Adobe Illustrator

  • Illustration
    Create a Detailed Glass of Milk and Cookies in Adobe IllustratorMilk and cookie tutorial400
    A glass of cold, fresh milk and a crispy cookie with chocolate chip—many of us have loved this yummy snack since childhood! Let’s refresh these sweet memories and create a transparent glass of milk and a textured oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, using Adobe Illustrator's basic shapes, Distort and Transform effects, and gradients to achieve a glossy and three-dimensional look.Read More…
  • Global Influences
    How to Create a Line Art City Landscape in Adobe IllustratorSmall
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create the colorful city landscape of Riga using outlines, the Align panel and the Pathfinder panel.Read More…
  • Animation
    Animate an Isometric Vector Island With Adobe After Effects and IllustratorTutorial artboard%203 compressed
    In a previous tutorial, we created an isometric island, and today we will animate key elements of that island. We'll use Illustrator to prepare the files and After Effects to animate.Read More…
  • Global Influences
    Create a Double-Decker Bus Illustration in Adobe IllustratorBuspreview
    In the following steps you will learn how to create a detailed illustration of a double-decker bus in Adobe Illustrator.Read More…
  • Vector
    Free Course: Vector Pet Portraits (Featuring Cats!)Cat port 400x277
    In this short course, Sharon Milne, our Design & Illustration Editor, will show you how to create your own furry cat portrait based on a stock image. Using Adobe Illustrator, you'll learn the theory and process of creating detailed fur, as well as how to create enchanting cat eyes and many other tips and tricks.Read More…
  • Icon Design
    How to Create a Set of Flat Animal Icons in Adobe IllustratorFlat animals icons 400
    In this tutorial we’ll create six different animal portraits from one and the same circle! Let’s have fun making a set of trendy flat elements using basic shapes, the Shape Builder Tool, the Pathfinder panel and some other useful functions of Adobe Illustrator! Read More…
  • Clipping Mask
    Quick Tip: Advantages of Using the Clipping Mask Over the Pathfinder PanelPreview image small field
    In today’s quick tip, we will shed some light on a tool that a lot of the time gets ignored due to the complexity that most associate with the way it behaves. That tool is none other than the Clipping Mask, which in my opinion can help you design a whole lot faster once you get the hang of it.Read More…
  • Illustration
    Create a Colorful Cartoon Hot-Dog Van in Adobe IllustratorHot dog van400
    In this tutorial we’ll be creating a colorful cartoon hot-dog van, going down the road and bringing yummy snacks! We’ll be using basic shapes and playing around with Blending Modes, adding semi-realistic shadows and highlights to our van to make it more glossy and three-dimensional. Let’s get started!Read More…
  • Problem Solving
    Illustrator Errors: Fixing the Disappearing Pencil Tool PreviewPencil preview
    The Pencil Tool gives users the freedom of its namesake in sketching or drawing out paths. Whether stroked or filled, the objects created with the Pencil Tool can be as freely formed as those in rasterized drawing programs. With the most recent update to Adobe Illustrator CC, tablet users may have found the preview of their pencil strokes to be missing. This article provides an easy fix!Read More…
  • Kawaii
    Eat Your Veggies! Create a Vegetable Pattern in Adobe IllustratorVeggies 032
    Get those sweet vitamins and minerals with this cute vegetable pattern in Adobe Illustrator CC. We'll use simple shapes to create each item, repeating basic styles, and creating a color palette that brings our design together as a cohesive pattern. Top it all off with the Pattern Options panel for quick and easy creation of seamless patterns.Read More…
  • Icon Design
    How to Create a Flat Design Wedding Icon in Adobe IllustratorWedding icon 02
    Learn how to create a wedding icon in Adobe Illustrator, using simple shapes, shadows and outlines.Read More…
  • Problem Solving
    Illustrator Errors: 4 Quick Tips to Limit Lag and CrashingPreview
    Vector files can be huge, with so many layers, paths, anchor points, and effects. Expanding a pattern or brush can easily create lag in the average machine, and with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015's latest features, older machines may find it hard to keep up. Here are four quick tips for reducing lag and hopefully preventing your app from crashing.Read More…