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More on Beams of Light, this Time in Colour

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A few days ago, we published a tutorial titled How to Break Sunlight Through the Clouds by the fantastically talented Kyle Pero of Lumedia Design and lots of comments came in asking whether the effect could be reproduced in color. Kyle has kindly done up a quick sample:

The steps and process are much the same as in the original tutorial, so this is really just an image to show it can be done. Here are Kyle's comments:

..also just did a real quick and dirty version of the light tute in color. People seemed to want to see it in color so I just did one real quick.

Rollover Before/After

You can roll over the image below to see the before/after effect in color, and as always I've uploaded the PSD file to the Psdtuts+ Plus download area.

By the Way

Thought you might also be interested to know that Kyle is an expert retoucher and you can see some of his really amazing advertorial work here. Just wait for all the images to load and run through the rollovers, some of them are mind-blowing!

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