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25+ Best Free Gothic Fonts for Fantasy Lettering Art Designs

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Need a Gothic font that is also free? Then dive into this amazing list of freebies below!

The Best Free Gothic Fonts

So what is a Gothic font? Gothic fonts draw their influence from the medieval period in European history.

Now designers use this inspiring age to create artistic recreations of blackletter handwriting and hand-made letterforms.

So to celebrate this style, today we're bringing you another great selection of free resources from around the web. Enjoy classic Gothic typefaces and a few modern favorites to shake up your fantasy designs.

10 Premium Gothic Fonts

But first, check out this amazing selection of premium fonts from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Super easy to install, these high-quality fonts are must-haves for any new or professional designer.

Forsaken Font

Give your designs that vintage look with the incredible Forsaken font. This download includes all the characters you need as well as 50 additional bonus glyphs! You'll also get international language support along with several high-quality font files.

Forsaken FontForsaken FontForsaken Font

Oropitem Typeface

Oropitem is an experimental typeface based on traditional Gothic lettering and penmanship. It was also tried and tested on several different types of design software, from Adobe Photoshop to CorelDraw. So add this font today!

Oropitem Typeface Oropitem Typeface Oropitem Typeface

Vrugoth Handmade Font

Handwritten types are always perfect for that authentic, handmade feel. Now you can add a little grunge to your Gothic themes with the Vrugoth handmade font. Easy to install, this font works on many programs, including Microsoft Word. Check it out!

Vrugoth - Handmade FontVrugoth - Handmade FontVrugoth - Handmade Font

Bracker Font

Need a distinguished font for your next book cover? Try the exquisite Bracker typeface. This Victorian Gothic font features long, elaborate letters with grunge details you'll definitely love. Try it out on logotypes, apparel, and more!

Bracker FontBracker FontBracker Font

Medusa Gothic

This next Romanesque serif display font has been customized specifically for logos and titles. Medusa Gothic has subtle yet creative leaf-like details to personalize your designs. Alternate between lower and uppercase letters to see this effect. Enjoy!

Medusa GothicMedusa GothicMedusa Gothic

Wednesday Font

There's nothing quite like the allure of vintage design. Take the Wednesday font, for example. Classy and elegant, it features ornate Gothic letters with fascinating details. Try out the extra glyphs also included for more elaborate combinations.

Wednesday FontWednesday FontWednesday Font

Sirugino Typeface

Gothic and blackletter styles are often combined together for bold, new looks! This Sirugino typeface is a great example with its strong letterforms and abstract details. Get both the regular and ornate versions to see which looks best for your work.

Sirugino Typeface Sirugino Typeface Sirugino Typeface

Cameo Sweet Gothic

The traditional Gothic font style makes a simple cameo in this cool typeface from Creative Media Lab. With newly updated characters, you'll get to enjoy exceptional glyphs and alternate characters to complete your inspiring designs. Try it out on posters and more!

Cameo Sweet GothicCameo Sweet GothicCameo Sweet Gothic

Fenrir Gothic

Easily toggle alternate characters with the caps lock for this brilliant new font, Fenrir Gothic. A strong display typeface with a nice, clean design, this font will give you a modern twist on an old-fashioned aesthetic. Make your posts pop with Fenrir Gothic!

Fenrir GothicFenrir GothicFenrir Gothic

Treemberg Font Bundle

Font bundles are one of the many ways to get several incredible fonts for the price of one. Check out the Treemberg font bundle made for all font enthusiasts. It includes three distinct Gothic typefaces with varying weight and abstract details. Give it a shot!

Treemberg Font Bundle Treemberg Font Bundle Treemberg Font Bundle

26 Free Gothic Fonts

Ready for the freebies? There are many great places to find free fonts online. Here are a few with exceptional designs from around the web.

Death Crow Font

Let's rock out with this cool Death Crow font from designer Kid Cool. This handwritten typeface features an epic death-metal theme mixed with old-world elements. Try it out as an official logotype or stamp it on any vintage poster for a wicked result.

