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In this tutorial series, I will be covering the basic process of how I created my piece "lost." The first part of this two part series covers the basics of creating 3D abstract pieces and how to incorporate them with photo manipulation; the second part will focus on the creation of effects in Photoshop and how to enhance and strengthen the final image.

A key to succeed in following this tutorial series is to experiment. I will be teaching the basic techniques but in order to create a strong composition and attractive shapes, you will need to alter the settings, change/redo splines and experiment with other effects. Patience and determination are mandatory skills for any artist. So let's get started!

Let's take a look at the image we'll be creating for this two part series (above): Part 1 here on Cgtuts+ in today's tutorial and Part 2 will be covered over on Psdtuts+ in the final tutorial.

This Post is Day 11 of our Digital Illustration Session. Creative Sessions

Step 1

Open the image we'll be working with in Photoshop.


Step 2

Using the Pen Tool, cut out the unwanted part as shown below.


Step 3

Open Cinema 4D. Use the freehand spine tool to draw three splines in the three views. This can be totally random, or you can carefully plan out the wanted shape and draw precisely according to that.


Step 4

Create a loft NURBS, drag the three splines created under loft NURBS creating a three-dimensional object.


Step 5

Use the twist deformer (under the deformer menu) and do adjustments to its properties as needed. The effect can also be affected by the orientation and position of the deformer.


Step 6

Use the explosion effects deformer, the result of this can be affected not only by its property settings but also by its position.


Step 7

Create a HyperNURBS, make the loft NURBS create its child through dragging.


Step 8

Add a few lights, the position of the lights at this point depend on your model and how the most details possible can be shown.


Step 9

Create a new texture using the following settings.


Step 10

Create a simple white texture.


Step 11

Create a simple black texture.


Step 12

Create a glass texture. Apply these textures to the model; duplicating the model, altering their settings allows you to create a more complex render and apply the different textures created.


Step 13

Jump back over to our Photoshop document. Use the Pen Tool to create a curve according to the contour of the suit.


Step 14

Select the shape created, nudge the selection to the right, then down, and then delete. This creates a white edge. If you're not satisfied with the effect, then duplicate the layer, invert the color, and nudge it to the left to give the edge depth.


Step 15

Take the renders created in Steps 2-12, then place one of them behind the "man" layer and one above. Erase the unwanted parts to achieve the following.


Step 16

Take another render to place below the suit.


Step 17

Create a sphere by first creating the simple image below then applying it to a sphere object.


Final Image

To achieve the final effect, slightly adjust the level to enhance the image.


Stay Tuned for Part 2

You could end here with an illustration that mixes 3D and Photographic elements. Though if you want to add more interest to the final image with Photoshop effects, then stay tuned for Part 2, which will post over on Psdtuts+ soon.


This Post is Day 11 of our Digital Illustration Session. Creative Sessions
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