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Quick Tip: Create an Axonometric Image Without Guides or Grids

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an axonometric image in a few simple steps, without using guides or grids. It's a simple trick to apply, but very useful. Read on to learn more.

Step 1

Open the file "Vector_Tuts_card.ai", or your chosen image. Select the object with Command + A, or Edit > Select All, and duplicate.

Step 2

Apply a transformation, by going to Object > Transform > Y (Vertical) Scale value: 86,602%

Step 3

Apply a distortion of -30° from the Transform panel.

Step 4

Immediately after the last step, apply a rotation of 30°.

Step 5

Disable all layers except for the layer "Blend Copy".

Step 6

Duplicate the base to apply a blend, this will give at our three-dimensional isometric projection. To the first path, apply a RGB color R 51-G 51-B 51, the second: R 102-G 102-B 102.

Step 7

Before you apply the Blend effect, make sure to set the Blend to have 7 Specified Steps.

Step 8

Turn the top layer back on to see the result. In this case, we have obtained an Isometric Axonometric 30°, by applying the same procedure, with other values that I will show later, you can get the same image with other axonometric positions.

Step 9

To get the Diametric, you have to set a distortion angle of 15°, and a rotation angle of 60°.

Step 10

To get the Trimetric A, you have to set a distortion angle of 15°, and a rotation angle of 45°.

Step 11

To get the Trimetric B, you set a distortion angle of 15°, and a rotation angle of 30°.


Finally to get the axonometric, you set a Y Scale: 100%, a distortion angle of 0°, and a rotation angle of 45°. You can apply this trick on any object, text or logo. The result will be, always, a surprise! Have fun!

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