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34 Best New Fonts for 2022

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This post is part of a series called Best Fonts to Download.
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Create inspiring designs with beautiful typography by using these new fonts for 2022! Recently updated, this list includes the best new fonts with creative styles.

Each font carries its own magic. Some are sturdy and professional, while others may be dainty or relaxed. Find the right font for your work with this selection below!

The Stylist is one of the awesome new fonts for 2022 available at Envato Elements.The Stylist is one of the awesome new fonts for 2022 available at Envato Elements.The Stylist is one of the awesome new fonts for 2022 available at Envato Elements.
The Stylist is one of the awesome new fonts for 2022 available at Envato Elements.

Featuring the latest top trendy fonts to hit Envato Elements and Envato Market, we bring you 30+ amazing top new fonts for all your creative projects.

Enjoy effortless great fonts with elegant swoops and futuristic letters. Create awesome designs with these incredible fonts!

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Where to Find the Best New Fonts in 2022 (With Unlimited Use)

Are you looking for the biggest variety of premium and awesome new fonts? Then Envato Elements is the best place to go. 

Enjoy unlimited downloads of top trendy fonts from Envato Elements.Enjoy unlimited downloads of top trendy fonts from Envato Elements.Enjoy unlimited downloads of top trendy fonts from Envato Elements.
Enjoy unlimited downloads of top trendy fonts from Envato Elements.

Envato Elements has the best new fonts for designers. For a low monthly fee, enjoy unlimited downloads of great fonts. At Envato Elements, you can also download the best graphic templates, actions and presets, royalty-free photos, and more.

20 Best New Fonts From Envato Elements for 2022

1. The Stylist Signature Top New Font (OTF, TTF)

The Stylist Signature Top New Font (OTF, TTF)The Stylist Signature Top New Font (OTF, TTF)The Stylist Signature Top New Font (OTF, TTF)

Are you looking for top trendy fonts for your new projects? The Stylist is one of the best new fonts for designers for 2022.

This new font just arrived to Envato Elements. It's a cool signature font with a simple and elegant style. This new script font looks awesome on branding projects, logos, invitations, websites, and more!

2. Katislen: New Style Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Katislen - New Style Script FontKatislen - New Style Script FontKatislen - New Style Script Font

Katislen is one of our newest fonts. This new style script font stands out with its clean and modern calligraphy style. This new font is perfect for branding, logos, and stationery. Katislen works on any software and features multilingual support.

3. Qamila Font (OTF, TTF)

Qamila FontQamila FontQamila Font

This beautiful, hand-drawn font is a perfect match for projects that benefit from the elegance that comes from handmade strokes and pretty imperfections. The brushstrokes have such delicate variation. Amazing new fonts like this one are a great fit for invitations, posters, and so much more.

4. Mint Round Stacked Mirrored Font (OTF, TTF)

Mint Round Stacked Mirrored FontMint Round Stacked Mirrored FontMint Round Stacked Mirrored Font

Check out this playful, rounded font! It comes with outline variations too; while this font looks super tasty, it could also work so well for any project that keys into a clean, geometric look and feel. This one has so much potential.

5. BISMARK Display Headline Logo Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

BISMARK Display Headline Logo TypefaceBISMARK Display Headline Logo TypefaceBISMARK Display Headline Logo Typeface

This beautiful typeface is one of the best typography fonts! It comes in three weight variants, all of them classy and stylish. It's designed to be all caps and is a great fit for headlines, titles, logos, and more. If you're looking for a strong sans serif, this one might fit the bill.

6. Signlia Modern Script Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Signlia Modern Script FontSignlia Modern Script FontSignlia Modern Script Font

Looking for a versatile script font? Check out Signlia! Not only is it a fresh, new typeface on the block, but the calligraphic influence here has so many possibilities. Invitations, T-shirt design, headlines—the sky's the limit.

7. Kaoly Beautiful Attractive Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Kaoly Beautiful Attractive FontKaoly Beautiful Attractive FontKaoly Beautiful Attractive Font

This stylish typeface is decorative and memorable. Great fonts like this also feature a number of alternate characters, which really help push this to the next level, especially if you're looking to create a very type-centric design. Give this one a look!

8. Solevate Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Solevate TypefaceSolevate TypefaceSolevate Typeface

Brand yourself with luxurious script letters. The Solevate typeface is beautiful and fluid. Each capital letter stands out from the rest, and it pairs well with stunning marketing materials and advertisements. Add these top trendy fonts to your design arsenal!

