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Quick Tip: How to Create a Traditional Wreath in Adobe Illustrator


Wreaths are a popular addition to traditional looking logos and emblems, and creating them is easy in Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly create a wreath for emblems, logos or stamps.

1. Create a Leaf Shape

Step 1

After creating a New document, draw an oval using the Ellipse Tool (L). Apply the color R=171, G=187, B=64.


Step 2

Now you need to make sharp two anchor points (in the top and bottom). Grab the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) and click on these two points when the oval is selected. You'll get a leaf.


Step 3

Incline the new shape to the left with the Free Transform Tool (E).


2. Create a Stem

Draw a line using the Line Segment Tool (\). Set the stroke color at R=118, G=127, B=32. Make sure that you select Round Cap on the Stroke panel. Place the leaf on this stem.


3. Create a Berry

Create a circle (R=158, G=25, B=19) using the Ellipse Tool (L). After that create a thin rectangle (R=118, G=127, B=32) using the Rectangle Tool (M). Put the circle over the rectangle. It is a simple graphic berry.


4. Place the Leaves and Berries on the Stem

Step 1

Incline a berry to the left and put it near a leaf on a stem as shown below.


Step 2

Select a leaf and a berry together: click in turn on each holding the Shift key. Move the leaf and berry to the top, holding Shift-Alt. Then keep repeating (Control-D), this combination of keys will repeat the last movement.


Step 3

On the top of a stem, place a straight green leaf.


Step 4

Select all berries and leaves from the left side without the top leaf. Right-click your mouse and select Transform > Reflect. Choose Vertical axis of reflection and press Copy. Now you have a branch.


5. Distort the Branch

Step 1

Let's apply the Warp effect, Arc. Go to Effect > Warp > Arc. In the window make the Bend 60%. Be sure to check Vertical warp. Press OK. You will get the same result as in the image below.


Step 2

Expand this effect: Object > Expand Appearance.


Step 3

Incline this branch little to the left.


Step 4

Select the warped branch and right-click, select Transform > Reflect. Choose Vertical and press Copy. Move it to the right.


6. Add Text

Step 1

I've placed a yellow filled circle in the center. This may be where your logo sits. So let's add some text to the design.

Type the text with your favorite font on the top of the emblem using the Type Tool (T).

You should also align all your elements. Select the two branches together, right-click your mouse and select Group. Then select everything (Control-A) and go to the Pathfinder panel, Align tab. Press Horizontal Align Center. Now it's perfect!


Step 2

I'm going to apply the same effect to distort the text, so go to Effect > Warp > Arc. Now it's Horizontal warping and 40%. Set the color R=158, G=25, B=19.



Now you can create any emblem, logo or stamp for a sport team, scouts, etc... You could always increase the density of the leaves, remove the berries and change the color to yellow to create a bakery logo, the possibilities are endless with this traditional design.

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