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20+ Best T-Shirt & Clothing Mockup (Generator) Model Templates (Online)

This post is part of a series called Mockups (Resources, PSDs, Generators and More!).
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Promote your brand with beautiful visuals. Check out this list of amazing places to find t-shirt mockup templates online.

20+ Best T-Shirt & Clothing Mockup Templates

Launching your own apparel brand is exciting. But making the visuals for your website, stationery, and social media platforms gets a little exhausting.

That's why you should cut your work time in half by using a solid t-shirt mockup generator. These special tools display your designs on high-quality images using customizable templates. 

In most cases, all you have to do is upload your design to any t-shirt mockup to get started making high-quality content. Take it a step even further by experimenting with color, layout and texture for more options.

Ready to create something great? Explore this selection of free and premium mockup generators to customize your t-shirt and clothing designs.

Placeit T-Shirt Mockup Templates

Official Website: Placeit

Placeit mockups make design easier by giving you exactly what you need for apparel branding. Start by using their t-shirt mockup tool, created specifically to customize your design fast.

PlaceIt T-shirt Mockup Generator

It works by letting you simply choose whichever preset graphic you like. Then you can customize the graphic even further with various text choices and background colors for a unique look.

But if you're looking for something faster, consider one of the countless premade templates already available for both t-shirt and clothing design.

Here are a few you might like.

Apparel Mockup Template

There's no better t-shirt template than one with unlimited options. And this clean design features a simple white tee you can customize with any background. Insert a rustic wooden floor or upgrade the look with bright pastel colors. Pair the perfect scene to your clever tee design.

Apparel Mockup Template

Crew Neck/Round Neck T-Shirt Mockup

Every basic tee features a crew neck or rounded top. So it's no wonder why most templates you see use this particular cut. For the best results, consider the environment your apparel will appear in. Download a crew neck mockup like the one below to pair your graphics with a cool interior setting.

Crew NeckRound Neck T-shirt Mockup

T-Shirt on Model Mockup

Whether you need a model frolicking among nature or just in a studio, Placeit has many model mockups to choose from. This template features a stunning model with a coy, relaxed expression, for instance. Remember, fitting your tee to the overall style of the photograph makes a huge difference. So make it count by picking the right photo!

T-shirt on Model Mockup

Closeup of a T-Shirt Mockup

The most important part of your tee is the graphic. So take advantage of closeup mockups like this template to grab your audience's attention. This template features a simple white tee with a subtle wooden background. The lower sections do get cut off, however, so consider a graphic that utilizes this space wisely.

Closeup of a T-shirt Mockup

Folded T-Shirt Mockup

Create an awesome pile of tees with this minimalist t-shirt mockup. The unique folded design presents your shirts in an organized pile with plenty of room to show off your graphic. You can even color the shirts individually for a cool multicolored effect.

Folded T-shirt Mockup

Envato Elements T-Shirt Mockups

Official website: Envato Elements

What would you do with an unlimited amount of inspiration at your fingertips? Envato Elements makes that happen with one monthly subscription.

Envato Elements T-shirt Mockups

These templates feature a variety of styles and themes to satisfy any creative scenario. And if you can afford the monthly fee, your creativity will thank you later.

Let's check out a few of our favorites.

Basic White T-Shirt Mockup

If all you need is a simple white tee then look no further. This minimalist layout features a wrinkled white t-shirt with plenty of room for your favorite quotes or graphics. Easily update this pack of 10 high-resolution templates using Adobe Photoshop.

Basic White T-Shirt Mockup

Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up

Or lay out the perfect outfit for your t-shirt design. This mockup template features a cool "outfit of the day" vibe inspired by many fashion sites and online posts. The folded tee cuts off a portion of the graphic, so keep that in mind when exploring different t-shirt visuals.

Crew Neck T-shirt Mock-up

Creative Modern T-shirt Mockup

Envato Elements is also great for staying ahead of the game with modern graphics. This t-shirt mockup features the latest trends that explore minimalist geometric shapes and retro colors. Create a cool 90s tee like the one below to put in your website or portfolio.

Creative Modern T-shirt Mockup

Folded T-Shirt Mock-Up

Or keep it simple with this t-shirt mockup featuring a realistic folded effect. This pack comes with many advanced, easy-to-use mockups that explore several ways to present apparel design. As with other templates, you can also substitute the background for the one you prefer.

Folded T-Shirt Mock-up

T-Shirt in Box Mockup

Display your shirt in a beautiful vintage box like this awesome t-shirt mockup. This template features a well-organized Photoshop file with fully editable layers you can customize fast. And since all the elements are completely editable, you can modify everything from the box cover to the background color.

T-shirt in Box Mockup

Shirt Mockup T-Shirt Templates

Official Website: Shirt Mockup

Our next t-shirt generator is free to use for any designer on a budget! generates free t-shirt mockups in a simple three-step process. First, upload the graphic you'd like, and then choose the size and shirt color. Now save the image and presto! You've got a great new professional t-shirt.

Shirt Mockup T-shirt Templates

Unlike the other sites, this one only lets you use only this particular tee. Let's see how it looks in my example below.

Full T-Shirt Mockup

Here is a before and after look at how my design would appear on this shirt. Feel free to adjust the size or rotate your images to the position you like best. Keep in mind you'll be forced to use the gray background without a premium account, but you can always replace it pretty easily if you're familiar with Adobe Photoshop.

Full T-shirt Mockup

Printful T-Shirt Generator

Official Website: Printful

Our last t-shirt generator comes from Printful, a site with a built-in mockup generator that also assists you in making and shipping tees online. Just put your brand all over their products to get started with a new online business.

Printful T-shirt and Mockup Generator

Here are a few of their best options for apparel design.

White T-Shirt Mockup

Need a mockup with a simple model photo and shirt? Then check out this minimalist style. This white t-shirt mockup is easy to use with your own graphics. Just center your design on the model's body and add text or clipart to finalize the look. A great starter template!

White T-Shirt Mockup

Women's T-Shirt Mockup

Perhaps your online boutique needs a few clean photos to make it truly shine. Check out this amazing women's t-shirt mockup to help you do just that! Here I chose a simple heather gray shirt, but you can switch out the colors for more bold results!

Womens T-shirt Mockup

Children's Front and Back T-Shirt Mockup

Custom t-shirts are great for the whole family! And one of the many benefits of Printful is that you can see both the front and back t-shirt designs before sending them to print. This awesome mockup includes a simple children's tee you can modify with any color. I chose blue!

Childrens Front and Back T-shirt Mockup

Girl's Princess Tee Mockup

Create the perfect princess tee with this sweet and adorable mockup. This mockup is specifically made for children's apparel, so make sure your graphic is appropriate for the style. Add a simple quote to the front or a fun picture on the back!

Girls Princess Tee Mockup

Baby T-Shirt Mockup

Don't forget the baby in the family! A cute tee like this one can be updated easily with any clipart you like. Just pick the main color you want, and then insert the text or image to enjoy a sweet design for your little baby. What would you put on this tee?

Baby T-shirt Mockup


Every brand counts on a solid professional image to sell their products. So make your efforts stand out with incredible t-shirt mockups.  Explore more amazing tools like Placeit and others to create stylish tees your customers will love.

Or learn t-shirt design with our easy lessons! Check out these tutorials:

Did we leave any out? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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