9. Ornacle Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Ornacle FontOrnacle FontOrnacle Font

You are unique. So find a font that matches your individual style. Ornacle is one of the amazing new fonts for innovators and risk-takers. Enjoy its futuristic style designed with clever geometric elements to help you stand out. Shine with this creative typeface!

10. Jody Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Jody TypefaceJody TypefaceJody Typeface

Make your business cards stand out with the bold Jody font. Inspired by handmade typography, this typeface has a nice acrylic feel. Add that extra bit of spunk to your work with its chunky letters and sans serif style. Download these top new fonts today!

11. Let's Jazz Font (OTF)

Lets Jazz FontLets Jazz FontLets Jazz Font

Get jazzy with this electric font! Inspired by one of the best ages in American music, this jazz font is full of energy and spirit. Test it out with a fun artsy graphic like the piano vector below. Or add it to your next project today. 

12. Fiesta Color Font (OTF)

Fiesta Color FontFiesta Color FontFiesta Color Font

Fiesta Color is a gorgeous decorative typeface created with Fontself Maker. It features a trendy, geometric style with wonderful abstract elements exploding with color. Use it on postcards, invitations, or fashionable tote bags.

13. Tehika Script (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Tehika ScriptTehika ScriptTehika Script

Celebrate your favorite memories with the festive Tehika font. A hand-drawn script font with well-spaced letters, this font is simply magical. Attach it to the company's Christmas card or apply a beautiful signature to any stationery. Try it out soon; it's one of the best typography fonts!

14. Heady Rough Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Heady Rough TypefaceHeady Rough TypefaceHeady Rough Typeface

Utilizing the newest OpenType technology, the Heady Rough typeface is wild and energetic. Experiment with this versatile hand-brushed style for impeccable designs that are hard to miss. Included are three fonts compatible with Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 or later.

15. Crude Font (OTF, TTF)

Crude FontCrude FontCrude Font

A little grunge never hurt anyone! So begin your next adventure with this rustic, hand-painted brush font. By utilizing high-resolution brushstroke images, this font achieves hyper-realistic details with an authentic grunge finish. Download it now!

16. Zembood Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Zembood TypefaceZembood TypefaceZembood Typeface

Zembood features all the characteristics of an amazing vintage font. Add it to your modern apparel line for an edgy look in only a matter of seconds. With bold letters and fine grunge details, these top new fonts feature a versatile style you'll definitely want.

17. Indigo Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Indigo FontIndigo FontIndigo Font

Are you an indigo child? Make your mark with this chunky Indigo font duo. This pack of chunky fonts includes a fabulous combo of typefaces with regular and outlined styles. Also included are free updates and international language support. This makes it one of the best typography fonts out there.

18. Bambi Fonts (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Bambi FontsBambi FontsBambi Fonts

Bring a smile to someone's face with this set of pretty Bambi fonts. Great for inspirational quotes, posters, and more, this calm brush font is smooth and tranquil. Enjoy the bouncy baseline and curvy letters today!

19. Cardust: Handwritten Font (OTF, TTF)

Cardust - Handwritten FontCardust - Handwritten FontCardust - Handwritten Font

Need a casual handwritten font for your comics or animations? Check out the fantastic Cardust font. Designed with large, playful characters, this font is funny and unique. Add it to your professional projects for logo designs, comics, and more.

20. Starship Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Starship TypefaceStarship TypefaceStarship Typeface

Need a steampunk font for epic retro designs? Then try out the Starship typeface! Brilliantly charismatic, this font features a strong serif typeface with bold vintage letters. Download eight font files complete with regular, grunge, and inline styles.

14 Best New Fonts From Envato Market

On the other hand, if you don't like subscriptions and just need a single new font, we've got you covered. 

Browse through the library of amazing new fonts from Envato Market and get the one you love. There are thousands of top new fonts to choose from. Here's a hand-picked selection of the best new fonts for designers: 

1. Selfish Script (OTF)

Selfish Script Selfish Script Selfish Script

Show off your feisty side with the Selfish script font. Introducing a brand new handwritten font with incredible charm, the Selfish font is clean and fluid. It's perfect for branding, homeware, and more—you'll love this stylish font!

