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Quick Tip: Create a Glossy Test Tube Icon using CorelDRAW

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What You'll Be Creating

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a glossy test tube icon using CorelDRAW. It should serve as guidance on how to make objects appear spectacular in CorelDRAW by using simple gradients and transparency effects. Let’s do some science!

Step 1

First you need a to create a rectangle, then curve the bottom-left and bottom-right edges of the rectangle from the property bar. Once you’re done with that, apply a gradient with the help of "Interactive Fill Tool". Choose 10% black for the grey color in the gradient.

Step 2

Create an oval on top of our test tube shape and apply the same gradient. Create another oval within the oval. Select both the ovals and click on the "Trim" option from the property bar. We will have a ring like shape and also the inner oval still there. Move the white color in the gradient of the oval a bit so it has some depth.

Step 3

Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to create a chemical like substance inside the test tube, however create only one oval this time.

Step 4

Create a circle and fill it up with a radial gradient going from yellow to orange color. Use this circle to create bubbles as shown below.

Step 5

Convert the circle near the edge of the test tube opening into curves by choosing the "Convert to Curve" option from the Arrange menu or by using the short-cut command Control + Q on the keyboard. Edit the shape of the circle so that it seems like the bottom of the circle/bubble is partly submerged into the test tube.

Step 6

Add some gloss on top of the circles by creating a smaller circle within the circle and use the "Transparency Tool" on the inner circle.

Step 7

Create two more shapes as below that will help us achieve the glass like effect for our test tube. Apply a linear transparency effect over them.

Step 8

Create a circle and add a drop shadow over it, then break the drop shadow apart either by using the keyboard shortcut Control + K or by right clicking on the object and then choosing the "Break Drop Shadow Group Apart" option. Delete the circle, we will just use the drop shadow. Stretch and skew the drop shadow into a more oval like form.

Step 9

Place the drop shadow near the bottom of the test tube and make it’s color 30% Black. Remove all the outlines of the test tube and you have our test tube icon ready!


Using simple gradients and transparencies can really help the object have a more 3D and glossy feel. You can apply this technique to create your own 3D-like objects. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Quick Tip.

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