy flair, this template comes with Photoshop and Illustrator files in a convenient CMYK format. Easily insert your menu using the fully editable text holders.

13. Steak House Menu (PSD)

Steak House MenuSteak House MenuSteak House Menu

Stop your customers dead in their tracks with this delicious steak house menu. This template features print-ready Photoshop files waiting for your customization. Insert stunning HD photos to make the most of this gorgeous design.

Curious about these fonts? Get information on where to find the fonts, Bernier and Lobster, included in this download.

14. Blackboard Restaurant Menu Design (PSD)

Blackboard Restaurant MenuBlackboard Restaurant MenuBlackboard Restaurant Menu

This sharp, modern, and sleek menu design is perfect for multipurpose restaurant use. It features a minimalist, black-and-white layout and pleasing tracking between the letters, so the text is readable and legible for your diners. 

Easily highlight your small restaurant’s most sumptuous dishes with its clean layout and thoughtful design. With Photoshop PSD files included and changeable images for greater customizability, this template is Letter size for added convenience.

15. The Rustic Food Menu Template (AI, EPS)

The Rustic Food Menu TemplateThe Rustic Food Menu TemplateThe Rustic Food Menu Template

Kick off your next restaurant with this gorgeous rustic design. This menu template features an awesome retro design with grunge elements and elegant colors.

Make the most of this print-ready template by customizing the colors and style to fit your brand. Download this file today and enjoy the free fonts also included!

16. Orange Minimalist Luxury Food Menu (AI, PSD)

Orange Minimalist Luxury Food MenuOrange Minimalist Luxury Food MenuOrange Minimalist Luxury Food Menu

Take a look at this orange aesthetic menu template. It's a simple way for you to show your restaurant's dishes. Premium menu graphic designs like this one are easy to customize to match your needs. This download features files compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Texts, images, and graphics are on separate layers, so it's easy to edit. 

17. Food Menu Layout (AI, EPS)

Food Menu LayoutFood Menu LayoutFood Menu Layout

Looking for creative menu designs? Check out this food menu layout that could work for a restaurant or a cafe. You'll get an Illustrator file to add your own dishes and restaurant logo. This download includes Adobe free fonts, and it's print-ready. 

18. Cafe Menu Flyer + Business Card (PSD)

Cafe Menu Flyer + Business CardCafe Menu Flyer + Business CardCafe Menu Flyer + Business Card

Featuring a soothing color scheme that’s easy on the eye and color contrast to make important menu items stand out with clarity, this flyer is a steal as far as menu templates go. 

Whether it’s the chunked arrangement of content or its unique typeface, this menu design is suitable for small restaurant operators of cafes, steakhouses, and even fast food eateries. Its graphic files come in both Letter and A4 size for extra marketing flexibility.

19. Elegant Food Menu (AI, EPS)

Elegant Food MenuElegant Food MenuElegant Food Menu

Create an impressive menu design with this black and white template. This menu features cool dark wood elements for that trendy, sophisticated vibe.

Also included in this template are menu essentials for a cohesive brand. Customize this easy-to-use trifold for an elegant menu design.

20. Modern Restaurant Food Menu (PSD)

Modern Restaurant Food MenuModern Restaurant Food MenuModern Restaurant Food Menu

Invite your friends and associates to dine at your fine establishment with this chic and sophisticated restaurant menu. The modern design features your food front and center, balanced with tantalizing menu items from your restaurant.

Customize this template easily in Adobe Photoshop for a fast upgrade to your menu. Enjoy print-ready files that are well organized and ready to go.

21. Bold Playful Retro Food Menu (AI, PSD)

Bold Playful Retro Food MenuBold Playful Retro Food MenuBold Playful Retro Food Menu

This is one of the most creative menu designs you'll find online. The download includes easy-to-customize Illustrator and Photoshop files. They're well organized and fully layered. Add your own dishes and photos to these A4 size creative menu design templates. 

22. Food Restaurant Menu Flyer (PSD)

Food Restaurant Menu FlyerFood Restaurant Menu FlyerFood Restaurant Menu Flyer

Looking for samples of restaurant menus? Look no more: this modern restaurant menu design has everything you need. Easily customize it in Photoshop to match your restaurant's branding. Work with well-organized layers and Smart Objects to make this design of a menu card your own. 

23. Retro Food Flyer Menu (AI, PSD)

Retro Food Flyer MenuRetro Food Flyer MenuRetro Food Flyer Menu

Enjoy the fun of nostalgic design with this retro food menu. The design features a vibrant orange and black theme with bold vector elements.

