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200+ Free Vector Grunge Graphics for Designers and Illustrators


If you're looking for free vector grunge graphics, such as distressed backgrounds, worn textures, dirty paint splatter, and more, then you've found a compilation worth downloading. We've collected an assortment of vector grunge illustrations, free vector grunge textures, and wickedly worn graphics available for free download. 

If you're in need of a premium quality solution, then we have a number of Grunge Vectors available for purchase on GraphicRiver, such as: Grunge ElementsGrunge Borders, and Grunge Stripes. You can also get a custom design from one of our experienced designers on Envato Studio.

Otherwise, jump in and grab these free grunge vectors now and start making grunge vector art for your next project.

Using Vector Grunge Graphics in Your Work

Vector grunge graphics are used primarily for distressing your vector illustrations. Vector graphics are known for their crisp look, with sharp edges, and controlled gradients. Graphics made in Illustrator naturally have a shiny modern style, whether you're making icons for interfaces or illustrations for print.

Giving your work a worn feel can humanize your vector work, making them fit better in a vintage style catalogue design, retro themed advertising campaign, dirty music cover, screenprinted t-shirt, and more. There are so many projects designers can use vector grunge graphics in that a list would be endless.

Whether your final vector work is destined for the web, mobile, or print, giving your vectors a grunge feel can be just what your next project needs.

Note: Many of these free vector graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Some may have stronger restrictions though, so as always check the usage rights before using.

Creating Vector Grunge Graphics

Here are some tutorials that will teach you how to create vector grunge graphics of various styles and how to apply them to your illustrations:

Download Vector Grunge Graphics for Free Right Now

If you're in a hurry though, then download one of the free files below, and put them to use right now in your current design or illustration project. We've assembled a large collection of useful vector grunge graphics: with textures, corners, borders, background, splats, and more.

Grab a multitude of vector grunge graphic freebies to add to your files, which are available in EPS, CSH, AI and other vector formats for free download. Whether you use Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or prefer another vector software package, you can download these sets and use them in your next design. There are plenty of options to fit just the grunge need your project has right now.

Free Vector Grunge Textures

Grunge textures are versatile vector freebies. You can overlay them over your graphic and illustration work to give them a worn or vintage feel. We have subtle grunge vectors, as well as rust inspired vector textures, a set that looks like a scratchboard, and more available below. Each one of these will add a different feel to your vector work. Follow the links below to grab these free vector grunge textures.

Free Vectors - 15 Free High-Quality Subtle Grunge Vectors


Free Texture Tuesday: Vector Grunge Scratch Patterns


Vector Art: Grunge Texture


Vector Grunge Texture


Free Vector Grunge Corners, Borders, and Backgrounds

Grunge vector art is stylish and fits with various aesthetics, from alternative music, vintage style graphics, and more. A simple way to distress your artwork is to apply grunge corners or borders. If you're looking to give your artwork a stronger grunge feel, then you can apply a well worn vector grunge background.

Some of these look like they could have been formed from stains on the side of dumpsters or cracked walls in urban areas. Each one of these vector grunge graphics will add a unique feel to your vector work. Follow the links below to grab these vector grunge borders, corners, and backgrounds as free vector grunge downloads.

50 Free Vector Grunge Corners


Free Vector Grunge Borders


Free Vectors - 15 Grunge Vectors


Urban Vector Grunge Background


Free Vector Grunge Splats

Grunge splats can add a specific worn look to your vector graphics. If you're looking to create a paint splattered effect, or make a graphic look like it's been rained on heaveily, then one of the following sets would be great to use. Follow the links below to grab these free vector grunge splatter textures.

Splatter Grunge Vectors


Paint Splatters and Spills Vectors


25 Free Vector Drips, Drops, and Splatters


Free Splatter Vector Grunge Set


Free Vector Grunge Splatter Cracks


Free Miscellaneous Grunge Vectors

Here are a multitude of additional grunge graphics of all sorts, from worn vintage wings, to rough plant textures, distressed arrows, vector grunge frames, and various classic grunge graphics. If you need abstract grunge vector graphics elements, or have a specific vector grunge need, then download one of the free vector grunge sets below.

Free Grunge Vector Samples


Vector Pack Sixx


Free Vector Grunge Plant Textures


Free Grunge Destroyed Arrow Vector


Free Vector Grunge Elements


Abstract Grunge Vectors


More Large Collections of Free Vector Downloads and Premium Graphics

If you need a professional solution, our Vectors are available for purchase on GraphicRiver. We have a large, premium assortment to choose from, with straightforward usage rights, and excellent grunge options, such as: Grunge ElementsGrunge Borders, and Grunge Stripes.

Here are a few more free vector resources as well, if you just can't get enough of them:

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