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20 Different Fonts to Make Stylish Graphic Design Projects in 2018

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Explore different letter fonts to complement your work. Get inspired with this awesome list of new resources for 2018.

Make Stylish Graphic Design Projects With These Fonts

Every designer should have a collection of different font styles in their arsenal. Because no matter the occasion, creative fonts are the best way to upgrade any project.

So today, we're bringing you another amazing collection of helpful resources from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Need a different type of font? Check out hundreds of extraordinary styles to pack a punch in your graphic design work.

From dramatic vintage styles to modern sans serif types, these fonts feature some of the hottest trends to hit the scene.

Stay Wildy Font

Embrace your natural side with this beautiful handwritten font. Stay Wildy is a new script style influenced by modern calligraphy. Although this download comes with one font, it allows you to capitalize the letters for a completely different look. Step up your typography game and try it out!

Stay Wildy FontStay Wildy FontStay Wildy Font

Knox Font Family

Decorative fonts like the incredible Knox font family simply command attention. And this set features a six-pack font download inspired by American Western culture and tattoos. Give your work that old Western feel you can instantly use for stationery and more.

Knox Font FamilyKnox Font FamilyKnox Font Family

Asans Layered Font

Using a creative font layering method to help make the result, the Asans font even supports multiple languages. Try out three different styles like regular, front and base to complete your text designs. Great for namecards and logos, this font is sure to make you stand out.

Asans Layered Font Asans Layered Font Asans Layered Font

La Pimienta Font

Sprinkle some character into your work with the lovely La Pimienta font. Designed to be a clean and sophisticated font style that you can apply to modern designs, this font features an elegant, playful script. Enjoy the monoline font style for letters, headlines, and logos.

La PimientaLa PimientaLa Pimienta

Sampestera Font

Create extraordinary posters that highlight your typography skills with the Sampestera font. A brush calligraphy font with wild script letters, this font is stylish and versatile. Incorporate it into your wedding stationery or turn it into a wonderful logo. There are so many options!

Sampestera Font Sampestera Font Sampestera Font

Madeleine Signature Font

One of the many benefits of an Envato Elements subscription is all the goodies you get within the font packs. The Madeleine Signature font, for instance, features a ton of additional ligatures to make your work look original. Check out the beautiful script style available for multiple languages.

Madeleine Signature FontMadeleine Signature FontMadeleine Signature Font

Lourena Font

Tackle your next typography project with Lourena, an exclusive elegant font perfect for editorial pieces. With two ornamental styles available, you'll be able to mix and match letterforms with a minimalist or swirl-inspired combination. Great for logos and headlines!

Lourena FontLourena FontLourena Font

Venge Typeface

Next up is Venge, a fashionable display typeface with four different styles. Check out the original typeface graphic featuring tall, elegant letters. Or toggle the settings to get cool effects like this linear style below. You'll definitely want to add this pack to your collection!

Venge TypefaceVenge TypefaceVenge Typeface

Mellony Brush Script 

Need a stunning brush script like the Mellony font? Creatives will love this gorgeous font family with its bouncy baseline and textural letters. Get the most out of your download by trying out the additional bonuses included, like swashes and end characters.

Mellony Brush Script  Mellony Brush Script  Mellony Brush Script

Dagon Typeface

Creative typefaces should get your audience to stop in their tracks. And the Dagon font is both bold and mysterious. This fun, groovy style features three unique versions with regular, bubbly, and diagonal decorations. Enjoy the retro-futuristic feel with this font pack!

Dagon TypefaceDagon TypefaceDagon Typeface

Felix Duo Font

Are you loving the glitch trend too? Designers inspired by the past are taking this creative effect and applying it to their photos, film, and now even fonts! Check out the cool Felix font duo packed with regular and clean styles. Give your work a little more edge with a nice glitch effect!

Felix Duo Font Felix Duo Font Felix Duo Font

Jester Display Font

Or get playful with the fun Jester font. A chunky display font with charismatic letters, this font is super approachable and great for animations. Try it out on posters, comics, or even as a new logo font for your next book title. Get a full set of letters, punctuation and more in this set.

Jester Display Font Jester Display Font Jester Display Font

3D Bulb Lamp Alphabet

Layered font systems work by taking common font styles and stacking them to create artistic text effects. The amazing 3D Bulb Lamp font features a full set of alphabet letters inspired by vintage neon lights. Add authentic grunge textures and more to blow your work out of the water! You'll like this one!

3D Bulb Lamp Alphabet 3D Bulb Lamp Alphabet 3D Bulb Lamp Alphabet

eNeon Layered Typeface

Step into the future with the eNeon layered typeface. Featuring three unique styles you can stack together, this pack is inspired by neon signs and the tubes that brighten the streets of many cities. Get access to more than 500 glyphs and international characters in this incredible download.

eNeon Layered Typeface eNeon Layered Typeface eNeon Layered Typeface

Beettrot Font

If you're not confident with your handwriting skills then you'll definitely love the Beettrot font. This stylish typeface features fluid lines and gorgeous script letters inspired by old brush scripts. Launch your clothing apparel lines, make wedding plans, and so much more with this lovely font.

Beettrot FontBeettrot FontBeettrot Font

Simpson Font

Do you love the Simpsons? Now you can make funny typography designs with the awesome Simpson font. This classic design features a new upgrade which smooths out the letters for better visibility. Also included in this pack are extended features like European accents and Cyrillic characters.

Simpson FontSimpson FontSimpson Font

Sprint Font

Does design make you feel like you're running a long marathon? Make the process go by faster with the epic Sprint font. A creative new font with lots of energy, this font dashes across your stationery with darting lines and capital letters. Also included in this pack is a second "Sprinter" version.

Sprint FontSprint FontSprint Font

Valenttina Font

Logo design gets a whole lot easier when you pair your company name with the right font style. The Valenttina logotype features a gorgeous, modern design with bold letters. Easily add it to your team logo or try it out with various symbols to see it in action!

Valenttina FontValenttina FontValenttina Font

Geist Typeface

Create your best work to date with the fascinating Geist typeface. A bold, all-caps typeface with eight different styles, this font set is a must-have for any creative. Check out the shadow, vintage, and inline versions on larger sizes for the best possible results.

Geist TypefaceGeist TypefaceGeist Typeface

Matilna Samuela Font Duo

Calligraphy brush fonts are popular because they do all the hard work of beautiful handwriting for you. Now you can make masterful script designs with the Matilna Samuela font duo. Perfect for logos, headlines, and blog posts, this font is certainly a stunner!

Matilna Samuela Font DuoMatilna Samuela Font DuoMatilna Samuela Font Duo

More Font Inspiration

Stay ahead of the trends with different font styles to match any project. Grab a few of your favorites from this selection for the ultimate pack of font goodies.

Want more amazing fonts? Check out these collections:

Tried any of these assets? Let us know! Tell us your favorites in the comments below.

This has been a selection of premium resources perfect for the avid designer. For more different font styles, check out Envato Market and Envato Elements, or enlist the help of our talented designers at Envato Studio. Happy creating!

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