Death Crow FontDeath Crow FontDeath Crow Font

Gothic Tangram Font

Next up on this list is the stunning Gothic Tangram font from Pedro Pazitto. Designed with Adobe Illustrator and Font Lab Studio, this font features elegant Gothic letters with a modern touch. Get access to a full pack of letters, numbers, and punctuation in this download.

Gothic Tangram FontGothic Tangram FontGothic Tangram Font

Round Mythical & Gothic Font

Enjoy a mix of two trends in one with the brilliant Round Mythical and Gothic-styled font. This font is created by designer Saqib Ahmad and is free for both personal and commercial use. Configure a cool title design inspired by the constellations.

Round Mythical  Gothic FontRound Mythical  Gothic FontRound Mythical  Gothic Font

Gothic Font

Gothic fonts are one of the best ways to set the mood for your graphic designs. Check out this free font, Gothic Lohampwow, for instance. Designer Dmitry Lokamp created this font in just six months with a few similar dark themes in mind. Try it out on posters and apparel!

Gothic FontGothic FontGothic Font

Akusta Hebrew Type

Some of the best fonts are also inspired by different languages. The Akusta Hebrew Type, for example, features an elegant Gothic aesthetic made from Hebrew letterforms. Additional ligatures are also included to make a special set of new letters. Give it a try!

Akusta Hebrew TypeAkusta Hebrew TypeAkusta Hebrew Type

Wesley Gothic Font

Creatives shouldn't be turned off by the vintage look of many Gothic fonts. This Wesley Gothic typeface, for instance, features a futuristic design with clean, sharp letters. And in this download you'll also get a full set of letters to complete your next designs.

Wesley Gothic FontWesley Gothic FontWesley Gothic Font

More Gothic Font

Many modern fonts take bits and pieces of vintage handwriting for a whole new design. Take the More Gothic font, for instance. Featuring a condensed Gothic font with chunky letters, this font is bold and daring. Use it on important headlines and more.

More Gothic FontMore Gothic FontMore Gothic Font

Cheddar Gothic Stencil

Need a stencil font with an awesome Gothic twist? Try the Cheddar Gothic Stencil font from Adam Ladd. This font pack includes a hand-drawn stencil font with a traditional, condensed Gothic sans appearance. Apart from the font, you also get 92 extras like catchwords and icons!

Cheddar Gothic StencilCheddar Gothic StencilCheddar Gothic Stencil

Handelbar Gothic Medium Font

Based on the Handel Gothic Medium font, this new version created by Andrew Newman is sleek and original. It's great for headlines and text, although you may need to adjust the kerning for some letters. Add it to your collection today!

Handelbar Gothic Medium FontHandelbar Gothic Medium FontHandelbar Gothic Medium Font

Modern Goth Font

Step into the new age of design with the free modern Goth font. Made by designer Agustín Senatore, this font cleans up the look of traditional Gothic styles for a refreshing new take on the past. Use it for your brand, website, or next vintage project.

Modern Goth FontModern Goth FontModern Goth Font

Maddox Gothic Display Font

Architecture is just one of many influences on hand-lettering fonts from long ago. The Maddox Gothic Display Font is inspired by Gothic architecture, with extraordinary details and ornate designs. Try it out on titles and logos for a unique medieval feel.

Maddox Gothic Display FontMaddox Gothic Display FontMaddox Gothic Display Font

Blood Of Dracula Font

Design a horror movie poster with this ghoulish Gothic font, Blood of Dracula. Created by the Brain Eaters Font Company, this font features an Old English style dripping with exaggerated blood. Use it on movie posters, apparel, and titles! 

 Blood Of Dracula Font Blood Of Dracula Font Blood Of Dracula Font

Feathergraphy Decoration Font

Enjoy a nice calligraphy style that is hard to miss with the Feathergraphy Decoration font. Created by designer Måns Grebäck, this font features fancy handwritten letters with beautiful flourishes and swashes. Test out your tee designs with this awesome font.

Feathergraphy Decoration Font Feathergraphy Decoration Font Feathergraphy Decoration Font

CAT Altgotisch Font

Inspired by late 19th-century hand lettering, the CAT Altgotisch font is extraordinary and mysterious. It has an exquisite, dated look that makes it the perfect partner to any vintage-inspired project. So try it out today on monograms, posters, or official logos.

