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26 Best Art Print Mockups (Using an Art Print Mockup Generator)


If you're an illustrator, collage artist, or some other kind of 2D creator, chances are you need a collection of high-quality art print mockups you can use to display your art on your website, social media, and/or portfolio.

Art Print Mockup
Placeit has an amazing collection of Art Print Mockups

Getting hold of great art print mockups used to be a real challenge, but now it's super easy to find a wide variety of mockups for art prints at Placeit. 

Unlimited Access to the Best Art Print Mockups on the Internet

Unlimited Access to the Best Art Print Mockup

Placeit is an affordable online design generator with the largest selection of premium Art Print Mockups available on the internet. What's more, it offers an enormous collection of other high-quality designs, logos, videos, and mockups that you can customise online and download in a matter of seconds, without the need for complicated software.

How to Use an Art Print Mockup Generator

Using the Art Print Mockup Generator is super easy. Let me show you how.

1. Navigate to Placeit and Search for Art Print Mockups

How to Use an Art Print Mockup Generator

2. Select a Mockup Art Print

3. Upload Your Design Using the Art Print Mockup Generator

4. Add Text If You Need It

5. Download Your Design for a Small Fee

And that's it. In a matter of seconds, you can have a stunning art print mockup ready to upload to your social media account or website. Now let's look at a selection of the best art print mockups you can find at Placeit.

26 Best Art Print Mockups 

Mockup Art Print and Vinyl Record

Go old school with this fabulous fine art print mockup featuring 60s style furniture and a vinyl album sitting under the print mockup. Use the art print mockup generator to upload your artwork to the print frame as well as to the label of the vinyl.

Minimalistic Fine Art Print Mockup

Keep things simple with a clean mockup for art prints like this one, which features a solid coloured background that you can change to any colour you desire—or leave black so that you can integrate the template into the background of your choice. 

Mockups for Art Prints Set in a Modern Dining Room

For those who want to show more than one print in their collection, there is this print mockup with three blank frames that you can fill with the work of your choice using the art print mockup generator. 

Mockup for Art Print on a Modern Living Room Wall

Most of the mockups for art prints we're featuring here are in portrait format, but there's also a great selection of landscape art print mockups for you to choose from. For instance, this mockup offers a living room setting with a large blank landscape frame above the sofa for you to display your work. 

Mockup of an Art Print Frame Hanging by a Modern Desk

Show your clients and customers how your work would look in their office space when you use this art print mockup. The mockup is set in a contemporary home office. To add your artwork, simply hit the upload button found to the left of the template.

Mockup for Art Print on a Minimalist Study Room

If you like the home office above but are looking for something more minimal in a creative workspace, how about this mockup? Its neutral colours will allow your special artwork to shine.

Fine Art Print Mockup

Here's another simple fine art print mockup, but this time using a landscape orientation and no frame. You can change the background colour to match your brand or colour scheme or keep it transparent to blend into a background of your choosing. 

Mockup Art Print with Yellow Ornaments

This gorgeous print mockup with its white frame offers beautifully arranged elements with great tonal balance and pops of bright yellow to keep your eyes dancing around the screen. 

Fine Art Print Mockup Against a White Wall

Here's another white framed art print mockup that's great for displaying your creative projects. It's an especially good choice for those who want to create the effect of zooming in on a single piece on an exhibition wall.

Mockups for Art Prints in Modern Bedroom

Looking for a cosy domestic setting in which to display your artwork? How about this scene of a modern bedroom, with two mockup art prints just waiting for you to add your art.

Fine Art Print Mockup for Gallery

Simplicity can be so effective, and that's exactly what this fine art print mockup offers. Use the art print mockup generator to upload your unique artwork, and in a matter of seconds your mockup will be ready for download. 

Mockups for Fine Art Prints

Display two of your art prints in different sizes when you use this terrific print mockup, which is set in a funky modern multipurpose room.

Mockup Art Print with Lights and Table

This excellent display layout for your artwork offers a cool, minimalist, modern context that will complement your work and allow it to shine. 

Fine Art Print Mockup and Books

Keep your work front and centre in your viewer's mind when you use the fine art print mockup to display your artwork. 

Mockup Art Print with Small Modern Table and a Gray Couch

Want to see how your artwork looks in a real-life setting? Then use the mockup generator to add your art to this mockup, which features a large blank print frame set in a stylish living room.

Mockup Art Print on Table 

This print on a table is another simple but effective way to display your artwork in a real-life setting. Go ahead and upload your art quickly using the mockup generator, and your mockup will be ready to add to your social media account or website in seconds. 

Mockups for Art Prints in an Elegant Room

Want to show off several of your prints in the same mockup? This terrific art print mockup allows you to do just that. The template is perfect for displaying prints of various sizes. 

Mockup Art Print on a Desk Next to a Lamp

Here's a great art print mockup containing some of the items you might find on a desk like a clock, a container for pens, and various knickknacks—including, of course, a mockup art print ready and waiting for your favourite artwork

Mockup of a Framed Art Print on a Minimalist Setting

Maybe this is not a print mockup for every occasion, but it's one to hold in your toolbox for the right artwork and the right moment. 

Mockup of an Art Print Frame Placed by an Elegant Staircase

Stairways are the perfect place to display your artwork because there's so much... you know, space. So, of course, Placeit has a few terrific mockups for art prints that feature stairs, like this one. 

Design Product Mockup. Art Gallery Visitor

This is ideally suited for exhibiting artists who need a mockup of someone going around a space and studying the artwork. Upload your art in seconds using the art print mockup generator, and your job is done. 

Mockup Art Print Frame Placed in a Modern Living Room

Living rooms are excellent backdrops for showing off your art, so there are a number of gorgeous mockups for art prints featuring living rooms. Upload your favourite art piece using the art print mockup generator, and show off your work on your website or social media platform.

Poster Mockup Hung in Lounge Living Room

I haven't included many print mockups with people, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty to choose from at Placeit. This one is particularly suited to images that are perfectly square. Upload your artwork quickly and easily, and download your print soon after.

Mockup of an Art Print with a Modern Chair

Say it loud with this enormous fine art print mockup. This print pairs your artwork with a single beautifully designed modernist chair to create a sophisticated, minimalist touch.

Mockup of a Decorative Art Print Hanging in a Bedroom

If you're marketing to hotels, this is a great mockup to show how your work would look in the context of a hotel room. The landscape print mockup is slightly angled but is large enough and positioned well to show your work clearly.

Mockup of an iMac on a Desk with Art Print

This mockup is a great two for one because it not only allows you to display your artwork in the frame on the shelf above the computer, but it also allows you to use the computer screen to display any image of your choosing, like a page on your website or a snapshot of you working on one of your images. The sky's the limit here. 

Choose Your Favourite Art Print Mockup Today 

Placeit is an excellent resource for premium art print mockups. Why not head on over today and create your very own art print mockup quickly and easily.

And if you want more information on other terrific mockups and designs, check out these awesome resources: 

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