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Vector Portraits for Beginners: A Free Tuts+ Course

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Every month, Tuts+ Premium publishes a course which is free to view in it's entirety. This month it is Vector Portraits for Beginners by yours truly. For many years, people have asked me to create an in depth tutorial on how to create portraits and although it takes years to be able to perfect your own style, this video course will help you kickstart your journey into creating vector portraits from photographs.

Vector Portraits for BeginnersVector Portraits for BeginnersVector Portraits for Beginners

My name is Sharon Milne and I'm the Vector & Drawing Editor here on Tuts+. You may have seen some of my many tutorials, which feature portrait illustrations. I've been creating digital portraits for over 10 years now, the majority of the time, in Adobe Illustrator.

In my first course, Vector Portraits for Beginners, I'll show you two ways of creating a basic portrait. One based in a chunky line art style and the other in a basic shading style. These two styles will be the foundation you'll need to build your own style.

Check out the two videos below for the introduction to the course and a quick video on how to create the three most helpful Art Brushes in the world. These are great not only for vector portraits but all other illustrations.

Chapter 1, Lesson 1: Introduction

Chapter 2, Lesson 4: The Three Brushes

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