2. Sustans Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Sustans Typeface Sustans Typeface Sustans Typeface

Design a luxury brand with the Sustans typeface. Featuring stylish, handwritten letters, this typeface is sophisticated and multipurpose. Create compelling designs that are sure to arouse interest in your work! Give it a try!

3. Darling Harbour (OTF, TTF)

Darling HarbourDarling HarbourDarling Harbour

Hey darlings! Add a little sweetness to your work with this joyful typeface. Handwritten with brilliant brush details, this font also includes darling swashes and ligatures to match! Download it today to get access to unique OpenType stylistic alternates.

4. Flitte Script (OTF, TTF)

Flitte ScriptFlitte ScriptFlitte Script

You can achieve the same beautiful swoops of traditional calligraphic handwriting with modern typefaces. And the stunning Flitte script is a perfect example! Use it for wedding invitations, T-shirts, and so much more!

5. Contaur Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Contaur TypefaceContaur TypefaceContaur Typeface

Create that authentic handcrafted feel with the lovely Contaur typeface. Designed for stationery, logos, and so much more, this font is a mixture of tall and short elegant letters. It's the perfect companion to any beauty-related project!

6. Teratur Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Teratur TypefaceTeratur TypefaceTeratur Typeface

Step into the future with the Teratur typeface. A modern font family with clean, minimal details, this typeface is inspired by classic sci-fi font types. Just toggle the caps lock to enjoy alternate letters. You'll love this font!

7. The Chronicle: Layered Typeface (OTF, TTF)

The Chronicle - Layered TypefaceThe Chronicle - Layered TypefaceThe Chronicle - Layered Typeface

Create amazing show titles and more with the Chronicle layered typeface. Available in both regular and bold styles, this font has a great vintage aesthetic. Easily pair it with themed vector icons for the ultimate show banner. Great for prints, banners, and posters.

8. Mellifret Script Font (OTF, TTF)

Mellifret Script FontMellifret Script FontMellifret Script Font

Need something simple and multipurpose? Then try the Mellifret semi-bold script font. A great addition to any book cover or logo, this font is simple yet sporty. Included along with this three-font pack deal are amazing swashes to help decorate your designs.

9. Dalmatins: Elegant Signature Font (OTF, TTF)

Dalmatins - Elegant Signature FontDalmatins - Elegant Signature FontDalmatins - Elegant Signature Font

Signature fonts like the Dalmatins typeface are sleek and elegant. They create beautiful, loopy letters with delicate lines for a personal feel. Perfect for logos, stationery, and wedding invites, this font can also be used with most design software.

10. The Attention: Signature Font (OTF, TTF)

The Attention - Signature Font The Attention - Signature Font The Attention - Signature Font

Command attention with this dreamy signature font. The Attention typeface is an elegant script font with lots of character. It features long, stylish letters that pair well with branding materials and more. Use this font for a beautiful message or signage.

11. Sacred Bridge Family (OTF)

Sacred Bridge FamilySacred Bridge FamilySacred Bridge Family

The Sacred Bridge Family is old-fashioned and dignified. Create that instant elegant feel with beautiful decorative letters designed after traditional letterpress styles. So what will you get? An awesome collection of ten retro fonts with alternate glyphs and multilingual support. Try it out!

12. Maxine Font (OTF, TTF)

Maxine Font Maxine Font Maxine Font

This next incredible font package includes a sans serif font family to help keep your designs futuristic and clean. The Maxine font features strong solid letters with flair and style. Enjoy a full set of letters, numbers, and more with this download.

13. Young Sprime Font (OTF, TTF)

Young Sprime FontYoung Sprime FontYoung Sprime Font

Eighties fans are sure to love this next fun font! Young Sprime is a funky 80s-inspired typeface built with wide letters and a sporty theme. Add this font to your T-shirt designs or update your posters with epic 80s titles. Three font files are included in this download.

14. Auro Font (TTF)

Auro FontAuro FontAuro Font

Quirky and futuristic, the Auro font is a sleek, decorative typeface. Use it for headers and posters as a unique way to highlight your brand. Included in this download are a complete set of letters, numbers, and punctuation for you to enjoy.

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This list features exciting resources for the avid designer familiar with type design.

And with loads of awesome new fonts available at your fingertips, chances are we've missed a few to add to your personal collection. Be sure to browse Envato Market and Envato Elements for more resources!

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel.

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