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100 Artworks from the Top 20 Digital Artists in Latin America

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Read Time: 5 mins

Last time we scoured Europe for the best Photoshop talent going around. This week we're turning to beautiful South America to uncover 20 of the top digital artists on the continent. Is your country or city represented?

1. Pablo Alfieri

Representing: Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Pablo Alfieri is a graphic designer and illustrator born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2002 he started the career of Graphic design at U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires), where he discovered his passion for design, illustration and typography. Since 2007 he has been working in local design studios like RDYA Design Group and Punga Visual Consorcio, and in January of 2008 he created "Playful", a showcase of his personal works, a free space where he plays and has fun with colors, typography and geometric shapes, the bases of his creative work."

2. Ezequiel Matteo

Representing: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ezequiel is an outstanding character designer who also moonlights as a graphic designer. His characters are bizarre and strange, but cute all at the same time. Aside from designing a variety of characters, he has also written a few tutorials for some of the major electronic arts magazines.

3. Adolfo Correa

Representing: Santiago, Chile

Adolfo Correa is a 21 year old student of Graphic Design from Santiago, Chile. Although he may be young, he is quickly picking up on the popular styles and design trends of the modern graphic design world. There is no doubt that upon his graduation he will have a long list of clients ready to work with him.

4. Guillermo Alarcón Rivera

Representing: Santiago, Chile

Guillermo Alarcón Rivera, a designer from Santiago, has a unique style that stretches across a variety of mediums. From illustration to motion design, Guillermo Alarcón Rivera has an arsenal of design skills that seem to work very well for him.

5. Genaro DeSia Coppola

Representing: Barcelona, Venezuela

Genaro DeSia Coppola is an amazing vector and flash artist with a style that is very much his own. If you think that his vector art is cool, than you are sure to love his flash work. His flash work takes his vector art to another level by adding color and movement to it.

6. Diego Diaz

Representing: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Diego Diaz is a graphic design that comes from Guatemala City. Many of his designs seem to feature a reggae roots and natural style to them. I can only wonder if this has something to do with his surroundings and lifestyle.

7. Ricardo Ajcivinac

Representing: Guatemala

It seems that Ricardo's first love is graffiti art, but his skills aren't limited to spray paint and concrete walls. He also excels at illustration and even some forms of photo manipulation.

8. David Galdamez

Representing: Guatemala City, Guatemala

David Galdamez comes to us from Guatemala City as well. He is one of those designers who is lucky enough to also have some traditional arty skills such as drawing and sketching. He does a great job at combining his two skills together to create unique pieces.


Representing: Caracas, Venezuela

"MASAs work has a strong emphasis in the research of Latian American pop and worldwide contemporary street culture. The result is a crossover where urban and folklore references get blended together to produce fresh ideas and strong brand identities in every work."

10. César Evangelista Bautista

Representing: Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico

If you ask César Evangelista Bautista what it is he loves to do, he will tell you illustration. With such an awesome portfolio, it is easy to see that hes not lying. His character designs are hands down some of the coolest ones I have seen in a while.

11. ROAN

Representing: Mexico City, Mexico

ROAN's illustration and digital manipulation work - often blended together beautifully - explores many different styles and themes.

12. Juan Molinet

Representing: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan's surreal cartoon-like illustrations are highly sought after - and with good reason!

13. Fabio Sasso

Representing: Porto Alegre, Brazil

"I’m a graphic, web designer and the co-founder of a design studio called 3YZ Digital Performance and I run a blog called Abduzeedo where I share my thoughts, cool sites, and tutorials."

14. Cristiano Siqueira

Representing: Sao Paulo, Brazil

"I started my career working with graphic design in books, magazines and CD covers. Some years later, I went to packaging design, producing for the food and toy industry.
After 7 years of experience, I finally felt confortable to start as a freelance illustrator. So, since 2005 I am an illustrator full time, working from my own "home" office, doing illustrations for packaging and graphic design, publishing, advertising and everything that needs to be illustrated. "

15. Rodrigo Francisco

Representing: Center East Region, Brazil

"I'm an 19 years old Designer & Illustrator, born and raised at the Center East Region of Brazil. Currently working as a Freelancer. Self-taught until Mid 2008, I have just finished my second semester at UCG Design School, Brazil."

16. Juan Hodgson

Representing: Panama City, Panama

A bright, glossy style is the hallmark of Juan Hodgson's digital artwork. He regularly switches between illustration and photo manipulation.

17. Kochi Dowel

Representing: Panama City, Panama

"Hi everyone! I'm Osvaldo Restrepo best known as "Kochi Dowel" I've 22 years old and I'm a Graphic Designer from Panama city, Panama (Central America) I'm lead designer at McCann Erickson Panama and I do freelancing too if i got time... well that's it I think, oh oh yep my favorite band is The Deftones"

18. Jorge Aguilar / REAKTOR

Representing: Guadalajara, Mexico

"Reaktor is the human condition that empowers you to think by yourself and transcend. It’s one that raises his voice and never gives up. It’s not following trends, but having the power to create them and modifying what surrounds you. It’s having a solid argument and an unbreakable will. Reaktor is to live maximizing your own essence."

19. Alex Rivera

Representing: Mexico

"Graphic Designer trying have fun at the work, I love the Type, Creative Messages, Art Direction, Travel, Rol in projects and illustrate"

20. Benjamin Jimenez

Representing: Santiago, Chile

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