Obtain this file to get access to a brilliant front and back design with fully organized layers and convenient bleed lines. Get started on your dream, and download this grill menu template today.

24. Asphalt Food Menu Flyer Template (PSD)

Asphalt Food Menu Flyer TemplateAsphalt Food Menu Flyer TemplateAsphalt Food Menu Flyer Template

Small restaurant owners look for menu designs that are simple and attractive. This food menu template will appeal to restaurant owners of all types as it features a multi-purpose creative design. If you’re looking to sell more of your signature dishes than ever before, this template is a great choice as it showcases your biggest sellers front and center.

25. Summer Drinks Menu (PSD)

Summer Drinks MenuSummer Drinks MenuSummer Drinks Menu

Celebrate the sunny energy of summertime with this vibrant menu. This template features a brilliant tropical theme that all your customers will love.

Get access to a duo of Photoshop and Illustrator formats for high-resolution, print-ready files. Need this menu fast? A handy help file is also included for further instruction.

26. Fruit Juice Menu Flyer (PSD)

Fruit Juice Menu FlyerFruit Juice Menu FlyerFruit Juice Menu Flyer

This fantastic menu template offers complete customizability. This is a great choice because it comes in Letter and A4 sizes, features editable text, and includes images that you can swap in and out. In short, it’s a restaurant menu design that’ll help you sell more dishes and encourage greater word-of-mouth attention.

27. Rustic Sailor Food Menu (PSD)

Rustic Sailor Food MenuRustic Sailor Food MenuRustic Sailor Food Menu

This crisp and presentable menu template comes with a neutral, solid-colored background. With included Photoshop PSD graphic files, this food menu design organizes your small restaurant’s offerings into well-ordered rows and columns for quick comprehension. 

This bifold menu design template is 17x11 inches and comes with six easy-to-edit pages.

28. Doodle Cafe Menu + Business Card (PSD)

Doodle Cafe Menu + Business CardDoodle Cafe Menu + Business CardDoodle Cafe Menu + Business Card

The copious amount of white space in the design of this fast food menu template makes it very helpful in directing your diners’ eyes to the mouth-watering menu items your small restaurant offers. If you need a bar food menu template, this can also work perfectly!

29. Minimalist Menu (PSD)

Minimalist MenuMinimalist MenuMinimalist Menu

Minimalism is the overarching theme in this restaurant menu template. With beautiful and copious padding and white space, it focuses your diners’ eyes on your signature dishes and menu choices. 

The clean, intelligent spacing ensures that people will spot what they want to order in a cinch. Multi-purpose design means usage for restaurants, cafes, fast food places, and more.

30. Vintage Food Menu (AI, PSD)

Vintage Food MenuVintage Food MenuVintage Food Menu

This menu template features an effective one-page food menu design. Effectively using contrast to make reading easier and more powerful, its typeface is large enough to make an impression with your diners. The text, colors, and fonts are all at your disposal with full customizability.

Optimize Your Food Menu Design for Best Results

Without ready-to-use menu templates, you'd have to design the layout yourself, which can be challenging. How do you arrange your items? Should you opt for simplicity or grandeur?

See how this restaurant menu template applies these useful design tips.See how this restaurant menu template applies these useful design tips.See how this restaurant menu template applies these useful design tips.
See how this restaurant menu template applies these useful design tips.
A restaurant menu template with a creative design gives you a professional starting point.

Here are a few menu-design tips to ensure you drive more sales with your menu:

  • Put the most important items of your menu where diners are sure to look first, which is in the top-left corner of the menu, much like reading a book. 
  • Organize your menu into sensible and related sections, such as appetizers starting at the top left and main courses where your main dishes belong. 
  • Only use the most high-resolution images when displaying food photos on your menu to create an impression of high-quality food and ingredients. 
  • Remove those dollar signs from your menu, as studies show that customers spend more without dollar signs in front of prices.

Customize your menu and optimize it for sales and customer experience. 

Watch the Free Course on InDesign Restaurant Menu Design

If you want to do your own restaurant menu but you're new to graphic design, don't worry. Watch our free course about restaurant menu design.

Here you'll learn how to easily make the best food menu design using Adobe InDesign. And if you want to learn more and watch more useful tutorials, subscribe to the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel!

Discover More Awesome Restaurant Menu Templates and Resources

I hope you've enjoyed the selection of the best food menu design templates and tips. Now, if you're looking for even more creative resources, check these out:

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