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20+ Best Baseball Fonts

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Set up your team to win. The best baseball fonts are known for their vintage charm. They have lots of great movement and look great on a new jersey.

Blankeny FontBlankeny FontBlankeny Font
Can you imagine this as a baseball shirt font for your team?

Whether you like serif typefaces or unique baseball script fonts, this selection includes the best authentic styles from professional designers.

Download the Best Baseball Fonts From Envato Elements

Looking for inspiration and design references can take a while. If you want to find the best fonts created by professional designers in one place, you should check out Envato Elements. That includes some of the best baseball fonts. 

Get tons of vintage and baseball fonts for inspiration:

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Here's a tiny selection of some of our favorite baseball fonts:

1. Farland Bold Script Typeface (OTF)

Let's start out with this athletic script font. Create amazing baseball designs for your team with this font. It could be used for a headline, packaging and branding. It could also work as an original baseball font logo. This font features uppercase and lowercase, numbers and punctuation, and multilingual alternates. 

Farland - Bold Script TypefaceFarland - Bold Script TypefaceFarland - Bold Script Typeface

2. Auckland Baseball Font (OTF, TTF)

Looking for something similar to the Dodgers athletic script font? Clean and straight to the point, the Auckland baseball font is a stunner. This baseball lettering font has an elegant and minimalist design that looks wonderful on fabrics and apparel. It's a great baseball shirt font for a team logo. Download it to get five alternates, ligatures, and swashes.

Auckland - Baseball FontAuckland - Baseball FontAuckland - Baseball Font

3. Cosmoball Baseball Font (OTF, TTF)

Or check out this next baseball typeface, the Cosmoball font. It's a baseball style font. Created by designer wacaksara, this baseball script font is bold and fluid. It has a handwritten style that gives it a nice casual flair, so it'll pair wonderfully with eBooks, headlines, and so much more. You won't find a free baseball font as good as this one. Give it a try!

Cosmoball Baseball FontCosmoball Baseball FontCosmoball Baseball Font

4. Megattor Script (OTF, TTF)

Looking for a quirky baseball script font? Try out the Megattor Script font. Designed by Letterhend Studio, this cheeky font will add a flirty touch to any traditional sports theme. Create perfect hand-lettering posters with a natural handwriting feel. Try it out!

Megattor ScriptMegattor ScriptMegattor Script

5. The Linestay Display Script Font (OTF)

Looking for a varsity script font? Check this baseball font out. It's a bold baseball script font with a touch of vintage. It's designed to work as a baseball font logo. Create amazing invitations, labels, magazines, books, packaging and stationery with this athletic script font. It's one of the best baseball fonts online! 

The Linestay - Display Script FontThe Linestay - Display Script FontThe Linestay - Display Script Font

6. Agistha Baseball Jersey Font Style (OTF, TTF)

Some modern baseball fonts feature a unique graffiti vibe. The Agistha baseball font, for instance, is our next example. Easily create creative logotypes or typography by simply installing this font. Use it for graphics, websites, and posters. It could even be an amazing baseball jersey font. 

Agistha Baseball Jersey Font StyleAgistha Baseball Jersey Font StyleAgistha Baseball Jersey Font Style

7. Battams Jersey Font (OTF, TTF)

Many designers use sports fonts for video game titles, movie intros, and marketing campaigns. The Battams jersey font is made by using a constant line weight with an oval tip line. Customize your titles even further with additional perks like swashes and alternates. This is an ideal cursive varsity script font for your team.

Battams Jersey FontBattams Jersey FontBattams Jersey Font

8. Flanders Baseball Jersey Font Style (OTF, TTF)

This next font is a magnificent script typeface with lots of charisma. If you're a baseball fan, you might have noticed that it almost looks like the Dodgers font. Use it for an official logotype or just try it out as a quick test. Bold and modern, this baseball script font is easy to install. Use it on both Macs and PCs. It's a great choice if you're looking for a baseball jersey font.

Flanders Baseball Jersey Font StyleFlanders Baseball Jersey Font StyleFlanders Baseball Jersey Font Style

9. Marsmello Baseball Script Font (OTF, WOFF)

Looking for a cursive varsity font? Make unique 3D typography with the Marsmello baseball. This script is clean and subtle, with a casual appearance that mimics old cartoon graphics. Use it by itself or add a quick shadow like the graphic below. With this font, you won't need a baseball font generator. Add it to your collection today!

Marsmello Baseball Script FontMarsmello Baseball Script FontMarsmello Baseball Script Font

10. Marttabuck Script (OTF, TTF)

Our next bold script font is the Marttabuck typeface. Created by Letterhend Studio, this vintage baseball font has a full and energetic appearance. Use this baseball cursive font to announce your brand with a special handwritten look. Try out the regular and special font styles for different effects.