CAT Altgotisch FontCAT Altgotisch FontCAT Altgotisch Font

Rooters Font

Our next font is Rooters, a classic mix of baseball letters and tattoo lettering. This handmade typeface is a great addition to any font collection, and it's available in regular and italic styles. Get everything you need in this quick, free download from Twicolabs.

Rooters FontRooters FontRooters Font

Lyric Poetry Font

Write your own beautiful passages with the elegant Lyric Poetry font. Created by designer Yining Chen, this font features classic medieval letters that were first made by hand and later revised with a computer. And the best part is that it's 100% free, for personal and commercial use.

Lyric Poetry FontLyric Poetry FontLyric Poetry Font

Obelisk MXVV Font

The new Obelisk font is as solid as stone. A stunning Gothic font featuring an elegant, modern look, this is perfect for branding materials and more. Get access to a total of 93 characters in this amazing free download.

Obelisk MXVV FontObelisk MXVV FontObelisk MXVV Font

Nordic Font

Inspired by Norwegian runes, the Nordic font is creative and daring. Created by designer Yana Bereziner, it features two font faces and three weights for more customization options. You definitely can't go wrong with this set!

Nordic FontNordic FontNordic Font

Schwachsinn Font

Gothic fonts come in a variety of shapes and styles. The bold Schwachsinn font features sharp, angular letters that are strong and thick. Designer Vladimir Nikolic made this 100% free font for you to enjoy with any project. So how will you use it?

Schwachsinn FontSchwachsinn FontSchwachsinn Font

Varna Font

Meaning "crow" in Lithuanian, Varna is a classic blackletter typeface with a few futuristic notes. The vintage aesthetic makes it perfect for video-game titles, and there are several additional details that bring the look altogether. What will you apply it to?

Varna FontVarna FontVarna Font

Luther Blackletter Typeface

Next up is Luther, a blackletter typeface inspired by the Gutenberg Bible. Each letter was carefully crafted to embody an ancient time frame of history and allure. Use it on logotypes for a bold look, or on posters with your favorite quotes.

Luther Blackletter TypefaceLuther Blackletter TypefaceLuther Blackletter Typeface

Jabin Free Font

The ultimate Gothic font will naturally draw in your audience with its ornate letters and sense of grandeur. And the Jabin free font by Frida Medrano can do just the trick! Download it today to get access to a full pack of letters and numbers.

Jabin Free Font Jabin Free Font Jabin Free Font

Demon Letter Font

There's something about the Gothic font style that makes it the perfect font for horror themes. This Demon Letter font is a bold design by creator Matt Smith, who included a full set of letters, numbers, and more in one free pack. Check it out today!

Demon Letter FontDemon Letter FontDemon Letter Font

Sacred Bridge Display Font

Can you believe this gorgeous Sacred Bridge font is free? An old-fashioned typeface inspired by traditional letterpresses, this font works well for any brand or package design. Enjoy many additional bonuses like outline, layered, and shadow letters!

Sacred Bridge Display FontSacred Bridge Display FontSacred Bridge Display Font

Decay Font

A mix of grunge and Gothic, the Decay font might be just what you need to make a huge impact. Created by LJ Design Studios, this download includes an all-caps font with textured, grunge details. Add instant grunge to your posters with the Decay font. 

Decay FontDecay FontDecay Font

Pindunk Typeface

Our last font comes from designer Tama Putra. The Pindunk typeface is a pretty wicked Gothic font. It features sharp, pointy details on some of the characters and can quickly add a dangerous vibe to your titles or logos. Add it to your collection!

Pindunk TypefacePindunk TypefacePindunk Typeface

More Font Inspiration

Modern Gothic fonts merge the best of the old with the new. And I hope these incredible styles have inspired you for your next creative project. Download these resources to unlock incredible possibilities.

Want more amazing fonts? Check out these collections:

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more Gothic fonts, head on over to Envato Market and Envato Elements. Happy creating!

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