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Watermarking a Psd File for a Psdtuts Tutorial – Screencast


As you know, on Psdtuts we provide Psd files for all the tutorials you see on our website to our Premium Members. This is one of the perks of Premium Membership and it is something that we do to help our members explore our tutorials in more detail. One question that we receive a lot from our authors however is how to watermark their Psd files.

Before we answer that it is important to first discuss why we do it. As you know, many of the tutorials on this website include stock photography. This photography is usually provided by photographers or stock photography websites. Some photos you see in our tutorials are free photos, others are not. Either way, we have to respect the rights of the photographers that allow us to use their work and we cannot re-distribute them; even if it is in a Psd file.

That is where watermarking comes in. Watermarking involves typing text on top of a Psd layer and merging the text with that layer while preserving any effects or layer styles that were applied to the original layer. In today’s screencast I will demonstrate how to watermark a Psd file to be included in a Psdtuts tutorial.

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