Marttabuck ScriptMarttabuck ScriptMarttabuck Script

11. Mourbout: NFC Font Family (OTF, TTF)

Here's another superb corporate font inspired by college logos and lettering. The Mourbout font family would look stunning as a monogram or logo. An exclusive display typeface with elegant serif details, this typeface features regular and italic versions. It'll be hard to find a free baseball font as cool as this one.

Mourbout - NFC Font FamilyMourbout - NFC Font FamilyMourbout - NFC Font Family

12. Pipetton Font Duo (OTF, TTF)

This next font duo includes sans-serif and script typefaces. Pipetton is a classic retro font with an incredible baseball feel. A complete set of characters are included, as well as alternates, ligatures, and cool swashes. Give it a try!

Pipetton Font DuoPipetton Font DuoPipetton Font Duo

13. Frankey Baseball Vintage Font (OTF, TTF)

Or make a long-lasting brand with this incredible vintage typeface. Frankey is an extraordinary baseball cursive font with lots of charm. A mix of old and new, this set includes letters, numbers, and accented characters. Create beautiful designs for web or print work without using a baseball font generator.

Frankey Baseball Vintage FontFrankey Baseball Vintage FontFrankey Baseball Vintage Font

14. Rooters Pro (OTF, TTF)

Rooters is a great option for a baseball font logo. It's a perfect mix of classic baseball style letters and tattoo lettering. This baseball style font has personality to make your baseball designs look unique. You'll get uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuations. It's one of the most original vintage baseball fonts you'll find online.

Rooters Pro FontRooters Pro FontRooters Pro Font

15. Billskates Script (OTF)

Are you crazy about vintage label designs? This baseball letter font can be inspiring. Billskates is a vintage-inspired font thought especially to work as a baseball font logo. You can also use it for invitations, labels, greeting cards, or any type of advertising. 

Billskates ScriptBillskates ScriptBillskates Script

16. Chicago Shift Baseball Font (OTF)

Looking for the perfect baseball jersey font? Check out this cool baseball lettering font. It's a retro font ideal for your logo or baseball apparel. Give your baseball team a defined look and feel with a baseball font logo. Get all the old-school vibe with this baseball font. 

Chicago Shift Baseball FontChicago Shift Baseball FontChicago Shift Baseball Font

17. Hilogen Vintage Baseball Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2)

This is the perfect baseball lettering retro font. It's an italic typeface with a fresh style. This varsity script font comes with 70 alternative characters. Hilogen is a great baseball jersey font, and you can also use it for logos, stickers, headlines, T-shirts, and social media posts. You can even create typographic posters with this baseball lettering font.

Hilogen Baseball FontHilogen Baseball FontHilogen Baseball Font

18. Brooklyn Pirates Font (TTF & OTF)

If you're looking for classic and urban baseball fonts, this is right up your alley. Brooklyn Pirates is a street-inspired baseball-style font. It comes with a large selection of swashes that you can use as baseball jersey fonts. Create a strong baseball font logo or a cool poster design for your team.

Brooklyn Pirates FontBrooklyn Pirates FontBrooklyn Pirates Font

19. Routhers Retro + Extrude (TTF)

Check out this baseball script font. It's a baseball style font that comes with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, accents, and punctuation. This varsity script font works perfectly for your team's branding and apparel design. You could even design a retro baseball font logo. Or even try it out as a baseball jersey font.

Routhers Retro + ExtrudeRouthers Retro + ExtrudeRouthers Retro + Extrude

20. Haglos Retro Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Looking for a retro font with style? Check out this baseball script font. It's a bold and flowing handwritten baseball script font. It's perfect for a baseball font logo or even as a baseball jersey font. Create amazing designs for social media posts, merch, and posters with this varsity script font. 

Haglos - Retro Script FontHaglos - Retro Script FontHaglos - Retro Script Font

21. Billanta Jersey Font (OTF)

Start experimenting with a retro bold script font. It's made to be applied as a baseball font logo, and it also works as a unique baseball jersey font. 

Billanta FontBillanta FontBillanta Font

22. Aerogate Script (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Aerogate is a bold rounded script baseball font inspired by classic handwriting. This will give a touch of uniqueness to your designs. This baseball lettering font is ideal for creative projects. It's one of those must-have baseball fonts. Add it to your collection!

Aerogate ScriptAerogate ScriptAerogate Script

Feeling Inspired? 

Find more font inspiration. Whether you're looking for a classic baseball font or a more modern aesthetic, these retro typefaces are the best baseball fonts around. Remember to bookmark this post to rediscover your favorites.

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Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Janila Castañeda. Janila is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

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