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Quick Tip: Locating Images using Mini Bridge in InDesign CS5

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Read Time: 2 mins

Mini Bridge opens up within InDesign just like a panel. Mini Bridge doesn't hold all the capabilities Adobe Bridge does, instead it operates efficiently by navigating and working with linked files. During this tut we are going to explore the potential for locating images via another InDesign document. Note, this tut only works with InDesign CS5.

Step 1

Start by opening up an existing layout, preferably one you want to add an image too. I am using a leaflet which was designed using this tut: "How to Make an A5 Print Ready Leaflet InDesign CS5".

Step 2

Now let's find a document where we can take an image from using Mini Bridge. To activate Mini Bridge go to Window > Mini Bridge. There is no shortcut determined for Mini Bridge, but you can access it quickly by using Quick Apply. Here is a link to a previous Quick Apply tut: Quick Tip: "Using Quick Apply in InDesign CS5".

Step 3

Mini Bridge will now be open and displaying the Home Page of the panel. There are a few buttons scattered around the panel, but we are more concerned with the Browse Files button. Go ahead and click on this button.

Step 4

By default Mini Bridge will start on the computers Home folder within the Navigation section. Here you can search for the folder where your InDesign documents are saved.

Step 5

As you navigate through the folders the Content section below the Navigation section will reveal the folders contents.

Step 6

Once you have found the folder you are searching for, open it by double clicking. Scroll down to the InDesign file you want to take an image from. Click once on the thumbnail.

Step 7

The thumbnail will be highlighted grey. Providing the document contains images a small link icon will be visible to the top right hand side of the document preview, this confirms that the file has images linked to it.

Step 8

Now right click on the thumbnail and select Show Linked Files.

Step 9

The content section of the Mini Bridge panel will now display the images attached to that document.

Step 10

Find the image you want to use, click on it once and drag it onto your existing layout.

You can also choose to place it by using the Tools button, which is located in the top right hand corner of the Contents section. Click this button and follow the thread to the end. The image will no be loaded into your cursor ready for placing.


Mini Bridge is a great InDesign feature that can help eliminate file searching time, which in turn allows you more time for designing. I hope you find today's tut valuable on future projects.

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