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Quick Tip: Create a Gift Voucher in InDesign

Read Time: 4 mins

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple gift voucher. You will use pictures and text to create nice clean layout that's perfect to print.

Step 1

Create a new InDesign document and set the page size to 210 x 99 mm. This specific size is also known as a DL format which is actually 1/3 of an A4 paper size. Un-check the Facing Pages box and set the Bleed to 3 mm.

Step 2

First of all let's import a background image. File > Place (Command + D). Place it into the document and scale it's frame to fit the document size with bleed. Fill the image frame proportionally.


Step 3

Now we will adjust some properties of this image. To make the background look subtle, change it's Opacity to 75%.

Go to Object > Effects > Gradient Feather. In the Gradient Feather Effects window change the Gradient Type to Radial and move the middle slider towards the black swatch. If you want to be really precise instead of manually moving the slider just select it and set it's Location to 75%.

Step 4

Let's create a new rectangle using the Rectangle Tool (M). Make sure that it's width fits exactly to the document bleed and set it's height to 50 mm. Fill the rectangle with white color.

Step 5

Now we are going to place some photos into the voucher. First of all create a new rectangle frame using Frame Tool (F). Make it 51.5 mm wide and 50 mm high.

Place it at the left edge of document page and duplicate it using Step and Repeat function (Command + Alt + U). Set the Count value to 3 and Horizontal Offset to 53 mm. By doing this, we'll get three more frames with a 1.5 mm gap between each frame.

Step 6

By selecting a frame and hitting Command + D you can easily import a photo into each frame. Make sure that it fills the entire frame proportionally.

Maybe you've noticed that the first and last photo in row does not exceed the document edge into the bleed which is not correct. To fix this simply scale each frame horizontally until they reach the document bleed.

This is how your image frames should look like after fixing.

Step 7

To create the dark pink stripe we need to make a new rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M). Make sure that it's width fits the bleed and make it about 3.5 mm high. Fill it with dark pink color (C=0 M=100 Y=45 K=30) and place it directly above the photo row. Duplicate and move the pink stripe below the photo row.


Step 8

Let's add the shadow effect under the photos. In order to do this I have created an editable smart object in Photoshop. It's basically a black ellipse with gaussian blur applied to it. Place it into the document (Command + D) and set it's Opacity to 75%. Using the Free Transform Tool (E) scale it horizontally in both directions.

Step 9

Our voucher is nearly finished. Using Type Tool (T) add some title text. This tutorial uses Helvetica Neue font but feel free to use any other font that you like. Set it's size to 18 pt and Tracking to 100 pt. Fill it with dark pink color with which we have already filled stripes.

Using same steps as described above add some more text and a description.

Add a subtitle at the bottom of the document and fill it with black. Set it's size to 38 pt and Tracking to 100 pt. Also change it's Opacity to 30%.

Step 10

Finally we will add information fields. Set Font Size to 9 pt and Tracking to 50 pt. Also create a new Paragraph Style for this text frame.

In the Paragraph Style Options window go to Tabs and set the X value for slider to 35 mm. In the Leader box type dot. This will enable us to create a dotted line in the text frame when hitting "Tab" after current words.

Step 11

Duplicate and move the text frame next to the first one and rewrite it to your desired text.

Final Image

After some tweaking and playing around you should get this simple and and clean looking voucher. I hope you enjoyed this tut.

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